HTC to reveal new Windows Phone 8 devices third week of September?

As with all non-official announcements, a good measure of trepidation is required before accepting these rumours. Those chaps at wpdang are reporting that HTC is to kick off its range of new phones with an announcement in the third week of September in either London or New York.

The website then goes on to say that, they now have two separate sources confirming the launch. Interesting stuff, if the rumoured specs are anything to go by then HTC will have some wonderfully compelling hardware to show off Windows Phone 8 come end of the year. 

The three phones were previously rumoured to be the following:-


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus (MSM8227)
  • 4” Screen 800 x 480
  • HSPA 14.4Mbps
  • 5MP Camera
  • 512MB Memory


  • Dual Core Snapdragon (MSM8260A)
  • 4.3 Super LCD2 720p
  • HSPA+ 42Mbps
  • 8MP Camera 1080p HD video capable
  • NFC
  • 1GB Memory


  • *Unknown* quad core snapdragon CPU
  • 4.7” 720p LCD2 Display
  • 8MP Camera

They go on to say, that should all go well with production we will be getting our hands on them in October of this year, which is certainly good to know. If these specs are indeed on the money then the Zenith looks a leap ahead of any initial device specs at launch time, a Quad core chip would make this a monster. Oddly, they are not reporting any device with camera sensors in excess of 8MP. That seems disappointing considering HTC’s previous advances with their Titan II device, we’d hope to see better, especially on the larger devices. However if their premium devices, as rumoured, are loosely based on the existing HTC One X then the 8MP camera would be in line with expectations.

It is certainly good to hear something, even if just rumour about HTC’s future plans for Windows Phone devices. With the recent news that HTC is still having problems competing in the crowded Android market, we hold out hope that this could mean a more concerted Windows Phone effort. HTC were once in a unique position to own the Windows Phone market but failed to pour their promotional resources into helping launch the platform.

Perhaps if HTC had put more efforts into owning a new market rather than competing with Android their fiscal issues might not be so bad. HTC now have a war to fight on both sides, Nokia on the Windows Phone side and the mighty Samsung on the Android side, not to mention Samsung will be along for the ride with Windows Phone 8 too…

Whatever the problems with HTC, we can’t wait to see what goodies they have up their sleeves for Windows Phone 8 hardware. Seeing Nokia and HTC fight it out for best Windows Phone 8 device is too exciting a prospect to miss. Let’s hope HTC are rolling up their sleeves for a good fight, after all, consumer always win in these fights!

Over to you, what do you guys think of these rumours? Will these specs knock you out of your Nokia daze? Will compelling new hardware be enough to compete with Nokia? Please let us know.

Source : wpdang

HTC Image above is for illustration purposes only and does not represent final WP8 Hardware

