Samsung semi-launches Omnia M Windows Phone in China

While Samsung has not exactly wowed many with the Omnia M announcement a few weeks ago, the low-end Tango phone is important for the company and the platform as it allows them to compete with Android. Such is the reason why their launching of the device China Mobile and China Unicom is quite inspiring (China Telecom is supposed to get one too, but it was not yet announced).

The phones are slightly different due to the radio difference and they also vary on memory, with the Unicom version have 8GB of storage while Mobile gets 4GB. Other than that we're talking about 1GHz CPUs, 4" 800x480, 5MP rear and 0.3MP front facing cameras and everything else we expect from a Windows Phone these days. Interestingly, these are not technically Tango phones as they have 384MB of available RAM though they will run the Tango OS.

No pricing or release dates were revealed by either carrier, which is unfortunate. It should be interesting to see how Samsung prices their device against the even more low-end Nokia Lumia 610.

Source: MyDrivers; via Unwired View

Daniel Rubino

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  • 800 x 4800?!?
    I love to get my hands on that thing!
  • Right! Lol...
  • Same
  • Yet another article that should have been proof read.....
  • Yeah, such a big typo, no one understood it is 480. Internet police squad, hurrah!
  • +2
  • +1
  • Good to see more Windows Phones for growing markets.
  • 4gb in any phone is rubbish, regardless of what your phone needs are. If I could I would ban the manufacturing of such devices. Not just saying.
  • The state ban its production? Might bring that idea to UN council, do it word wide, or... simply don't like it, don't buy it, it awesome to live in a free country ? I know what I prefer.
  • I half agree, as I think 16GB is woeful these days... But these phones are aimed at total gumbies and will probably only be used to store a handful of apps & photos. They are brick-phone replacements and will probably just be used for phone calls & sms anyway ;)
  • A few interesting Things here, one, is it just me or does the blue on this phone look darker, aka maybe a Samsung blue tile option? Second I see a video chat from Sammy but that app is no longer in the Samsung zone...are they rereleasing? Hmmm I like this phone though..
  • "The phones are slightly different due to the radio difference and they also very on memory"
  • Ok so this isn't a low end device due to the amount of RAM it has. Is the price of RAM so high that it actually makes sense for a company to make some 256MB models? If "low-end phones" that meet the memory requirements of traditional Windows Phones (as in they can run Angry Birds, Skype, etc) are only a few bucks more expensive to manufacture, it would make no sense for anybody to make 256MB phones. So, anybody know if RAM is an expensive component for these manufacturers?
  • Why is the tile colour of a Samsung Phone Nokia Blue ?