Samsung disables Windows Update on its laptops, wants you to use its own utility instead

All Samsung laptops come with a tool called SW Updater that checks for any updates to bloatware that comes pre-installed, along with driver and software updates. While such utilities are available from most vendors, what's unique about Samsung's SW Updater is that it was found to disable Windows Update, preventing Microsoft's default updater tool from finding new updates.

A researcher discovered the problem while debugging Samsung's utility, finding a program called "Disable_Windowsupdate.exe" that constantly monitors the Windows registry to block access to Windows Update. Even if you manually enabled Windows Update, Samsung's program was found to prevent access to the utility after every system restart. The researcher confronted a Samsung customer service representative to confirm that the manufacturer was indeed blocking Windows Update:

ringzero: Thanks Rep! My question is, why does this software actively monitor the registry and deliberately cripple Windows Update by forcefully disabling it?Rep: SW Update tool helps in automatically detecting the hardware on the laptop and installs the supporting drivers for them. I am afraid; this tool has directly no effect on the registry of your laptop or Windows Updates.ringzero: Rep, I am afraid that you're incorrect. SW Update drops an exe named "Disable_Windowsupdate.exe"ringzero: When SW Update is installed, Windows Update is always disabled. If it's enabled, or set to a setting of your liking, it'll be re-disabled on reboot.ringzero: If SW Update is uninstalled, Windows Update stays enabled persistently throughout reboots.Rep: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.ringzero: Sure.Rep: When you enable Windows updates, it will install the Default Drivers for all the hardware no laptop which may or may not work. For example if there is USB 3.0 on laptop, the ports may not work with the installation of updates. So to prevent this, SW Update tool will prevent the Windows updates.

Samsung's move to block Windows Update could just be a measure to ensure that any system updates rolled out by Microsoft don't break Samsung-centric bloatware. If you're using a Samsung laptop, all you need to do is uninstall SW Updater and enable Windows Update to continue receiving updates in a timely fashion. Coming on the heels of Lenovo's Superfish incident, this is just another reason why manufacturers should re-consider filling up brand-new machines with bloatware.

Source: BSOD Analysis; Via: Gizmodo

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Oh!!
  • So according to you, that man's laptop was deliberately rigged by SameSung..?
    It's gonna be the same for everyone....or not..??
  • You either really like Samsung or this article really got under your skin. Yikes
  • Or he works for Samsung. Maybe he's the one who wrote this tool and is taking it personally. :P
  • Haha gizmodo...says it all really
  • Heh. That's funny because as wpkevin was complaining about the article not being researched, I was thinking that it sounded like something Gizmodo would write and lo and behold, the source is Gizmodo. No one should ever make Gizmodo their source without verifying it first. I stopped reading Gizmodo about a year ago now because of their shitty "journalism".
  • Funny, Paul Thurrott just wrote a very good article on this topic too. Guess we're all clowns.
  • These are the same type of folks who sit behind a screen and dictate Messi how to pass or shoot the ball, while they are nothing themselves.
  • I don't want to start a disccusion but Messy needs a lot of help; any help can be of use.
  • Well it does exist on Samsung laptops.
  • Windows update breaks a lot of laptops? That's interesting cause the updates get push to millions of devices and complaints are always minimal also I worked ag a university passed couple years, and the supplier was non other than DELL and the updates never break any of the 100s of pcs and laptops on campus
  • My work's Dell Laptop has Windows Update and Windows Firewall disabled. I always thought that was my IT deparment... now with this article I can start looking for a Dell equivalent.
  • It most likely is your company's IT department, using an administrative tool provided by Microsoft. Companies have had the option to delay OS updates and push them out on their own schedule since practically forever now.
  • Your just a Samsung lover if Microsoft tried to build a android or chrome book and they put in there own updater that disabled the android or chromes defulte update method yo would be pissed but since its Samsung they can do no wrong and I know you thin cuz you put WP in front of you name you think you fooled all of us into thinking you a windows fan but I know what you really are a troll who gets pissed if anyone says anything about you beloved android vendor of choice samsung even if it has nothing to do with the shitty android devices but a windows laptop.
