Samsung’s Marco & Odyssey Specs & Pricing Leak as Windows Phone 8 launch gets closer

We knew a while back about the proposed Odyssey and Marco handsets from Samsung. Well it looks like some more detailed specs and pricing has emerged. With Windows Phone 8 only a whisper away from being launched it seems as if the leaks just keeps on coming.

Samsung are one of Microsoft’s launch partners and it looks like we can expect some impressive hardware for this round of devices. One device is reported to have a 4” screen and the other a whopping 4.8” HD AMOLED display.. Rumour caution is advised in lieu of an official announcement.

The Samsung GT-I8370 (Marco)

  • 4.0” WVGA Super AMOLED display
  • 5 megapixel camera (back)
  • 1.9 megapixel camera (front)
  • 8GB + Micro SD.
  • Dual Krait 1.5Ghz

Price between 350 – 450 euro

Images are for illustrative purposes only – based on Galaxy SIII hardware 

The Samsung GT-I8750 (Odyssey)

  • 4.8” HD Super Amoled display
  • 8 megapixel camera (back)
  • 1.9 megapixel (front)
  • 16/32GB + Micro SD.
  • Dual Krait 1.5Ghz

Price between 500 – 600 euro.

If these specs are to be taken with anything other than a pinch of salt then things could get scrappy for the WP8 launch devices. The mid-range device looks pretty good with a 4” screen and dual core CPU, but for a next gen handset it’s not going to set the world alight.

The fun starts with the proposed specs of the Odyssey unit, packing a 4.8” Super AMOLED HD display, similar to that of the Android Galaxy SIII. If that’s not enough to get you excited, the device will also reportedly come in flavours of 16 or 32GB standard memory, you’ll be able to take that further with the SD card slot. The optics look to top out at 8MP too so this is all pointing to a re-working of the Galaxy SIII, some weren’t too happy with the camera on the Android version so hopes are high that might get a little update.

T-Mobile US are expected to get the Odyssey at or near launch time too.

Nokia can be considered the king of the current generation of devices, but with Samsung and HTC bringing some serious firepower Nokia could be in for a fight with Windows Phone 8. The suspense is killing us and we can’t wait to get our hands on the next gen from all the partners. Competition between these three could lead to some wonderful treats for all.

Who do you think will be getting your money at launch time? Let us know, won’t you? 

