Samsung Omnia M priced at Italian website for €294.99

Samsung only recently announced the Omnia M budget phone for Europe last week, and now we've got hold of a price tag for the smartphone. Italian store ePrice has listed the Omnia M for €294.99, and is targeting the Lumia 610 but Nokia has been able to bring down the prices of their lower-end Windows Phones substantially.

The Omnia M, to refresh the early waking cogs on this Monday morning, sports a 1GHz  CPU with a 4" Super AMOLED screen and 4GB of storage on board. It features HSPA at 7.2MBps. Still no word on availability as-of-yet, but we're sure more details will come to light soon. The device is slated for a European release.

Source: (opens in new tab), via: Plaffo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Costs more than Omnia W !!! Really too high...
  • nice try...
  • 4 gb .. Seriously ????
  • What a joke
  • LOL
  • Samsung trying to rip us off?
  • I'll stick to my Samsung focus flash I got for a penny from AT&T
  • I wonder how much money the OEM actually saves from putting 256 Mb of ram as opposed to 512... Is it really that noticeable?
  • Just imagine if it costs 10 euro, if they sell one million phones, that's 10 million Euro right there.
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