Robert Brand
  • I want to see what a quad core WP can do, but damn it HTC, update the 7 pro
  • Perfect phone for me would be a very thin, somewhat redesigned 7 pro with a 4.7" or so screen, HD res screen, Pureview camera, quadcore, WP8... Anyway, sick phone with a (good, landscape) keyboard would be great.
  • You know Pureview is Nokia right?
  • It's physically impossible to make a very thin PureView camera, as distance between the huge sensor and the lens has to be greater. Hence the significant bulge on the existing PureView phone.
  • It would pretty much run as fluidly as a single or dual core WP would, but the battery would die twice as fast. Basically. WP does not need quad core.
  • Galaxy S3 has a better battery lifetime than Galaxy SII...
    all this theory about how fast the phone dies has been proven wrong like 2 years ago. I thought people know that.
    Having more power doesn't mean constantly using more power. Also more power can be compensated by better efficiency, smaller socs etc. In other words, what you say is not necessarily true.
  • You know I used to say the same thing, but you can make WP lag with a few 3rd party apps. I still agree that first party WP doesn't need more than a single core, but we live in a world of powerful 3rd party apps that could use the extra power pretty well. Plus it's optimized to use it only when needed and not just sit there taking up battery.
  • Nice, quad core!! I would be happy with anything announced for sprint..... The move to Verizon will be ok, but will cost more money
  • Go prepaid like I did. Got tied of Sprint's BS
  • So you finally realized they're pure garbage?
  • How you go prepaid? I might consider getting prepaid plan for my windows phone.
  • Getting me an Accord
  • Honda?? Lol :P
  • lol pizzalovinghulk, at first thought I said the same thing...Honda Accord? But the again, when I think of Hoda Accord I think of reliability. My Accord lasted 20 years until its death in a flood. Water sure is a killer of mechanical and electronic devices:)
  • Why do we need more than 8MP cameras in our cell phones? Honestly, just because we can, and yes, I appreciate the whole Pureview debate, but for average Joe, isn't 8MP enough?
  • Totally agree, just a gimmick
  • Probably because the Titan II had 16 MP and took the best pictures out of all WP7 devices. More megapixels don't necessarily hurt either if the sensor is up to snuff.
  • Did you know that the whole purpose of Pureview by Nokia is to produce breathtaking 5MP or 8MP images for the average Joe? 
  • I am just a "averge Joe" I work on HVAC equipment. I have been using a point and shoot camera in my work for about 10 years (sence I could fit one in my pocket) It has become very handy for documenting all sorts of things, from model and serial numbers to wire placment on circuit boards , looking up chimneys , looking inside ductwork, the list just goes on and on. but a few years ago I made the switch to just using my phone to record everything with its camera. because of its ability to be able to email the pictures out to other Tech's or to people at the wholesale house, so that we can get the exact replacment part. For the most part its pretty good, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to read the micro type print on parts and scymatics.THAT'S where it would be nice to have a higher resolution camera on the phone, and one that could focus better than my Lumia 900.
  • Agreed, 8mp can take some very sharp pictures (~3500x2300). It all depends on the lens and the size of the sensor. Phones usually have small sensors, which leads to high pixel density, which leads to poor low light performance. As the pixels increase and the sensor doesn't change size you eventually get to the point where even daylight won't be bright enough. My old canon point-and-shoot is 5mp, just like my focus im typing this on, and there is really no comparison in the quality of the photos.
  • tl;dr I prefer something around 8mp for a variety of reasons also.
  • Zenith = Titan III likely going to AT&T, Accord = HD8 going to T-Mobile, Rio = ? going to ?
  • Rio could be a pre-paid option for multiple carriers.
  • Rio= trophy? Verizon?...maybe?
  • Damn that pic of the one x shell with wp8 looks stunning. I'll definitely be getting a Nokia wp8 device but I'm eager to see what innovation HTC brings :)
  • yeah, no woman has turned me on as much as that render...
  • Tes it looks awesome! I want grey tiles nao!!
  • I feel ya I now have a Nokia but before this I had a HTC and it was awesome, in swaying to Nokia but who knows if I can get a quad now I just might do it
  • Any chance for HDMI output on WP8? To connect to tv or monitor directly.
  • With DLNA and smartglass, who needs HDMI out?
  • Not as easy to use when in unfamiliar settings. Being able to plug the phone into any flatscreen or projector is great if you just need to show a few images or clips in a presentation.
  • Would be something to connect to a TV and play a phone game, but I guess that would compete in some extent with Xbox. Still, how cool to use the phone as a mini computer. BT keyboard and connected to a monitor.
  • Because, believe it or not, not everyone has a TV that works with DLNA etc. If I wanted to plug my phone into my girlfriends cheap 32" LCD that has a HDMI input, I don't want to be hear "DLNA and smartglass is all you need" in the back of my head. Actually, by parents 42" Sony plasma that was bought in 2008 doesn't have DLNA and why would the get rid of that TV? The picture is great and they spent the premium 2008 price that would warrent several more years of use before an upgrade. So just saying, there are probably more applications for straight HDMI out than for DLNA. Now if XBbox 720 does all that they say it will do...then that is a differnt story. I just may be able to sell my parents on that one.
