Samsung makes it easier to connect and share content with select televisions

Samsung's Smart View app, which is available on Android, iOS and Windows PCs, allows owners of compatible televisions to share pictures, video and music content from their mobile device to the big screen. The app itself is available on select Samsung Smart TVs and is in beta with the full release scheduled for early 2016.

It's interesting to see Samsung expand said support beyond the company's own Galaxy brand, not to mention outside the Android ecosystem. A wide range of TVs from 2011 onwards will work with the app, as well as new SUHD units set for release next year. All you'll need to have is the Wi-Fi connection details at hand to ensure your mobile device (or Windows PC) and TV are on the same network.

If you're interested in leaving some feedback for Samsung to take away and improve the app, there's an online form available for exactly that. We highly recommend you check Samsung's official website (opens in new tab) for more details on what sets support Smart View.

Source: Samsung (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Samsung, why Windows PC, and no Windows Mobile. Why should I support a company that think it's not giving me an App, because I happen to use a not so popular Mobile OS?
  • That's why I have up on them
    If I want Android there are better options than them such as Motorola
    If I want a good tablet there better brands such as surface Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cause they have the best TVs in the market. Until Microsoft start releasing TVs, Samsung is the only thing I'm buying on this area.
  • Bingo.
  • I agree, hate their OS on TVs but really love the design of the TV itself and prices aren't too bad either. Still I'd buy a Microsoft TV the second it hit the market, if I had $10k I'd buy the surface hub but its not quite the same thing haha
  • Thats purely subjective. I in fact don't care for there ad placements they have on some of there tv's built in. Therefore I will not own a Samsung tv.
  • I'll never going to get smart TV. All i need is regular HD TV. I can watch netflix from my Playstation. :)
  • Sadly, it's reaching a point where if you want a TV with a decent screen, it HAS to be smart. You can find some now still, but in a few years, I would bet that number will dwindle further.
  • Smart TVs are way more efficient energy wise for app streaming, even a Roku or similar device. The fat PS3 fan noise got old when watching a movie.
  • Then all you need is a HDTV and a PlayStation.
  • The ads irk me to no end. I had no idea they did that until I bought mine. I love the tv, the ads are infuriating.
  • @Xsled. Welcome to the era of always connected analytics :P.
  • Personally, I think LG makes a much better TV. I too was all Samsung until I purchased an 50 inch LED LG. They do make a great TV, but they're not the only game in town.
  • I have an LG as well - 2013 3D model with the magic remote, and I would agree that the picture is amazing. However, the software on it is terrible. Did you know that there is a 3rd party app to control your tv? Its called "Remote for LG". Its not quite as good as the LG app on my iPad, but it does everything I need it to do!
  • Their Smart TV Upgrader stb was just as terrible to use
  • I'd be interested in seeing what a Microsoft TV can do (should they actually release one globally) it'd be interesting to see if they put one out with like Win10 Iot or something.
  • Isn't that the hub?
  • Well doubt intel will be on-board with that
  • No app for WP, then no samsung for me. Thanks but no thanks!
  • Does the app supports all tv which supports Miracast nd built in Wi-Fi?
  • No, its specific to Samsung TVs
  • Can a Samsung phone be connected to a Samsung tv to run productivity apps, like a boss? Didn't think so.
  • My 950 connects to my 2014 Samsung TV via continuum. No one here with W10m needs the app so long as the TV has Miracast. Plus, ut also works on my 2015 LG same way. How about no apps?
  • Plug a w10 usb key and f*** Sammy
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Sorry, but i am confused.  My Samsung TV from early 2014 works without any additional apps.  Both my Icon and SP3 connect via the wireless display.  Guess Android and others need a special app?
  • I think it's just their own app that's supposed to give a better experience, but to me Miracast is simple enough in it's raw form. Everybody needs a separate app for everything these days obviously.
  • All share cast like widi allows drm'd apps to work
  • I just plug a MS wireless Display unit into my Samsung TV. Been pushing things to the screen from all our devices for a long time now. Mircast works flawlessly and simple
  • Anyone has Samsung UN65JU6700FXZA with a Lumia connected to it?
  • Only the UN65JU6701FXZA :( (joking, btw. That's the longest product ID I've ever seen.)