Samsung reveals pricing for Windows 8 line-up

Things are starting to shake out on how pricing will look for the coming onslaught of Windows 8 machines.

Samsung has now revealed the pricing for its coming ATIV line of Smart PCs as well as its more traditional offerings. The Smart PCs get the ATIV branding, these are the machines that we associate with being hybrid designs, detachable keyboards and such. These garner most of the interest in the coming Windows 8 hardware, but will Samsung be pitching them at the right price point to convert interest into sales?

The two devices that interest most is the ATIV Smart PC 500T and 700T, both of these machines are touch screen compatible, have detachable keyboards and are based on Intel processors. That means they will run all your WinRT apps in the new touch UI as well as running just about anything you care to throw at it, no restrictions on what you can install. For many these devices will be just what they are looking for while fitting the criteria for what a Windows 8 machine should look and feel like. Really a best of the old world and the unknown new world of WinRT apps.

The cheaper of the two is the ATIV Smart PC 500T which comes in at $750 (£466 GBP) with keyboard or $650 without. It's certainly no powerhouse, coming with a dual core Atom CPU and only 2GB of memory. That could be a little on the high side for a device with such limited specs and considering that the matching keyboard is going to be a must for most it might push it beyond what many are willing to pay. On the other hand you’re getting a lightweight (1.65lb) convertible tablet with a touch screen that runs the old and new software. 

Second up is the ATIV Smart PC 700T, a device that’s much closer to a normal laptop in the specs department. It comes with an Intel Core i5, 4GB memory and almost everything else you’d need on a normal laptop. It comes in at $1200 (£745 GBP) so it really is in line with what you’d pay for a fairly high end laptop. In fact its not far off the price of Samsung’s top of the range Series 9 Ultrabook. Of course it comes with the detachable keyboard and weighs in at 1.89lb. Will that be the right price to tempt people who were considering a traditional laptop to grab a new form factor?

Here is the full list of prices:-

  • Samsung ATIV Smart PCs (hybrid laptop/tablets)
  • ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T (opens in new tab) — $1,200
  • ATIV Smart PC 500T (opens in new tab) — $750 (with keyboard) / $650 (without keyboard)
  • Samsung Mobile PCs (laptops)
  • Series 9 Premium Ultrabook — $1,400 (15 inch), $1,300 (13 inch)
  • Series 7 Notebook — $1,100 (15 inch)
  • Series 5 Ultra Touch (13.3-inch touch screen laptop) — $860 (Core i5), $810 (Core i3)
  • Series 3 Notebook — $450 – $900 depending on configuration
  • Samsung All-in-One PCs (desktops)
  • Series 7 All-in-One — $1,700 (27 inch); $1100 (23.6 inch)
  • Series 5 All-in-One — $800 (21.5 inch)

The only thing we’re missing from this list, if of course the ticker price for those Windows RT devices. We’re still waiting on those details and without these prices we are left to speculate on what they will cost. Are they being held back until the iPad mini is announced, are they just waiting for the Surface to be fully announced?

We’d like to know your plans for Windows 8. Is it an Intel device your after or do you want one of the smaller and lighter ARM based units? What are your expectations on pricing?

