Samsung Odyssey+ mixed reality headset breaks cover in FCC documents

Samsung may soon have a new Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset to show if, if new FCC filings spotted by Road to VR are any indication. Called the Samsung HMD Odyssey+, the headset would be the successor to the HMD Odyssey, which was launched as part of the initial wave of WMR headsets last year.

However, don't expect any wild departures from the original. The specs available through the FCC filing point to a headset that is largely the same as the original. The per-eye resolution remains the same at 1440x1600 and a 110-degree field of view.

The main area Samsung appears to be make changes involve comfort and display tech. The display is labeled as using "AMOLED+SFS," but it isn't clear what "SFS" stands for in this case. The eye box and nose opening are also described as being wider, along with changes to cut down on fogging.

Samsung HMD Odyssey: Hands on with a 'premium' Mixed Reality headset

The platforms listed for the Odyssey+ include WMR and SteamVR, but this is likely a reference to WMR's compatibility with SteamVR.

In any case, with the headset's appearance at the FCC, it's likely we'll know much more about it soon. For now, Samsung's current HMD Odyssey headset is available for $399 (opens in new tab).

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Great, glad that they're still in the game for Windows Mixed Reality. I finally had a chance to try a MR headset (the Lenovo Explorer) and the experience is pretty amazing. A bit finicky, and things get pretty blurry outside the center of the field of view. Still, standing "inside" Skyrim is awesome, even if you do view the world through what feels a lot like a heavy scuba mask. :) Looking forward to seeing the improvements as well as pricing info on the new Samsung entry.
  • That blurriness varies depending on the model. The Samsung had the best (clearest) view out of all the different MRD headsets I tried, and I recall the Acer and Lenovo ones not being that good.
  • My only gripe with the current headset is comfort. I hope they fix the comfort issue.
  • This model update is supposed to be more comfortable. In fact, I think that's the only updates Samsung made.
  • I'm just waiting until headsets run off a single USB-C or wirelessly and then I'm all in.
  • The only thing stopping WMR from being the ultimate VR experience is the tracking. I get the limitation is due to bumping the external sensors, but the external sensors are so accurate and cool. I guess I could troubleshoot some more because I heard the experience can vary with Bluetooth dongle placements and such, but as it stands I use my HTC Vive more when I am playing competitively in gaming and the Samsung Odyssey for games like Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice which looks absolutely amazing on the Odyssey.
  • I'm not sure what problems you are having with the Samsung tracking, as inside out tracking is just as accurate as outside-in tracking. Everyone is moving in that direction, and I doubt in another 3 years there will be any new headsets with external sensors on the market.
  • Agreed. Im actually amazed at how accurate these headsets are as compared to the Rift with an extra (expensive) external tracker.