Samsung shows off ATIV products in commercial

A video of what appears to be a rather unusual commercial is by Samsung has been uploaded to YouTube. The advertisement shows off he Samsung ATIV Windows product line-up. Using an odd script with cheesy acting, the company presents its Windows Phone 8 handset, Windows 8 tablets and laptops.

We're not entirely sure what to make of the advertisement ourselves, and are holding back on the Samsung grinding due to the company actively getting ready to promote its Windows-based hardware, which is exactly what we'd like to see from the manufacturer. But see it for yourself:

Sure, it's advertising what's on offer and shows how it all works together with Microsoft's intuitive integration using backend cloud services. But there's something about the advert that reminds us of how shaky its ATIV presentation was back at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The mail bullet point icons, the duplicate battery listing for the ATIV S - it just appeared to be a botch job.

Samsung plans to release the ATIV S as a successor to the relatively successful Focus line of Windows Phones (compared to other handsets within the ecosystem). While the company may not be in the spotlight as much as Nokia - it doesn't need to be. Android is where Samsung is a strong force, and Nokia is now entirely dependant on Microsoft's mobile system. However, Samsung could push its own hardware harder.

Samsung ATIV S Presentation

Botch job or skippable errors?

The ATIV S is a solid looking phone, with an attractive finish. Boasting advanced specifications (we like the amount of storage with the added option of the SD slot) with all the bells and whistles, it's hard not to be interested. But the way Samsung is going about Windows Phone seems wrong, and when there's now attention brewing not only with Windows Phone 8, but with Windows 8 and Microsoft's Surface, it would make sense for the company to be pushing hardware in Microsoft's direction. 