Source: venturebeat

Robert Brand
  • First!
  • So tempted to remove this comment ... or alter the timestamp so it sits further down. *manic laugh*
  • Do it! >:-)
  • Lol
  • +1
  • But what are the prices of Samsung's vast Windows Phone lineup?
  • Lol! Good one!
  • Well, none of those devices really interest me as much as a Surface does, but those prices would probably turn down my interest if I had any.
  • Same. Perhaps my expectations are too high but I won't get a surface next fri if its over $350
  • Indeed.
  • Remember gang, those are for the 8Pro versions of these tablets, essentially a full computer.
  • Probablly comparable to Nokias vast (2) or HTC's vast (also2) windows phone line up.
  • Actually, Nokia basically has so far at least 4 different WP8 phones. Despite the 3 being variations of the 820, they do seem to differentiate enough to be worth mentioning. Damn those carrier exclusives.
    But yeah, I dont get whats the point in making fun of Samsungs one WP8 device. It's not like 2 is all that much more.
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Samsungs one little WP8 phoned outsold both Nokia and HTC combined. I can imagine the new comercial now.
    "The next big thing,,,,JUST GOT BETTER. Intoducing the ATIV-S by Samsung,,,running the all new WP8".
  • Unfortunately that is very probable since they are so big in the Android-camp and people have become aware of the Galaxy phones.
    I have two colleagues switching from Android to WP8 now and they were already set on getting a Samsung until they asked me about the competition. They just take for granted that its the biggest thing on WP aswell.
  • Two is still twice as more as one. Moreover both Nokia and HTC offer a dozen colour combinations. And also HTC's 8X is rumoured to come in 8 and 16 GB variants. And please notice that both of those companies offer innovative design inspired by WP and some innovative features. Meanwhile in Samsung: only one uninspired plastic Galaxy remake in one colour option with no outstanding features.
  • If you're going to count the 8X's 2 storage sizes, then you have to count the ATIV's 2 sizes too (16 GB & 32 GB). Samsung's design is the best for people who love business looking phones (like me) and the outstanding features so far is that it's the only high-end device that does expandable storage & removable battery, physical home key and it has the screen size that us Titan II owners want. All 3 companies have something compelling. I'm just telling you to be fair.
  • OK, I might have missed ATIV's two memory Sizes. And you might have a point with the screen sizes, but that's about the only thing special about the ATIV. I'd very much argue about the business look. A black or grey Lumia or 8X are far more elegant than a shiny plastic Galaxy. I don't see the ATIV going well with a tuxedo. There's a reason why Blackberrys were always black and leathery.
  • Nokia has 3 announced thus far.. Plus one rumored.
    920, 810, 820, and the rumored 822... HTC has 2 official, and 1 quad-core powerhouse rumored device
  • hmmmmm $650 for RT it's noted but um can I get surface pricing please
  • Seriously? I'm thinking that these prices are getting a bit out of hand. If the Surface is anywhere near these prices, I'm calling that a failure. Hardware continues to get cheaper and Microsoft is selling the upgrade to Windows 8 for 39.99. I don't see the justification for these prices.
  • Maybe MS will set the standard for the price aswell, and not just the hardware. We can only hope! :)
  • What's the point in Windows RT, which was supposed to enable Windows to compete in the 200-400 Netbook price category, when they are being sold at prices of good laptops and cheaper ultrabooks? Just look at the price for the Series 5 and then at the price of the cheaper Ativ. Wether it has an ARM processor or an Atom, it shouldn't be more expensive than 400-500 with the keyboard dock. It's a netbook after all. Yeah has a touchscreen etc, but those aren't as expensive today as they were 4 years ago. The Asus Nexus Tablet proves that. Anything with an ARM or Atom processor shouldn't cost more than 400, seeing how you can get a real laptop with real (read: much more expensive) internals for less than 400 already.
  • No thanks, the lower spec one is rediculous, the atom is useless! You wont run anything decent on that, tablets are supposed to be quick, think the lower priced ARM tablets are where its at.
  • I imagine you will be able to find all of these at lower prices when they're released.
  • This is looking good
  • Too expensive if you ask me. 
    *still hoping MS will announce Surface prices today*
  • Yikes! A little steep for me. I'll pass.
  • These prices are ridiculous. Seriously $340 for a smaller touch enabled screen? They cost <$50. (Comparing series 5 to 700t). If Microsoft wants the surface to succeed they need to look at the prices of ultrabooks and 7-inch tablets. The 10-inch tablet segment is hyper inflated as they are comparing their prices to the ipad. I don't understand how these prices are justified. You can buy a 7-inch tablet and a cheap 10-inch for the price of a win 8 pro tablet. With money to spare. Or even an ultrabook and a 7-inch. This is ridiculous. I'm hoping for their own sake(and mine) Microsoft prices the surface RT <= the equivalent ipad storage wise and the Pro <= equivalent ultabook. They will take large market share off of the ipad then leaving 7-inch androids and the ipad mini the remaining space. (I see an opportunity for a larger version of windows phone here). My suggested prices include the keyboard cover which I believe Microsoft will do.
  • Definitely overpriced when compared with what is already available today. An Atom-based machine should be no more that $499, keyboard included. The i5 machine is equally overpriced for what you are getting. But the price for that one doesn't surprise me, because it matches the Windows 7 slate that's been on sale for the last year or so.
  • If the low end ATIV PC isv$650, Surface would be around $550
  • Way too expensive! What are they thinking?
  • $650 isn't for RT...that's windows 8 pro. Not bad for a tablet that you can install any app.
  • Any app that doesn't do 3D graphics, at least.  Those Atom processors are going to be absolutely USELESS for anything 3D due to the obsolete PowerVR-based GPU in them.  I don't mean slow useless.  I mean it-won't-even-start-up useless.
    Shame on Intel for sticking such a crappy GPU in these Atoms.  Their own GPU in previous Atoms may have been underpowered, but at least it had functioning drivers!
  • Imagine a device on your lap that can run any software but was either very slow or very fast but noisy and hot and constantly pluged in.  X86 just doesnt work in consumer electronics.
  • You realize these are highly throttled, brand new chips that use the lowest amount of power ever for x86 chips. AND no one has tested them. Such broad statements are simply not warented until testing has been done. Personally I would never buy a tablet without a full operating system on it (which is why I dont have a tablet yet). I dont care if its hot, i dont care if it doesnt last 12 hours (long as it lasts 6 i am happy). And i dont care if it weighs 10 lb (which they only seem to weigh 1.5-2 lb). What I care about is that I have every tool available at my disposal. I need Visual Studios. I need Adobe createive suite. And I want my file structure!
  • Surface pro only
  • OK, I'm gonna be a little different here and point out a few observations: 1. In both models, the devices can do MORE than any other tablet on the market. They aren't "consumer gadgets" they're computers in gadget-size. 2. The pricing is pretty consistent with similarly configured ultrabooks, and other Samsung models... admittedly, I think anything with an Atom processor is junk, but that's the techy geek in me. 3. If it were me, I would price the 500 down $100 and the 700 down $200 from where they're at just to be more aggressive against competition. 4. Remember that Samsung doesn't make "junk". They're systems are usually well-built and perform well. Based on that alone, they're appropriately priced for what they are. They're NOT, however, priced for competition in the tablet market, and that will make them a non-starter for a lot of people. Then again, a lot of people pay that for an iPad, so maybe not. Pay the same for WAY MORE? Sure, why not!
  • +1 for thinking clearly.
  • I feel like Samsung is shooting themselves in the foot with these prices. Just because there is a new operating system, does not mean people will pay $700+ for a silly atom CPU, or $1200 for a middle or the road i5. I guess that these prices will drop dramatically come black Friday and christmas