  • looks nice running on a HOX id prolly grab it just to have it love the polycarbonate design htc did a good job with their newer smartphones :D
  • Low end,mid ,and high end looking good HTC
  • I'd throw gobs of money at HTC right now if they put WP8 on the HTC One X.
  • Exactly.  One X + Win8 Mobile = Epic Win
  • I'm very exited, I really want to see that 1g working memory perform
  • Accord sounds nice to me. Still would like to see more high performance chipsets with smaller screens though. 3.8-4" 720p with dual core would be perfect in my opinion.
  • But the only thing about the smaller screen, I don't think they come in 720p resolution, but I could be wrong
  • the iphone 4s had a 3.5" screen...
  • Agreed. I have a test: If I can't touch the tips of my middle finger and thumb while wrapped around the phone, it's too big. My Nokia Lumia 900 easily passes the test, but not sure about larger than 4.3".
  • I think I need to add that the same goes for most features, as the larger phones get better cameras and more storage as well. I guess it's all about sales, and that huge screens both look impressive (to a certain kind of buyer, at least) and also help set flagship models apart from the iPhone. I had a SonyEricsson Vivaz before WP, and while it was a tiny 3.2" thing it had one of the most powerful chipsets before the Snapdragons showed up, as well as having competent 8MP camera and being the second phone with HD video. I had it for almost two years, and was never bothered by anything except the lack of apps for non-Nokia s60 phones.
  • Now that I think of it, maybe it's likely that the Lumia 800 replacement will keep the same proportions but be updated with a 1GB dual core chip. Lumias are nice, but HTC has one great superficial advantage in form of the side placed USB pory. I usually keep the phone plugged in when playing games and browsing videos at home, and the top/bottom placement can somewhat get in the way when doing things in landscape view.
  • @cae758 I have the Titan 1 and I pass the thumb to middle finger test but its slightly difficult so 4.7in is probably the biggest for that test, would love to see someone try that with a Note!
  • The Titan is 4.7" and it is the exact same size as the Lumia 900.  I personally find the Lumia to have an enormous waste of front space that means it could be smaller  in size or use a larger screen, IMO.
  • All OEM's better come up with new, unique designs, cos without a drool inspiring handset and the typically non-existent marketing the sales performance won't be much different from today's numbers.
  • Will a drool-inspiring handset make a difference with such low market penetration? We NEED marketing.
  • That's the point of a drool inducing handset, you need one since market penetration is so low to get peoples attention.
  • Im very excited to see some new Hardware... Even tho I prob go with Nokia as Im still waiting for a Tango Update from Htc:(
  • I've always used Nokia phones all my life but when I saw the HTC One X I almost bought one. I loved the hardware but Android held me back. Now if One X had a WP8 version I think that I wouldn't resist. And seriously, when it comes to specs, I don't believe that Nokia will be very competitive. It has been years since they have released a phone with the best specs in the market. They are more into design, imaging and maps now, not really horse power, which is a petty because their hardware might run the OS perfectly fine but if some developer releases a game that requires higher specs, their phones will simply not be able to run them. And yes, nowadays games are important, and I know that not many games that require high specs are being released for smartphones nowadays, but what about in a year or 2? These quadcore phones are a safe bet for the long run (2 years).
  • Inspite of using Nokia phones for years, you still haven't realized that it's not all about processors. There is something called graphics processor, which also comes into picture that can carry lot of load from micrprocessors.
    Such a pity! you are like one of those Android brain-washed fans who crave for more and more cores. 
  • Would still be awesome to top off that Nokia design with quad core insides :)
  • Sure there is something called graphics processor, but it's not like Nokia has been using the best ones available too. What I mean is, try running a game like GTAIII on any existing Nokia smartphone (Symbian or WP7.5)... The port wouldn't run properly because the hardware isn't powerful enough. As I said, the hardware they use is usually ok to run the OS smoothly (specially on their WP devices), but they should think beyond that and give third party developers more horse power so they can have more freedom to make their games and apps.
  • When it comes to Windows Phone Nokia and everyone else uses what Microsoft has certified for the OS so Nokia will be competitive with whatever HTC or any other OEM produces since they all have to use the same hardware, in this case Snapdragon S4 processors.
  • Graphic processors on cell phones are not discrete (i.e. they are not separate from the processor die).  Assuming they are all using the S4 processors they will all have the same graphics processor if using the same chip.  Granted Nokia is the only cell phone company I know of that has used a discrete graphics processor in both the Pureview 808 and N8.