Products are now linked together, which Microsoft will be attempting to exploit to further boost Windows Phone's user base. Is Samsung wrong to be distant from this advancement by Microsoft? Only time will tell, but we'd rather see the company do more when the launch of the ATIV S comes - they could well surprise everyone with an effective marketing campaign. We sure hope so.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Samsung has always been similar to Microsoft with past marketing efforts for all of their electronics; they produce excellent products that many times beat up the competition and then consistently fail to market what sets them apart, like the way you can look at a group of TV's in a big box store and pick out the Samsung at a distance time and time again. That used to be true of Sony as well. The Galaxy ads are a step in the right direction, so let's see if they follow suit with decent ads for Windows Phone 8 and for the ecosystem in general.
  • Seem to be mixed up & rushed up job. Could not understand it
  • Maybe you aren't a businessman.  It seemed straight forward to me, albeit totally unrealistic.
  • Not the best of advertisements, but I still want Ativ S phone. Come on T-Mo!!
  • +1
  • At least the guy's cute. Shame about the rest.
  • Dude, really?
  • Ain't nothing wrong with someone cute.
  • Yes, he's really cute. Why?
  • NIST: Could be a chick for all you know? You wouldn't call me out if I said Jessica Alba is smokin' hot, would ya?
  • Depends. If she were to be wearing a space suit I'd say you were a strange person :-)
  • Sure is! Nice phone, too =D
  • What I got fro. The commercial is that it is more geared to business rather than just the regular Joe on the street. Good job Samsung!
  • Device been under rated by fanboys since its announcement. It has everything the worldly popular GS3 have. Its a winner!
  • It's not a bad device... just boring. Nokia and HTC are far more interesting.
  • Interesting yes, but the specs on the Ativ are highly attractive. Removable (and large) battery, expandable storage, good screen size and resolution. It's great! The few things Nokia has over it (IMO) is the touch screen, exclusive apps, and attractive appearance.
  • You missed the!
  • I'll admit to being kinda disappointed that the Ativ phone won't be available on AT&T. I am reluctant to go to a smaller screen than the 4.7" on my current Titan II.
  • I love my original Samsung Focus and was so looking forward to getting the AtivS. I am really surprised none of the U.S. carriers aren't selling the phone right away. I really hope this changes soon because I don't want to settle for the Lumia 820. I want a MicroSD slot & bigger battery!!!!!
  • Where did you hear that?  I'll be really disappointed, too.  I can't go down in size, either and will have to sit this round out.  Right when my Titan @ is crapping out...
  • Perfect example of Samsung being unfaurly criticized by Windows fanboys. HTC and Nokia are using Microsoft cheque books for advertising yet when Samsung is the first to air WP8 in a commercial out of their own cheque books(right after losing 1 billion dollars to a clueless jury I might add), and they get knocked for it. Go figure. I personally can't understand it.
    Well actually I do and it has something to do with Samsung making lots of dough on a rival OS but you fanboys disguised as WP Central would never admit it.
  • You're right. I'm a Windows fan boy. I'm typing this comment out on my MacBook Pro by the way, which is using my Apple Airport Extreme (router). I own Windows products, run Linux too, as well as Apple ... also have an old Android device, but I can clearly see how you drew that conclusion about me. Really? You came to that conclusion about the three manufacturers? You believe that excuses Samsung from shabby marketing for the past two years? You have facts to back up what's stated in your comment (apart from Nokia's cash injections from Microsoft)? Can you link to a single article where we've explicitly stated we don't believe Samsung earns anything off its Android hardware?  I believe we've criticised Nokia, HTC, Microsoft and Samsung when it's due.  tl;dr u mad bro?
  • I have plenty to back it up from comparing the tone of your Samsung articles with the tone of your Nokia and HTC articles.
    Besides, I do not to need to back up any of my statements because they are all true.
    Samsung released a commercial before HTC and Nokia out of their own pocket. TRUE
    HTC and Nokia are getting their handsets marketed by Microsoft or getting money to do so. TRUE
    WP Central bashed them for releasing the first WP8 commercial or marketing video even though it came out of their own pocket. TRUE
    As you see, there is nothing there that needs to be backed up because it has all been released in the media or clearly written in your article. From my viewpoint, it seems like you are the one that is mad here. My advice to you is to hide your emotions better since you are an editor and blogger here.
  • I don't believe I'm required to take any advice. When HTC barely bothered with Windows Phone, launching their HTC TITAN and Radar devices in the UK with little to no marketing (literally none whatsoever) do you honestly think I was at all excited or pleased with how the manufacturer approached the platform? Not at all. HTC has delivered this time round, renewing its partnership with Microsoft, but we'll have to see how they execute from here on out. The OEM has been in bed with the software / hardware giant since WM days, and it's good to see them back in the game. As for releasing commercials out of its own pocket, Nokia receives cash injections from Microsoft - what they do with said investment is not known. Nokia has reserves to fund its own marketing campaigns, etc. It doesn't rely on Microsoft per se, but the cash is needed to fuel the agressiveness Nokia has shown with its marketing. As for Samsung, the company has barely taken the platform seriously since the start. My first Windows Phone was the Omnia 7 and I've never had an issue with one of their devices - they make superb hardware. No arguments there. Their execution on the other hand is something that can be improved on.  Look back at IFA, yes they announced the ATIV S first before Nokia and HTC got their hardwar out, but it felt bolted on to the presentation, with the mistakes in the slide, etc. It just didn't feel right, and many agreed. Check out the last part of my article. I want Samsung to surprise me with effort. It doesn't matter who's funding who. You don't release products and simply not pour funding into marketing them. Fact of the matter is, the video is quite poor. Is it too difficult to have something along the lines of this? - Hey, if Samsung do pull through and market Windows Phone, then I'll shut up. But until then, I'll buy their hardware, but I'll comment on their lack of participation. Just like I have done in the past with HTC.