Source:  Sammobile

  • Nokia will get mine, if they bring a nice pureview wp8 phone... The rest of them don't have that kind of camera technology... Other specs are not that important to me...
  • Nokia better have a top notch screen and at least 4.5 inches or Sammy will blow them out the water with this sexy beast.
  • and a quad core too, useless but a must have for push sells.
  • Nothing sexy about this Copy Cat company.
  • Might be a copy cat. How many Galaxy S3 have been sold so far??? Probably more than all the Nokia WP's combined. So I'd say if you gonna copy "This is the one". I'm just thankful Sammy is giving me a awesome W8 phone for T-Mobile.
  • Are you suggesting that the GSIII is selling based on it's outer appearance?  From the reviews, and comments that I've read on other sites, they are choosing the GSIII because of Android and because the specs (in comparison to the HTC/LG devices).
    And Nokia WP sales have sold more than all of Samsung WP devices sales combined.
  • Most consumers don't read tech site on a regular basis. Most, more then likely go by friends suggestions ( i like your phone i want one) or the salespersons pitch ( you need this phone because everyone has it so it must be great).
  • I call it "sheep attitude"
  • +1
  • You know what's sad?  Nokia releases a hot phone and then everything else is instantly deemed as crap.  I like nokia BTW but i'm going with the phoen that has the best specs be it Nokia, Samsung or HTC.  Also the Galaxy S3 is a hot looking phone, I think Android is ugly but the screen and the phone itself are designed very nicely.  I'd take it as is with Windows Phone thrown in. Stop bashing anyone not Nokia.  remember they had issues on release with the Nokia line.  Remember people couldn't connect to Data, The Screen discoloration issue, a battery issue and the camera.  
  • You mean like Apple? Apple’s iPad that is obviously ripping off the Samsung Photo-frame from 2006? Apple’s iPhone looks like the original LG’s Prada? Or how about using the name ‘iPhone’ itself when it belongs to Cisco (Linksys and originally Infogear)? “Nothing sexy about this Copy Cat Company”, right?
  • Copy cat? Samsung has always made the best technology for smartphones screen don't believe me ask apple who have used there digitizers. I'm happy with my focus s (super amoled display) so I might pick up the odyssey.
  • This phone looks like all the other phone Nokia has unique phones that r different
  • I would be totally happy with a 4" screen and PV tech. I honestly think the 4.5"+ screens are not one hand navigatable unless you have very large hands. Your thumb can't reach all four corners without repositioning your hand. Especially when you are going to have smaller buttons with WP8.
    4" 720p Super AMOLED + equivalent or better screen
    PV Tech
    more than one core
    good battery life
    Here's my money.
  • Seriously I'm not a girl with a purse, what am I going to do with a 4.5+ phone!
    I would prefer a "high-end" phone with a 3.7" screen but I know I am in the minority. so I will be happy to settle for a 4", that has killer specs. Will hang onto my WP7 until someone comes out with such a beast!
  • I'm with you. I have the focus and the size is perfect. I've played with the gsIII and it feels awkwardly big. I don't have small hands either...
  • HTC One-upped Samsung on display quality. Samsung cannot compete at 720p until it drops its PenTile screens.
  • I will stick with HTC if Nokia and Samsung don't do anything about music quality. HTC has this sound enhancement feature that makes music sound very good. Nokia and Samsung has none of that, the Focus S that I had sounded very crappy and low volume and my cousins Lumia sounds a little better but nothing compared to my Titan 2.
  • The first one to make a QWERTY tilt slider with a 4-4.3'' display will get my money. I can buy nokia drive off the market.
    That said the nokia E7 and HTC 7pro are 2 of the best in my opinion.
  • +1 on the tilt sliding keyboard. HTC Tilt III...
  • Yes!^^^^
  •  tilt 3, hell yeah!
  • Man I wish.  Coming from the Touch Pro 2 and the Arrive, I really want a KB as well but they are becoming extinct.
  • HOT
  • Its not just the hardware that makes Nokia the number 1 WP maker, its their full support of the OS and added after sales value. They will undoubtedly have the same level of hardware as Samsung and HTC (just like now) so really I dont see that anything will change with regards to who is considered the no 1 WP OEM.
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  • +1
  • I agree, and right now Nokia is doing things right... fixing problems, keeping updated, and pushing developement... it helps that their hardware is pretty great too. I'm sold on them right now.
  • +1
  • As a Lumia 900 owner, whenever I read posts talking about Nokia's "unparalleled support," I really feel like I'm missing out on something.  What is this support that everyone keeps talking about?  The exclusive Nokia apps aren't anything to write home about.  Nokia Drive's basemap is not current (although the Nokia Maps and Bing Maps basemaps are).  The ESPN app is almost a straight port of ESPN Scorecenter.  Other exclusive apps are interesting thought experiments that aren't really useful or practical.
    Is it the updates?  Is it perceived future support of Windows Phone?  Someone clue me in here, because I'm not feeling any sort of special love from Microsoft when compared to my experience with HTC and the Arrive on Sprint.
  • Maybe you live on another planet... Nokia Drive 3.0 says nothing to you? And Camera extra ? Stop trolling please