  • The fact isn't necessarily just about whether or not you actually still receive the Windows Updates for security purposes, it's also about whether or not Samsung is breaking the "terms of services" specifically written by Microsoft not to "alter the software in any way." By Samsung blocking Windows Updates, they are "altering the code" preventing "normal operation" of their software. Microsoft may have a case against Samsung. I beleive that is the main issue here.
  • You're no different than the writer himself. Believing some random commenters here rather than a chat rep. And if you read the chat again fanboy, the chat rep asked for some time before replying. Plus, who else you want to be at the chat if you don't have faith in a 'Level 1'..? The CEO or some other top exec..?
  • Companies lie Samsung is notorious for it the rep he was talking to was probably a poorly trained poorly paid worker that just read from a script. Get over you're self Samsung is no god
  • If Microsoft Updates were causing any trouble, then why didn't SameSung report it to Microsoft..? We have seen Microsoft working closely with OEMs and partners to iron out problems.
  • A majority of Windows Updates is to patch and prevent someone from entering and or controlling your device.  Samsung is a huge company and should provide a store online for the excess of software rather than pre-loading the programs of which may not be all that useful.
  • No, Samsung does not push windows updates. They're only concern is that windows update will install a generic driver that negates their crapware. The author of the article is a Microsoft MVP which means he's an IT professional who has been recognized for providing accurate technical information in the IT community. He specializes in analysis and debugging as it relates to Windows and security. This is a big deal and certainly worth providing as information.
  • Attacking MS and defending an OEM? You realize that one is trying to clean the OS and the other is willing to sell you for peanuts to install crap on your PC.
  • @WPKevin. TL;DR, it appears they were right, you have no idea how much research or not they've done. Just go and do a search for "samsung disables windows update" there are dozens of articles on this subject. Your poison was completely unjustified, out of proportion and as it turns out they were right, you were wrong. Didn't need the half dozen overly lengthy replies to try and justify you comments. Wrong, period.
  • I have it. The rep in this article is saying facts. In fact, whenever i restart my samsung laptop, the sw automatically opens itself and works silently in the background. I always have to disable it because it causes my laptop to run very slow. Ive looked for ways to uninstall it but to no avail.
  • How is SW Update making your machine slow, please explain, because I have a samsung notebook and would like to learn? No pun intended, mind! Seriously ; ).
  • Did you know that Samsung's interest in Windows PC's will emerge as a fenix? the reason is that they haven't build tablets with Android OS anymore in 2015, all they care for Android are phones, but analysts predict strong sales for convertibles in the coming years thanks to advance in fanless powerful chips like Intel Core M which have about 2 or 3 times the performance of a flagship ARM chip and are also fanless, and also support Windows 10 which is by definition universal across plafroms (phone, tablet, PC, game console).
  • is samsung using some specialized hardware? most oems use of the shelf parts from intel, nvidia, etc and just assemble it and install their crapware. if they are using some parts designed especially for them, they could submit the drivers to microsoft so that windows update will install it. somehow, when you buy a signature edition of these laptops from microsoft without all this crapware, everything seems to run perfectly.
  • Three people, or even ten, is as statistically relevant as one. I agree they should reach out for official comment or word the article differently so that it doesn't read like the Nancy Grace article you make it out to be. Why make it personal and be so rude?
  • I'm with wpkevin on this one. It's hard to imagine how all Samsung laptops could disable Windows Update and people not knowing about it until now. It just doesn't make sense to me. If you want to write about this news, write about it, but don't make it sound like it happens to all Samsung laptops like this article does without some proof.
  • +1 TK2011. I mean, people should read the source: the issue was spotted with ONE user. How could we have never known about WU being disabled? It's impossible!
  • Well I have a Samsung laptop & for past few month certain Windows updates haven't been going on properly, I've just discovered 217 updates it makes sense now.
  • Irresponsible idiots?
    Sounds to me like Samsung are the irresponsible ones here...!
  • Simple answer, don't buy Samsung and you don't have to put up with the bloatware!
  • Uh, fanboy discovered.
  • No. Wpkevin is right. While I wouldn't have used "irresponsible idiots," responsible journalism does reach out for the other side's side of the story BEFORE publishing an article that makes that side look bad.
