Following up from yesterday and demonstrating that for many, Windows Mobile is not dead, Samsung is going ahead and releasing not one but two messenger-style devices featuring Windows Mobile (Pro & Standard).

The first one (seen above) and which is more "high end", is a follow up to the Omnia Pro B7330, which was one sleek messenger device that never saw a U.S. release--a shame considering how nice it looks. The Omnia Pro 4(B7350) though gets a bump to WM6.5.3 Professional, a 3.5mm headset jack and a "super touchscreen display" (2.62", 320x320). It's also a quad-GSM phone with dual-band 3g (boo...). Slated for release in July in Europe and South East Asia, unfortunately this sweet little device won't be coming State-side--a shame since it's a nice BlackBerry competitor. Yes, we want it.

The second device he Omnia Pro 5 (B6520),  a 240x320 Windows Mobile Standard device that will compete in the developing market e.g. Southeast Asia, Middle East & Africa, India and Latin America. It too is a quad-band GSM phone but with tri-band 3g. The specs list it as a touch-screen device with WM6.5.3 but clearly it's running Standard and look to be non-touch. While low-end for our market, it looks to be a nice little number for aspiring business folk.

[via Samsung Hub]