Samsung shows off Omnia Pro 4 & 5 featuring Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Following up from yesterday and demonstrating that for many, Windows Mobile is not dead, Samsung is going ahead and releasing not one but two messenger-style devices featuring Windows Mobile (Pro & Standard).

The first one (seen above) and which is more "high end", is a follow up to the Omnia Pro B7330, which was one sleek messenger device that never saw a U.S. release--a shame considering how nice it looks. The Omnia Pro 4(B7350) though gets a bump to WM6.5.3 Professional, a 3.5mm headset jack and a "super touchscreen display" (2.62", 320x320). It's also a quad-GSM phone with dual-band 3g (boo...). Slated for release in July in Europe and South East Asia, unfortunately this sweet little device won't be coming State-side--a shame since it's a nice BlackBerry competitor. Yes, we want it.

The second device he Omnia Pro 5 (B6520),  a 240x320 Windows Mobile Standard device that will compete in the developing market e.g. Southeast Asia, Middle East & Africa, India and Latin America. It too is a quad-band GSM phone but with tri-band 3g. The specs list it as a touch-screen device with WM6.5.3 but clearly it's running Standard and look to be non-touch. While low-end for our market, it looks to be a nice little number for aspiring business folk.

[via Samsung Hub]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Its great news that the Samsung has merged two phones just create the third on mobile 6.5.3.I think Omnia is the best product by the Samsung and these merged with the new its product its capture the market easily.
  • That Omnia Pro 4 rom would look purdy on my Epix... might be the best shot to get 6.5 on the Epix yet.
  • It's both weird and fantastic that Samsung are effectively merging two phones. I'm eager to see their future results!
  • I don't think intended markets means much anymore, if someone in the U.S. wants one of these phones, they can always import. What is true is that these phones were on the boards prior to Microsoft's WP7 announcement, far enough along that Samsung felt it could recoup some money, especially in Markets that probably won't see WP7 right away. Will we see any WM phones where development was clearly started after WP7 was announced? That's the real question.
  • Seems like the specs on these would have been good 18 months ago - they seem under-powered for 2010.