  • Have you ever considered taking the views of the terrorists after bombings or firings..? Even they would have something to say surely.
  • Is that supposed to be a serious comment? Because if so, it fell flat.
  • Just meant to say that, when something is proven (wrong or right) it doesn't matter anymore to take view points of the parties involved.
  • What do you even know about responsible journalism? Responsible journalism like other things is not black and white. Some people are just hypocrites
  • And it just became clear that some don't know what a hypocrite is.
  • +4
  • Bitter much? If you have a Samsung, look into it yourself and see if what has been said is true. Without actually knowing anything? Are we talking about the report or yourself? You didn't prove or disprove anything any just went on a rant without knowing anything..... After all that's what passes for opinions on the internet these days. Thanks for playing.
  • Honestly, I don't know if that's true, but I feel that Windows Central is the most end and trustworthy news outlet dedicated to Microsoft its products/services, so I trust them in that aspect of things.
  • The man who discovered the issue is known Microsoft Windows expert. If he says this is what is going on, then that is what is going on. Windows Central is not the only one reporting this. Many other news outlets have reached out to Samsung for comment but they are not saying anything, not even a tacit denial. And these are much larger outlets than Windows Central (ZDNET, Forbes, etc).
  • Samsung's Windows devices are now fragmented across different regions with different people on charge of selling Windows PC products from Samsung. With that said, I think Samsung has created a management disaster for launching Samsung software on the PC platform. Samsung's Ultrabooks are nice, they were always better built in my opinion than MacBook Air but now they have stopped innovating because Samsung doesn't sell their PC's on some countries and they have lost interest in Windows. Perhaps is time for Samsung CEO what is the cause of this fragmentation of Samsung for Windows devices across different regions, they need to do a reingeneering quickly, now that Windows convertibles are getting traction and OEMS like Lenovo, HP, Dell and ASUS are going to get all the profits.
  • I dunno who this guy is but I always think his name sounds like someone sneezing then falling into a giant bell.
  • ATIV S6 for Windows 10.
  • Precisely why I swap out the drives and os on every laptop I buy.
  • I don't understand, why don't you just format the drive and do a clean install?
  • I generally only use Samsung or Intel pro grade ssds. Consider devices never come with them and I want my consumer grade stuff equivalent to my Enterprise stuff. I swap to pcie ssd where I can. And swap ram too, if it's not soldered in, a trend I dislike.
  • I have an Ativ 6 and I'm loving it. 2GB GPU, backlit keyboard with spacing keys, nice monitor and so on. Thing is, this SW Update program is not the best thing of the notebook, but unfortunately I've found out also it may be necessary. And to use it is not that easy imho. I'll try to explain. When I bought the machine, I went to forums and it was clear that one bloatware found in it should be removed which took 2GB of RAM uninterruptedly (that software comically should manage RAM). After removing it the machine was so great. OK. Then came windows 8.1 and everybody at forums realized that the SW Update software didn't upgraded drivers accordingly, so one should ignore what SW Update was suggesting and keep W8 drivers instead and go to specific parts manufacturers sites like AMD to find the best alternatives. What I'm trying to explain is that SW Update shouldn't be removed from PC in my honest opinion. It helps as long as it's one more source of info on whether you should start looking for another driver, or let it install its suggestions and so on and so fort. Well, I could write about more experiences, but this is already getting too long, guys! Cheers!! And I'm happy with it until today (I hate my samsung smartv though despite of its nice colours - wi-fi is sh..).  
  • I meant the Windows Phone
  • Look carefully. I haven't replied your message. Was talking about my ativ book 6 experience and SW Update.
  • After reading what the source wrote, well, I would say, in that case the guy discovered SW Update was disabling WU RANDOMLY. Well, this has never happened in my machine. The user must have opted for this to happen. It's a new case, Ok, I'm not trying to say this is not relevant nor defending samsung. May this be the only one of a few cases? No big deal? Maybe.
  • "...Samsung is pushing customers to use its own utility in favor of Windows Update to keep their laptops updated." Can you not see what's wrong with this sentence? Please edit this. Samsung can't push customers to use its own utility in favour of Windows Update. That makes no sense. It's not "in favour of Windows Update" when they are pushing customers away from Windows Update.