  • Rich, the only way to win an argument is when the other party is reasonable. Therefore, I don't feel this is one you can win ;-)
  • It's always fun to simply engage for the lulz and sense of understanding though :-)
  • Um, of course where the funding comes from matters. If you are willing to put in money into marketing your product and your competitors are not or only do so when Microsoft pays them then it clearly shows that you are more commited since you do not need a Microsoft money bag to advertise the product unlike the others. If you do not see how where the funding from clearly matters, then I can't help you.
    That is a pretty bullet proof case that shows that Samsung has to do a lot more to impress you if using money out of their own product to promote Windows Phone 8 isn't enough, yet HTC and Nokia using Microsoft's money is more than enough.
  • Okay, I will buy that if you provide us with proof Samsung is receiving funds from Android to market their Android offerings (GS1,GS2, GS3, etc). If you cannot, then answer the question as to why they don't get funds from Google for Andoroid and would need them for WP8? Maybe if they would engage MS like Nokia first and now HTC did, maybe MS would provide some funds. But Samsung isn't truly trying to balance their sales across multiple cell platforms, they're still fully invest in Android and until those sale cool, I don't thinks you see much marketing efforts from them.
  • Of course who funds who matters. It clearly shows that you are committed to the platform if you are willing to fund your own advertisements without a cheque from Microsoft. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Nokia and HTC. My guess is that they wouldn't even make an advertisement without Microsoft funding it.
  • Just to make your bias even more apparent, you are effectively knocking them for not advertising the Focus, Focus S, and Omnia as much as the GS3 with your last statement.
    "You believe that excuses Samsung from shabby marketing for the past two years?"
    Why exactly would they need to be excused for that? I mean they never marketed the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Gio very well. They also didn't really market the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 very much either. They didn't actually start until the Galaxy S3 because they saw an opening. They make so many products that they have to pick and choose obviously. Just the fact that you seem to have ill will towards them for that shows that you are biased.
    You might have had a point with that statement if HTC and Nokia had a lot of marketing in the past two years but since they didn't, all it shows is your bias if you openly knock Samsung for shabby marketing in the past two years but not any of the other Windows manufacturers.
  • They didn't need to market as carriers were pushing Android handsets out the door as if they were diseased - and still are. How is it bias of me if I'd like a company to equally market all their products? I've actually told you I'd be happy with Samsung if they made an effort. That alone shows my unbiased view on this. Plus the fact I've actually stated many times I like their hardware.
    "They make so many products that they have to pick and choose obviously" 
    So a company's ability to successfully market products they manufacturer / create depends entirely on the number of different products they produce? Now THAT sounds like a desperate excuse to defend the company.
    "You might have had a point with that statement if HTC and Nokia had a lot of marketing in the past two years but since they didn't, all it shows is your bias if you openly knock Samsung for shabby marketing in the past two years but not any of the other Windows manufacturers."
    This quote makes absolutely no sense to me at all, and that concludes my conversation with you. Good day, sir.
  • "They didn't need to market as carriers were pushing Android handsets out the door as if they were diseased - and still are. How is it bias of me if I'd like a company to equally market all their products? I've actually told you I'd be happy with Samsung if they made an effort. That alone shows my unbiased view on this. Plus the fact I've actually stated many times I like their hardware.'
    The Ace and Gio were marketed equally with the Focus and Omnia. So yes you are biased for ignoring the equal marketing and expecting more from Samsung and not the other WP manufacturers.
    "So a company's ability to successfully market products they manufacturer / create depends entirely on the number of different products they produce? Now THAT sounds like a desperate excuse to defend the company."
    Nothing desperate about it. You would realize this if you understood business at all. If I produced 20 + products a year, I would neither have the resources or manpower to market them all. I would pick and choose the 1-5 products to market which would give me the maximum return on my investments. In this sense, it makes perfect sense not to market the low end Focus and Omina EQUALLY along with the Gio and Ace.
    "This quote makes absolutely no sense to me at all, and that concludes my conversation with you. Good day, sir."
    It makes perfect sense. It means that you do not have a point because you criticized Samsung for their marketing in the past two years while you ignore the lack of marketing from Nokia and HTC in the past two years. I believe that is called double standards which is a direct product of bias.
  • Speak for yourself. I am using a Samsung Focus to answer your comment. My phone backs out numerous time during normal use to the main screen because the Windows or the back button gets clicked just from the phone flexing. There has not been any considerable app support from Samsung. I am always jealous of the Nokia guys getting all the Nokia only freebees. I wanted a Nokia even before I saw a 920. Once I saw it, there was no doubt left in my mind anymore. I want a L920.
  • Everytime a company comes out with a marketing video you WP bloggers call it a commercial when it is so obviously not...
  • It's advertising their product... So it obviously IS. It doesn't have to be aired on TV to make it so.
  • It's...almost a nice commercial, but I agree there's a seriously unconvincing air about it. It's a very out-of-the-box commercial, and I almost feel like it has potential... They do look like nice devices, though; the brushed aluminum is pretty classy.
  • That is fairly terrible,  particularly given we know they can make amazing Apple attack ads lol
  • Yea, that is what exactly crossed my mind... The next big thing is here !