  • Camera extras is not something I use.  If you'll listen to some of the WPCentral Podcasts over the past few months, both Dan and Rafael said the same thing: the camera extras is not something they use.  So I'm in good company in this respect.
    Nokia Drive 3.0 is cool in theory, but like I said: the basemap is not current.  IE there are roads in my area - major roads, mind you - that have been open for eight months and they are not present in Nokia Drive 3.0.  Because of this, I use Bing Maps for directions if it's just me in the car, or I use Google Navigation on my fiancee's Evo 4G LTE.
    Nokia Drive isn't going to be a Lumia exclusive with WP8 so it's a moot point anyway.  I'm sure Nokia Drive will be fully updated when WP8 launches, but it'll be available on every WP8 phone so that's not a differentiating feature for Nokia devices going forward.
  • I have to agree with you. I find Nokia Drive to be highly overrated.
  • Yet, Nokia Drive is the most enviable and desired native app that HTC and Samsung WP owners want ; )
    I'd wager that HTC and Samsung WP owners won't dare delete Nokia Drive from their WP8 devices and that it will be their 'go to' navigation app (provided that they haven't already spent $30+ for Navigon).
  • The value is there, just because you dont use a specific feature or app doesnt change that. And the fact that they have forums, have posted occasionally here in the Wpcentral forums, fixed specific bugs that have been complained about, provided useful apps and services (Nokia drive is relevant because thats available now to Nokia WP7 owners), limited edition Batman phones, exclusive Batman apps - compare all that + the fact that they are 100% behind promoting the platform puts them far above any other current WP OEM.
  • Promoting the platform is a good point.  The rest I don't find all that impressive, I guess.  I think my experience with the Lumia 900 has also kind of tainted my view of Nokia - I think I way overhyped the Lumia 900 because it really hasn't lived up to my expectations.  Oh well, bring on WP8 and prove me wrong, Nokia.  I want PureView something fierce.
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  • +1
  • I keep hearing this, but no one ever gives credit where its deserved. Yes, Nokia wins at wp7, but HTC put up a good fight. Hd7, while a plain black slab, is awesome; titan came with an amazing camera, overall the phones look pretty good. Sammy and LG were the only lazy ones, but I think that came from a lack of confidence. Yes Nokia wins at wp7 (especially design wise), but they are the only ones risking it all as well (not saying that's a bad thing, they just have more reason to invest), whereas HTC seems genuine in their attempts even though they have more android handsets (I don't think it was due to their low stock, but maybe). Now with wp8, with all its power allowance and glory, companies seem more confidant and I think we will see a real push from Sammy and others like Lenovo. I don't think Nokia will lose to any of these companies, but now we will truly be able to compare WP OEMs; well that's the hope anyway.
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  • Nice. Nokia has most of my attention because of Nokia drive alone, then HTC, as I've been more than happy with my HD7. Samsung comes in last - because of their latest designs. I sure hope they change the design from the SIII's language - I just hate the plasticy shiny look of it. Looks super cheap... But hey, just my .02$
  • Agreed. I like Samsung overall, but their hardware always has a cheap plastic "feel" to it, and I don't like that, personally speaking. I get why some people do... lighter feel to it, but I don't want to feel like I'll "crush" my device if I look at it wrong.
  • My sentiments exactly. Two of my friends went Android when the last generation hit the shelves - one got an HTC One X, the other the SIII. Personally speaking I have not the slightest idea how you could pick the SIII over the One X. I mean, specs are one thing - but I have to *look* at the damn thing every day, too :) An HTC OneXesque W8 device would definitely be sweet...
    However, sales figures do not seem to agree with us, though. Strange world ;)
  • All wp8 will get drive and maps powered by nokia
  • really? That's great news! I thought they'd only get maps by nokia, not their drive offline navigation?
  • If I understood correctly
  • Great! Thanks for the heads up, too!
  • No problem glad I could help.
  • Nokia is where my money will be going. WP+Nokia= Pure awesomeness!
  • I'm sorry, I won't be buying Samsung WP any more. Not what they did to the first Gen Focus.  This thing look like iFruit.
  • iFruit - That actually made me LOL ! :)
  • The Focus looks nothing like an iPhone.
  • No no, I mean the new white one.  Beside Samsung sucks supporting their devices.  Nokia is my choice for WP8. :)
  • The Focus 2 looks nothing like the iPhone.
  • Ahh come on!  The Focus looks nothing like the iPhone.  Based on your reasoning the White Lumia alos looks like the iPhone.  Also Apple hasn't won the patent case for the color white yet.
  • Totally Nokia! I love the Lumia 900 and their total support for their products.
  • I certainly hope there is an EXCELLENT camera offering from Nokias new flagship WP8 device, if so, I'm game for sure. Also, why would Samsung put the same CPU in both its offerings? You'd think the Oddesy would have a faster CPU. Btw, what's the fastest current clock speed of the S4 processor?
  • I can honestly say htcs wp8 if it comes out looking like the one x Nokia if they announce a pureview and the odyssey if it truly is a s3 rework