  • Yep, there's definitely something wrong with this. OS-wise, Microsoft definitely knows more than Samsung (since it's their OWN OS), so the former should be the one pushing the updates. It's the "know your place" scenario.
  • Wtf, used to think the updater worked good until now if this is true. I would never buy another Samsung if they try and pull crap like this.
  • If I buy one of this laptop, I prefer install a clean Windows 8.1 without bloatware or anyone, I always do this thing when I buy a new computer ;)
  • Indeed! Or if it's desktop PC just build it by yourself! Better performance with cheaper prize :)
  • Lol, typo, prize :v
  • Depends on manufacturer. Some OEMs make good bloatware.
    OEM Windows installation is optimized to the full potential of hardware. If something doesn't work, it's not supported.
    If you clean install yourself, you have to bing things to figure out if your hardware is compatible.
  • Bloatware, by definition, is not good. If you find it useful, then it's not bloatware...
  • Well, there's a reason why its there.
    If you find it bloat, that was not the intention... could be it was written in a rush.
    Think about it, OEM's have less than a month to make hardware utility software or bloatware before Windows 10.
    What are the odds it will be perfect?
  • Then make it optional install rather than preinstalled...
  • In most cases, non essentials are install on first use.
    The rest generally uninstalls without breaking your system.
  • You never heard of superfish I guess...
  • This is why when I bought my new laptop, I stayed away from big brands and went with a UK based company that builds custom laptops to a request, cost less than a big brand and comes with a 100% clean OS.
  • Which company was that, might look into them, when next deciding on a laptop purchase.    
  • Possibly pcspecialist? If so, they're good. I've used them for test machines for years. They custom build out on the clevo platform. Real bang for buck. Think uncustomised msi devices.
  • And they also offer gaming laptops at a good price. Looking to get my gaming laptop from them. I've already got a desktop, and yes it's a custom build with twin monitors, of which one is a touch screen.
  • Is one of the monitors your phone....that would be the touch screen...
  • No, it's this monitor that's the touch screen. The Hanns G HT231HPB. Which you can find out more about here:
  • Nice monitor! Personally I'm not a touch ui fan but use a wacom intuos 5 as a glorified touch pad. But that screen looks good!
  • Thanks. It's a great monitor. Really like it. Have that monitor closest to my door as well incase someone needs to quickly pop in and check something on my PC.
  • Samesung. Same thing with phone.
  • *samsung*
  • *Same*sung, or do you fail to get the joke? Like when the Galaxy S4 looks identical to the S3?
  • As opposed to how the surface pro 3 look completely different to the surface pro 2. Oh wait, it doesn't.
  • Yes, it does, wear glasses.
  • Umm.. Maybe you should look more closely at pictures of the Surface Pro 2 and 3. Maybe we can play a game of "spot the differences." Hint: There are a lot.
  • ^This! :D
  • After reading your comment, I can clearly say that you haven't seen a Surface series device in your life ever.
  • different screen size, aspect ratio, kickstand, and thinner. yes it's a rectangular slab like all tablets, but it has significant differences from the sp2. that'a why it is selling so much better than the sp2.
  • You forgot about button placement as well. S4 is also different screen size to s3, it's also thinner and has different sensor placement. So... If someone is going to claim they are the same, you would have to do the same between surface products, otherwise you're just a troll.
  • This is why you should buy a signature edition PC. No bloat, no headaches.
  • Unfortunately it's not available worldwide.
  • Who says..? There are more options too.
  • Does signature edition come with Windows 9
  • Windows 9?
  • Indeed.
  • Add that to the no buys. Sorry Sammy
  • Don't be sorry. Samsung sucks big time.
  • It's Samsung that should be saying sorry.
  • Or else tell them to pay patents fees
  • Lol.
  • :/
  • I had one Samsung tablet, and tho utility I why I hated it.
  • What?
  • What?
  • Sorry, 3 week old daughter has kept me up way basicallytoo long. What I was trying to type basically was that the Samsung update utility caused me enough frustration that I replaced it, and would not purchase another Samsung windows device. Again I apologize for my first post.