  • Now that's design by committee, you'd think they were pitching their own half-assed commercial. With a microSD slot and a good-enough camera, Samsung is the only option that would cut the number of devices I carry. I'd get the 920 but without any way to get more music on it than my v1 Zune, and no swappable battery in the HTC 8x, the ATIV S is looking good. Nokia blew it with the bravado that a measly 32GB is somehow better than "defiling" the 920 with expansion that would have made it the best choice bar none. When content is king, less storage than an iPhone makes all those proprietary Nokia apps and downloadable maps a hypocrisy of values. That none of these companies has the complete package is not promising. How's Android these days?
  • I got excited there at the end. I knew it had to have a good ending, being a commercial and all, but I started to wonder if they were going to pull it together.
    Also, I work for the wrong company. I want to be poolside at a hotel and do 5 minutes worth of work to make the project come together.
  • Even if you might get a bonus? =P
  • The mail bullet point icons? -just trying to help
  • Whoa....i wonder who paid for the bill...
  • Anyone else notice the Android tapping sounds whenever any of these devices were touched? Not sure about that Tab's notification tone either....
  • Here are the WP sales rankings on for this week..
    AT&T (83 phones offered)
    28. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (26. a week ago, 37. a month ago)
    39. HTC 8X Blue 8GB (24. a week ago, not available a month ago)
    44. Samsung Focus Flash (47. a week ago, 55. a month ago)
    48. Samsung Focus 2 (56. a week ago, 45. a month ago)
    49. Nokia Lumia 900 White (42. a week ago, 62. a month ago)
    60. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (59. a week ago, 47. a month ago)
    71. HTC Titan (69. a week ago, 72. a month ago)
    72. Samsung Focus S (71. a week ago, 73. a month ago)
    HTC Titan II is not offered
    Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered
    T-Mobile (27 phones offered)
    21. Nokia Lumia 710 White (26. a week ago, 22. a month ago)
    26. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (25. a week ago, 19. a month ago)
    27. HTC Radar (27. a week ago, 23. a month ago)
    Verizon (71 phones offered)
    49. HTC Trophy (68. a week ago, 63. a month ago)
    Sprint (42 phones offered)
    None offered
  • Formatting sucks and there's no Edit option anymore.  Ah well.
  • Could you not see the Edit link in the bottom right? We'll fix that up :-) site's still getting worked on, but thanks for posting that info!
  • Love the thought, not the outcome. Props to Sammy for funding their own schit though. Lord knows the carriers won't.
  • Heh, now that would be an interesting result :-)
  • Yikes! There is a lot wrong with the sound files in that video... Windows phones don't have ringtones like that (which is not a complaint becuase I like the ringtones) so why would you use it? Also the on-screen keypads for Windows 8 and Windows Phone have that deeper tap sound sortof like a "klonk" not a "tick tick"
  • also, who leaves their keyboard with someone and just takes the tablet? xD
  • Their ad is totally based on Microsoft's software features, not on their own (except for pen and keyboard, the latter of which left in cafè for no reason)
  • i dont really like it but what do i know
  • Neighbors knockin on the door. Asking can we turn it down. I said ain't no music on. She said naw that weed is loud.
    I wanna make it high yall
  • Really like the ATIV
  • Really like the ATIV
  • Tmobile needs to pick this up.
  • They're going to sell lots of ATIV S's when people realise their lives are as corporate and lame as this and they start looking around for something to choke themselves to death on
  • Great publicity, I love it but Samsung is still not for me...
  • I actually thought the ad was ok. A bit cheesy but made sense and showed how everyone can access and edit and obviously sync files easy with everyone. Maybe also cause a few of the accents sounded Aussie and so I understood it better. Plus in Australia we are used to cheesy ads like that. Maybe an Aussie marketing agent made it..
  • It's possible it could be regional ads, not bad.. =P
  • I liked the ad too. It showed the windows ecosystem working together which was great.
  • Slightly over dramatised scenario but certainly the issue of having to get things done in a hurry and on the hoof is real. Samsung have obviously decided to focus on the productivity benefits of windows tablet and phone.
  • Haha! "All because a lady loves Milktray... I mean ATIV". :D
  • So When is Samsung and Verizon going to team up and release the ATIV? Hurry up I want a new phone, LOL!
  • Odyssey
  • Nice looking phone. Still getting a Lumia 920.
  • I guess what I got from the commercial: how to pronounce "ATIV". I've been saying it like it rhymes with "native," instead of "ateeve."
  • same as the phone not so good
    keep the osssm designe guys nice look of website
  • I found it too long.  Too much of trying to make business look exciting.  Too much unrealistic stuff.
    The Apple phone line with NFC commercial was MUCH better.
    I'd be surprised if most people understood what was going on or that Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 is what made it happen.
    (maybe I'll go find that restaurant where the guy left his keyboard)
  • There seems to be no way to EDIT a post any more.  Bottom right shows a "REPLY" to me, but there is not "EDIT" or other icon to get to editing.  (using FF browser 16.0.2)
  • AND even though I clicked "REPLY", my new post is not indicated as a reply.
  • AND it is no different in IE 9.
  • Its just not so much a consumer ad, but business focused. The Borg line ads are basic everyday...seems the schism is what Microsoft has pointed out their consumer focus is on the personal. Its a good base for Samsung to cover, even if this ad is a bit long. Time will tell... =[
  • Still not sold. The ringtones were totally off.
  • The cheesy voice acting & accents put me off :P
  • If I can't get a 9XX on Verizon, this might be what I get. The HTC 8X is too limited with it's 16gb of memory. The commerical was alright, it's a lot more complex than that in the real world but, what do I know ?
    Are we sure this phone has a MicroSDXC slot (support for 64gb/128gb cards) ? And does it offer wireless charging as the G3 offered with a changable back (with out a larger size)?
    That could be the closer for me, as i wont be able to get a 9XX on Verizon on release...
    I might just get this one off contract...
  • how is it possilbe for the girl at the street to recieve a message on her tab?
  • Mobile broadband on a USB stick? :)
  • I used a GS3 for about 2 hours yesterday. The phone felt great in the hand, has a nice screen size, is light and is running an OS that is inferior to WP 7.5. Thus makes me extremely angry TMobile is not carrying the Ativ S. Weak sauce.
  • Source?