  • I think the title of the article has a typo Macro? Shouldn't it be Marco?
  • Yup, fixed. Thanks.
  • No problemo, and for what its worth, being a very satisfied samsung focus owner since day 1 I am not making any decisions on new hardware yet, going to wait to see what turns up but have a feeling I am going Nokia. The exclusive apps and support they are giving appears to be a differentiator in the market right now and its going to be difficult for me to be swayed by someone else based on just hardware unless someone blows the competition away.
    With WP8 release I am defnitely going to be hands on with the phones in a store or couple of stores depending on what carriers have what phones before I purchase whereas with WP7 it was a much easier and quicker choice to pick up the focus.
    I wonder if I will be able to fix my bricked 32gb microsd card in a windows phone 8........
  • As long as the next HTC Titan iteration doesn't disappoint with screen resolution then my decision is already made.
  • Of course the 4" one has worse specs...but it's not like I'm going to get a Samsung anyway because of their ugly and plastic-y designs.
  • Nokia will get my money for sure even without a pureview camera, their superior build quality and looks make them the better choose every time. That coupled with Nokia apps and a pureview camera and its a no-contest
  • Nokia only for me!
  • If Nokia comes out with a good 8MP camera that rivals HTC then I will get one for my wife. She has been complaining about her Nokia Astound Symbian phone ever since she got it. That thing is SOOO unstable. She loves the hardware but can't stand the software. She's been telling me how much she wants a Windows Phone.
  • Sweeeeet. The 32GB + SD and 4,7 screen is so far the winner for me. Hopefully the camera will be good. Samsung is winning my heart, but we know nothin' of Nokia and all are rumors. If the Samsung would sport a HDMI output its a gigantic clear winner to me, Nokia could never topple that in my own opinion. But lets see what happens.
  • I suppose those are just mockups?
  • Yes. ...probably photochops by Dan The Man :)
  • They are indeed - something to do with that @groovepoint bloke though.. RB :)
  • Nokia all the way. Won't go back to Samsung.
  • I like all 3 brands most recent flagships, so it all comes down to who gets a high end phone on Verizon first. The early bird gets my money, I desperately want to upgrade from my Trophy. It's always been a disappointment since I had to switch from my Focus and ATT for coverage reasons.
  • They early bird might get my money too but, only if there is no rumor for another one coming out soon on Verizon... Not sure I will grab the first one they get, unless it's awsome (top of the line flagship specs)
  • T-Mobile needs this oh so bad. I've been going crazy for a Hero device. I love my HD7 but it's time for something new and BIG!!! I will miss HTC but I don't have my face planted up no OEM's butt. Hello Sammy :)
  • The odyssey is rumored to be coming to T-Mobile.  Hopefully I'll have that as well as the HD8 and a highend Nokia device to chose from.
  • The HTC leaks were out a couple weeks ago. The T-Mobile HD8 has a smaller screen than the HD7. I think it was 4" :( It made me yawn. Maybe Nokia will have something but they'll probably give the cream of the crop to att. I will say I've loved HTC but I'm not committed to no OEM. It's whoever has a phone that meets my specs.
  • Nokia will get my money.
  • Omg.... NOKIA should come up with something like this.. Im not buying an android mock up.. Ewwww plastic!!!!
  • Ewww plastic...tell me about it. My Nokia 900 hundred felt just like a heavy plastic turd. Man that thing is heavy. That cheap chrome plastic around the camera. It such a terrible quality and build I think everybody's gets scratched up on day one.
  • I'd rather have a hard plastic feel than a cheaply plastic made that felt like it will transform into something if dropped... I agree with the lens.. Didn't really dig the camera and flash design Nokia chose... I wish they apply HTC camera design the lumia.. Phone looks a lot better
  • Say what ya'll want about plastic phones but my focus is virtually indestructible, I've dropped it so many times I've stopped counting.. That's really nice feature. I wonder how many iPhone users can say the same? Lol
  • I like Samsung hardware, but I can't live without a proper gps app and nothing comes close to Nokia Drive for the roads I use.
  • All wp8 will have Nokia drive.....
  • I'm confused. These phones are rectangular with round corners. Aren't they iPhones?
  • Bigger isn't always better.  4.8 is too massive. 
    I rather have a 4 inch - 4.3 inch phone. 
    I am sticking with nokia and pureview tech.  Hopefully comes sometime end of this year or not, at launch
  • My sentiments exactly.  The 4-4.3" size is exactly where I want to be.
    I suspect we're not going to see the ultimate PureView phone from Nokia on launch day (although I hold out hope to be surprised).  I'm not going to commit until I know for sure what the roadmap says for PureView over the next 6 months after launch day.
    The only think that might sway me is a super high res screen from one of the other OEMs in that 4-4.3" form factor with a camera that kicks ass in low light (like the HTC One X currently does)
    My other major consideration is battery life.  Our local cable company is building out a pretty extensive wifi network, so I'm looking for a phone that can handle having wifi on for most of the day.
  • <