  • Samsung, why not give your updates to Microsoft and have them publish it then like most other hardware manufacturers do? Disabling Windows Update is not a solution, it's a cheap workaround for a load of bloatware.
  • So that narrows my list of Windows OEM's I'd consider buying from to Microsoft itself, Dell, Asus, some of the higher end gaming specialists like Razer and maybe Blu if I needed an unlocked travel phone.
  • Indeed, the list seems to be getting smaller and smaller, wonder which OEM is next on the blacklist.
  • Last time my hp cameback from them from repair they did a shoddy way of updating it by using the registry to download updates but didn't bother to delete the keys
  • Now I'm kinda happy that they've stopped selling laptops here.
  • I feel for the people buying Samsung laptops.
  • I checked the source
    He didn't mention which Samsung PC he is using
    I can confirm that the mentioned exe doesnt exist on mine NP550 and ATIV 9
  • And it doesn't seem to appear on my Samsung all-in-one desktop either, DP700A3D. I know the article said laptop, but I checked anyway just in case. You'd think they'd roll it out across all devices if this was true.
  • Sammy , no one buys your PC ....
  • That's BS, people definitely buy them. 
  • Shamesung
  • Good one!
  • You could always buy it from Microsoft. Their systems are bloatware free.
  • You can't do that in most countries.
  • All you need to do is not buy Samsung products.
  • It will partly be because they do not want to have to give customer support (phone, email etc) to the masses for problems arising from default drivers being installed.  Another case of a company deciding what is best for "their customers" other words, themselves.
  • The only good utility I've come across from Shamesung is the Magician software for my SSD.
  • Yes, that utility blow away most other ssd
  • Whenever i buy a new computer i delete the entire HDD along with all recovery partitions and install my copy of Win8.1 Pro mainly because of the OEM bullshit that is installed on the computer.
  • If device drivers are WHQL certified they won't have any problems once installed or updated. Is Samsung admitting that they use uncertified drivers? More likely they don't want the malicious software removal tool uninstalling the bloatware that ships with each laptop.
  • Bingo. That's exactly what I was concluding. Get your drivers certified...or wait, did you try and they didn't pass because something sinister was detected?.....hum....
  • This is why they love Android. Add their own spywares and bloatwares.
  • My laptop is series 3(windows 7),also i installed sw updater still my laptop get updates...and also i registered to windows 10
  • Instead of this actions, why Samsung doesn't deliver those drivers to Microsoft, so they WHQL'it and then publish it to the WU? I don't get it.
  • I'm going to go with, so what?
    Who cares if Samsung uses its own update facility?
  • Are you kidding me? You must not have read the article. Samsung is forcefully disabling Windows Update, so no security updates, no fixes of any kind beyond the creepy drivers they provide. It's a massive security nightmare.
  • Well Samsung does apply its own security updates.
  • Would you mind explaining how Samsung is releasing system-wide security patches and enhancements? I'd be more than interested to know....
  • Why are you assuming they aren't simply sending Microsoft's security patches right through their own service? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So obviously Samsung is not applying it's own security updates but Microsoft's, correct?
  • How's that going to happen with Windows Updates disabled? Even using an internal WSUS/SCCM server to manage updates you still need Windows Updates enabled.
  • I did read the article, said updates would be installed via Samsung's own utility, hence why no need for windows update. If it bothers people enough they'll remove the Samsung updater and reinstall windows update, for everyone else, well, they don't care.
  • Samsung is out of its damn mind.
  • Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha
  • Bloatware is still bloatware even if it is made by Samsung. And nobody in their mind wants bloatware.
  • Samsung windows software is really bad. There is a wifi utility on my GFs samsung laptop that must be used to manage wifi, bcause if it's disabled, wifi is not working. So this is not new for Samsung.
  • I find it funny that there are people in the world that wish for a Samsung windows phone.
  • Everyone wants more OEM's to build Windows Phones, yet when they do, everyone here talks shit about them and say they'll buy Lumia only. 
  • Because as much as I'm a Nokia (or now Microsoft Mobile) guy, I know that other OEM's are vital to the success of Windows Phone, as there are plenty people that will buy the other OEM phones.
  • Except that they aren't buying them. People always say we need other oems for the success of windows phone and yet nobody is really buying these phones which....means they are not vital at all.