  • There are different versions of similar SoCs. 2nd generation WP devices are based on the same ARM core as the first, but it's joined with a much faster GPU on the die. So, you have to dig deeper to into the specs for the full picture. At a glace the PSP Vita doesn't look much better than the average high end phone, but that chip comes with with, I think, four or even 8 times more stream processors than your common flagship phone.better
  • no, low specs are awful.
    Look at the Lumia 900...fanboys were screaming its perfectly fine. Now a few months later its obsolete because it doesn't have the specs. Do specs translate into user experience? usually yes. A quadcore Android is faster than a dualcore Android. Thats a fact, period.
    It doesn't matter whether you need a quadcore to open facebook...but faster web browsing etc. is in everyone's mind and improves the user experience. The ONLY drawback is power consumption and even thats not necessarily much worse. Quadcore phones are about the same as dualcore phones from what I have witnessed so far and I have 3 quadcore phones, LG, HTC and Samsung.
  • Maybe you like the design of one x (me too) but htc is not putting a lot of effort into wp8 while nokia yes. In my opinion, and at that moment, Nokia is thr way to go if you wanna use wp. They're supporting a lot wp and they need to be rewarded.
  • I see what youre saying, but it sounds like he wants an HTC simply because he's anticipating the release of a phone with superior specs than that which Nokia is offering. I personally would do the same. Just because Nokia is supporting WP doesn't mean everyone should immediately throw their money at them when there may be superior phones on the market.
  • I like the "Unknown" part.
  • LOL
  • It's like a hot girl with a lot of clothes :-D
  • I thought when Microsoft created the Windows Phone 7 handsets they had to have a 5mp camera as standard, so why hasn't this been carried over to Windows Phone 8? As with the Rio only having a 4mp camera.
  • I wouldn't take those specs so literally. There's no such thing as a 800x470 screen (at least not supported by Windows Phone) and I have never heard of a 4MP smartphone camera sensor (it really should be 5MP). My guess is that this info was copy and pasted into the post. As for the unknown quad-core Qualcomm CPU, it's clearly the APQ8064 and that thing is a beast.
  • Sorry but that beast doesn't have a radio included so it's technically impossible
  • Thats a typo, Rio is meant to have 5MP. RB
  • I'm happy to hear these rumors of device announcements (so long as they end up being true) as I'm really looking to leave iOS and Android behind. Would love to see what Nokia and HTC are releasing for Verizon.
  • Making one shouldn't be much of a problem. Didn't Samsung just announce a new galaxy note with ~700ppi pixel density? That's four times the resolution of iPhone Retina (when the numbers are squared for proper comparison). Edit: It wasn't the new GNote, but I'm sure there was a mention of something with that resolution. Brain needs more coffee.
  • At first when I read this, I didn't believe it, but crunching the numbers, that would mean a 1880x720 resolution if it it is exactly four times the iPhone's. That means it has a 2.611 aspect ratio, which would be a very wide screen. This would imply a BB keyboard-and-screen style phone, which has a much smaller screen. While the resolution is still impressive, that makes that kind of pixel density a little less astonishing.
  • Oh, and...I don't drink coffee. ;)
  • We're thinking in a different directions here. My point was that when comparing pixel density, rather than total pixel count, you have to square the numbers. 100ppi is 100x100=10000 px per square inch, and 200x200ppi gives you 40000 px on the same area. So, the quality difference between, for example, a 270ppi display and one with 350ppi is larger than implied by those two numbers.
  • Decisions, decisions, decisions, white One X looks great, with WP8 on board I might get that one... waiting to see what Nokia will release though.
  • I actually don't care for Samsung this time around. Their phones are meh and will just be android ports. I have a feeling HTC will have new designs, lets just hope they can bring something to wp8 other then more cores. But most importantly marketing!!
  • While I obviously can't make a decision without seeing the available launch products, I will most likely be buying a Samsung or Nokia WP8 device. I've had a focus since launch almost, and it is still a great phone. But a pureview camera attached to a phone like a lumia 900 would be a fantastic package.
  • A 4.3 inch HTC? Hmmm, I definitely will be checking that one out, I loved the Titan but too big imo, and if Samsung continues on the 4.6-4.8 trend, I might be looking elsewhere come upgrade time..
  • Hard to go down from 4.7 inches |pause|. So I need 4.65 or higher. I can't do 5 inches though. I think 4.7 is the sweet spot
  • The Titan & Titan II are great phones... and that Zenith sounds humpworthy... Just want HTC to deliver Nokia like service.
  • Honestly I've had no problems with Titan and didn't care for what Nokia was bringing to the table. But then I saw the $100 rebate my gf got back with her L900, and then I saw all their awesome apps... lol shit
    But I still prefer HTC's manly and slowly-turning-into-sexy hardware.
  • If it looks like the white One X, I'm in!!
  • If only MIcrosoft would let us have our tiles in that color... I know it would be a massive technology feat but I dream of the day they can figure it out.
  • YES
  • +1
  • They have that color on the Windows Phone 8 simulator that you can download as an apps and it's nice.
