Samsung Magician gets updated to 6.1, support ending for older versions

Samsung Magician 6.1
Samsung Magician 6.1 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • All users of Samsung Magician are advised to update to version 6.1.
  • Older versions will cease being supported at the end of May.
  • Samsung Magician is a companion app to the company's SSDs that helps its users get the best from their products.

If you're using a Samsung SSD in your PC then the companion app, Samsung Magician, is worth having. There's a bunch of useful features in there to optimize your drives, and now, Samsung is pushing out an important update. Version 6.1 is available now and users are advised to make the upgrade because all support for older versions will end by May 30.

There's no immediately new features mentioned, but when it comes to the storage in your PC, using an unsupported version of Magician is probably a bad idea. Current users on 5.1 and above will get a notification in the app to make the upgrade, or, it seems, just get an automatic update as I did.

If you're not on version 5.1 or above then you'll have to download the app again from Samsung (opens in new tab) and do a fresh install.

Besides ensuring you have the latest firmware on your drives, Samsung Magician can enable Rapid Mode, squeezing a little more performance, run benchmarks, diagnostics, check general drive health and much more. It's a neat little app and definitely worth a download.

Richard Devine
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  • It's been 6.1 since March, this 'article' is merely a sponsored post
  • Guess I missed the part where Samsung paid me and didn’t send this out to press this morning. I’ll go ask for the $$$ now. Or...ever thought perhaps Samsung knows a ton of people aren’t actually using the newest version and thought it might be a good idea to get the word out to push them along?
  • Honestly I thought this was just cloning software. I didn't realize you get other features when you use it. Thanks for the free sponsorship. 😝
  • Yeah, it seems fairly obvious that the fact that support for older versions is about to end is the motivation for publicising this new version more than usual. Who doesn't love a good conspriacy theory though? Oh, that's right, sensible people don't.
  • I have two Samsung SSDs and used to use this app but I had a problem with it at one stage. I can't recall what it was but I haven't used it for a while. Probably time to install the latest version.