Samsung will soon let its laptops get patches via Windows Update once again

Samsung is now promising to reverse its previous stance and will soon allow its Windows-based laptops to received direct updates to the operating system via Microsoft's Windows Update. This news comes a few days after a security researcher found that Samsung's SW Updater, installed in its laptops, had disabled Windows Update by default.

While Samsung at first denied the claims that its software was blocking updates to Windows from its laptops, it now appears that there's been a change of heart. In a statement sent to Gizmodo, the company stated:

"Samsung has a commitment to security and we continue to value our partnership with Microsoft. We will be issuing a patch through the Samsung Software Update notification process to revert back to the recommended automatic Windows Update settings within a few days."

Source: Samsung

  • Shame.
  • Samsung: "Ok, we'll stop. Only because we got caught."
  • They got caught for other things too.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if what they did violated some part of their volume licensing agreement for Windows, and earned them a really unpleasant phone call from Microsoft's lawyers.
  • Exactly what I was thinking. Microsoft lawyers must have gotten involved. Samsung wouldn't have started to care otherwise. They did it on purpse, and are only fixing it because they got caught, like Witness said.
  • There is a new build For PC out build 10154. Can someone please tell me where Zac get that build?
  • I'm looking for it as well.
  • No idea I'm afraid but i just watched winbetas video on it and MS has gone back to a square profile picture. And guess what? People are complaining that it should be circle!! Jeez, what does it take to please some people??
  • Easy explanation. Some people like square, others like circle. Why do people always assume they are seeing the same people arguing both ways?
  • Bingo
  • @WPUser2.
    Lol Microsoft have sure gone full circle, haven't they?
  • The circle actually looks better, I think Microsoft put back the square tile to show the complainers' that the circle looks better lol.
  • Me too. They have heavily invested in the circle across the UI of both mobile and desktop versions. I'm pretty sire its going to stay. I hope it does! All squares and straight edges isn't good design philosophy
  • Would be a bit suprised if they changed now especially as others have said they have made this change not only to windows but other platforms and applications. Windows Phone 10 and Skype are some examples. The only time I think the circle did not work is in the people hub definately prefer a square in a square its just looked more symetrical and allowed them to have different sized squares without it looking odd. The circle leaves to much dead space.
  • Red eyes from MS make him sensible
  • Never buying another Samsung. Sticking with Dell from now on.
  • Shame Shame Shame ( rings the bell) .  
  • LOL, busted.
  • Hahahaha nice.
  • I cersei what you did there
  • Haha! Awesome.
  • Where are all those Samsung fanboys denying Samsung was altering the Windows Update process? Samsung is now changing because someone found out.
  • I concur!
  • Maybe we aren't bothering to comment because this has nothing to do with Windows Phone and FYI I agree that disabling Windows Update is a very bad move. So don't make the mistake of thinking that just because I use a Samsung Windows Phone that I agree with everything they do!!!!!
  • Little sensitive are we.  H was refering to article where samsung denied it, and people were defending Samsung.
  • Nope, just sick of being tarred with the same brush as the fanboys simply because I choose to use a device from a company other than Nokia, sorry MS Mobile!!!!
  • Honestly... Why did you chose Samsung over Nokia?.....
  • @rodney Is that a trick question?
    Can Nokia hold a candle to Samsung's technical ability?
  • The website is now WindowsCentral. Not WPCentral anymore.
  • Good point. All products!
  • I am not talking about you specifically since you sure have not commented on this topic before. I am talking about those fanboys who defended Samsung when the news broke.
  • I still don't care either way and if I had a Samsung laptop I'd probably just use their own update system, hey I imagine if I had a Samsung laptop it wouldn't have taken six months of updated to get a fully working WiFi component like it did on my surface pro 3.
  • With the sp3 at least you got updates. This was a terrible move from Samsung because it blocked immediate delivery of critical updates. I have seen enough shitty Samsung software to know not to trust them with updates.
  • Strange. Seems like competitors to Lenovo should have learned from the Lenovo superfish scandal what it means in bad reputation if you try take matters in your own hands and make the computer different from the original Windows experience.
  • OEMs like to mess with the OS. That's why Android is their go to OS.
  • I was just about to say, they tried to take the Android route with Windows. Tsk tsk tsk
  • As a user who knows how to install windows from scratch, my first step is to remove all bloatware and to an extent possible do a clean install on my new machine.
  • It is cool you can do that however bear in mind please that Samsung changed something that is clearly idicated in the MS licensing as forbidden... 
  • Well, clearly indicated as forbidden in the license the general public sees. We don't know the actual license Samsung negotiated with Microsoft. That said, Sammy's extremely fast change of heart suggests a license violation.
  • It may not have been forbidden in the licensing. I think the licensing is that they can't change the code. In this case they did not change the code they simply installed a program that managed the machine in a different way. This is not much different than pre-installing Norton where Norton changes the firewall. The Windows code was not modified. It's still bad behavior, but likely not a violation of any license.
  • Microsoft should break off relations with Samsung. Let them put Android on their computers, and then see if they get any sales.
  • Because you know what Microsoft needs in a world that is slowing being taken over by Android? Less OEMs.... Yeah, that'll go over well.
  • Boom!
  • This is why I hate Samsung.
  • I wouldn't say I hate Samsung.. I used to love Samsung..... But, now,, I'm just not too sure about Samsung...
    They do make some awesome washing machine's, though... Some heavy sons of bitches❗
  • But, if they aren't blocking it then what is there to reverse? Nice Samsung lie and then fix.  Just be honest from the start when confronted.
  • Samsung is a big company, I doubt anyone was trying to lie. Just another case of one hand not knowing what the other is up to.
  • Right....
  • "Right"? How do you know? It might have been the left hand Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Uh huh. And I own a pink miniature unicorn that pisses horchata.
  • No they just lied
  • Confronted with all the bad publicity it would be strange and downright stupid for some hand not asking the other what the facts are and subsequently make a false statement at wich point that has to be corrected again by the other hand
  • Maybe the I will get the invite to update to w10?
  • Commitment to security? Hello.... Google...Android...
  • That's Google's responsibility, isn't it? I'm not sure Samsung controls that
  • I have a Samsung laptop and have never had any issue using Windows Update. Am I missing something?
  • You probably don't have SWupdate installed
  • I have a Samsung laptop as well and, although I uninstalled SWupdate when I installed Win 10, I never missed a critical update when SWupdate was installed and running.
    I think many of the people in these threads are just jumping on a bash Samsung bandwagon and have no idea what they're actually commenting on.
    The only thing SWupdate did on my laptop was keep specific drivers, because some generic drivers don't work, and Samsung software up to date.
  • Sam Sung can keep its laptops.
  • Samsung. What happened to you? Even as an ativ s user, your phones suck. Your PCs suck. Only your TV's and SSD's are good.
  • I'll probably get a Lenovo instead...
  • I would never own a Samsung laptop or any other device by them. What a despicably shady company.
  • As a former Samsung employee, I can agree with you on that
  • Lol, the Carriers and OEMS can't keep their hands out of the cookie jar can they?
  • I'll stick with getting MSFT Signature branded PCs thanks...too many shenanigans with OEMs...
  • Well I wish someone would pick up the phone because I CALLED IT!
  • Shame. Shame. Shame *rings bell*
  • Fuck you Samsung!
  • So...bye samsung!