  • It does look nice indeed, just a couple shades darker and that would be my choice!
  • That's the first win phone 8 start screen I've seen that looks nice. That looks great. I guess I just needed to see it in different colors and arrangements. Now im excited =)
  • I agree that this start screen looks gorgeous. Thats the beauty about the customizability of the WP8 start screen. You can make it as fugly as you'd like or as gorgeous as you'd like.
  • Rob, that's an awesome graphic you made up top! I think I like the new Music+Video tile look, but do you know if it will still show the last played artist? It would also be awesome if the "Music+Video" text animated and moved around. This comment is obviously not quite on the same topic as your article (which was very good) but that's how my brain works. Cheers! - Kevyn (
  •   Hey Kev, well if you look at the video of the announcement you'll see that the Xbox Music tile animates much like that of the screen saver in the Zune Software.  Overlapping text, not sure, if thats PR gone mad but it looks hot! Hope you are well old bean! ;) RB
  • Any chance of HTC having that nice little kickstand on the backside, like the hd7?
  • Wp8 looks better on the one x than Android. NICE!
  • The Accord and Zenith sound very damn promising! This looks sick but to be honest what pisses me off is Rio's specs. Seriously? That's a windows phone 8? What's the difference between that and older generations of windows phone?... Doesn't this show that our CURRENT windows phones can support windows phone 8? If so, I'm disappointed in Microsoft
  • The Rio still uses an S4 processor and has a stronger and better GPU than WP7.5's S1 and S2 so no its not the same hardware.
  • Thanks for the clarification :) just was so confused. It also upsets me that we are, in a way, kinda forced to get new phones even tho our old ones are fully capable. I only plan on switching after my phone pretty much breaks on me lol
  • Would love to see WP8 on the HTC One X I am running today. It will be an interesting comparison to see the pros and cons of running WP8 versus ICS Android on essentially the same phone. MS clearly has the best mobile OS, the question remains open if they will give us enough options within the OS like Swype, multiple browsers, etc to make it more enticing than the same phone on another platform.
  • Who cares about swype when the standard keyboard is better.
  • same here just to find out conclusivly which OS performs the best.  we all suspect its wp because of how nice it runs but it would be great to see a phone with the same hardware specs running different OSs just to see once and for all.
  • Sounds like the one v, one s, and one x
  • I wish there was a high-end phone that is smaller like 4 inch screen :)
  • Then it's not high end.
  • Why would the size of the phone matter?
    If you can put high end specs into a smaller phone, it would still be high-end. 
  • . Did anyone notice those black tiles??? Slick!!
  • YES!
    from that sdk leak a little while back looks like all we're gonna get is a darkish blue grey.  booo
  • I would be happy with the One X with WP8:)
  • September is shaping up to be awesome! Nokia World first week of Sept., HTC announcement 3rd week of September, now if Samsung would just pull the ultimate F U to Apple and announce their new WP8 hardware the second week they can steal a tiny amount of Apple's thunder and keep the WP8 momentum going! Then we get Win8 Tabs in October and official release of more consumer features for WP8 and it will be as huge as everyone is hoping!
  • +10
  • I would be happy with the "Accord", unless Nokia has something better in the pipelines.
  • Doubtful
  • I wonder how long it will take Nokia to come out with a quad core once the Zenith is released.
  • Is it October yet so I can go shopping for a new WP8 device?
  • I only hope T-Mobile is on the high end train this time around, otherwise off to Att I go.
  • ATT is sooooo pricey that's why I left them for Tmobile and I'm not going back even for a nice phone.
  • All I can hope for is they better not sell there hero wp8 phone on ATT. They/it will drown against Nokia and Samsung! The advertising/support force of Nokia and popularity of Samsung. Look at the Titans. There names have been forgotten. Starting with tmo would be the logical choice then migrate to ATT.
  • My 1st WP device was an HTC Radar. A really solid performer, except maybe for the camera. But if HTC wants to do battle on the WP8 side of the mobile war, then they have to contend with Nokia! And the 1st thing they need to do is hire a very good designer!! I don't know what it is about HTC designs that make them look stodgy!
  • Honestly I think wp8 on the one x looks hot! I've always complained about HTC's but maybe its the OS they put on the design that's the problem.
  • I started my WP7 phones with the HD7 1st day of release and I enjoyed ever since but then came the Lumia 900 andI made the switch. from now on I will be sticking with Windows and Nokia and I am set for life :)
  • Same thing people in horse and buggy's said when the car came out. I understand you drunk the Nokia kool aid but you should always compare all OEM's when shopping for a new phone.
  • I'm hoping HTC can do something really dramatic because as much as I dig my Lumia 900, I'm not enamored enough to stick around for the next one. But we'll see.
  • I moved from HTC to Nokia after 7 over years but I am more then happy.... HTC lost innovation and the after sales support sucks..
  • This isn't an HTC bash article homes
  • I love the specs of this phone. I want to have this. I love the idea actually. - Brenda Lee Reed