  • Because only Lumia are worth buying
  • But in windows phone you can delete what ever bloated app you want ;) in your face Samsung
  • Lumia 920 was the best overall phone.
  • *is*
  • If Microsoft allows Samsung or the OEMs more control of the WP OS (add bloatwares/spywares/their own features). They would make a lot more WP.
  • Come on microsoft now force them to pay patents.
  • Are people at all surprised they stopped making laptops. Idiotic.
  • Does anyone even buy Samsung laptops? Not seen even one in my circle. (its a pretty big circle)
  • Just reinstall with a clean system and never ever install malware that comes from manufacturer whether it's Samsung or Lenovo or Dell or anything else. Alienware sets the pace in here - no bloatware just pure drivers + one tiny app for powermanagement.
  • That's right. Alienware listen to their customers. No bloatware = happy people!
  • but wait. Is Alienware a product by Dell too, right?
  • Yes.
  • Samsung are run by "I have a great idea that will make me look good in my next work appraisal" people.
    Staff are push for new ideas, those who provide the ideas are rewarded and those without are quietly shunned.
    The problem is, lots of the ideas, should remain as ideas, but instead are pushed through to gain those "rewards". Their usually just praise and personal prestige amongst colleagues, but still a reward.
    source. Ex Samsung employee who witnessed stupid ideas implemented because of this system.
  • That's ridiculous! It's bad enough Samsung has all that bloatware on its Android devices. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, that is one of the reasons why my Samsung Galaxy S2 is broken! Bloatware!
  • Got a Samsung All-in-one desktop.. Might have to check this out, don't want them fiddling with how my PC works without actually letting me know. EDIT: Don't appear to have this under the program files, so maybe it's just laptops?
  • I haven't heard of anyone else reporting it either
    Anyway I'm getting tired of this websites journalism to be honest
  • Never buying a Samsung then.
  • Simple. Don't buy Samsung.
  • Damn right! I don't want bloatware or Windows Update disabled! Never! Samsung is continuing its hate quest on Microsoft!
  • Time to buy a Gateway 2000
  • Have never seriously considered any Samsung device. Better not be a trend.
  • Well done Samsung, you are now on my blacklist of idiot OEM's that provide shit support, no driver support, or simply employ dirty tactics such as this, intefering with the normal running of Windows. You are in good company with Sony [which has shit customer support], HP [which refuses to provide up to date drivers, e.g. for Intel/AMD HD 6770M gpu combos], and Lenovo [installing spyware on laptops]. Wonder which asshole OEM will be next.      
  • The problem with the driver explanation is, that WU checks for 3rd-party WHQL drivers, too. NVIDIA being the best example. I guess they either want to circumvent forced updates on the Home edition of W10. Or they want to protect their own spies.
  • This Samsung update tool is awful. It almost never successfully installs anything. If it worked properly it's got the potential to be pretty good though
  • Screw you Samsung for MAKING Windows look like shit. Only people that hate windows are the ones with bad OEMs. You're one of them!
  • Quick, hackers exploit this so you can change Samsung's mind on doing this
  • happy it's not as bad as what they do with TouchWiz on Android and you at least can solve it more easily. That said...serves "you" right for buying Samsung products...:P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hate TouchWiz, the only Android skin I like is Sony.
  • Samsuckers.
  • Oh, dear. Well looks like I'll cross out Lenovo and Samsung off my list for now. But then again not all windows updates are good either in my experience.
  • Sound the alarm, all abandon ship!
  • I have been using Samsung laptop for about 1.5 years now, and i have been constantly notified about windows update unless, ofcourse, i manually turned them off. Maybe its true in some/many cases but not for me.
  • Fck off Samsung. I dunno who can volutarily buy st. from Samsung. Samsung wants you to use his own utility for oné reason- they want to controll which HW will get the latest update and which will not get it - similarly like Apple- some iPads will get new iOS some not. Samsung tryong tobdo the same with Windows devices. And you will be forced to Buy New. Samshit every 2-3years.
  • Samsung actually says it installs non-working drivers?...
  • Doesn't sound like the best idea from Samsung if true.
  • Samsung software is shit. I had it, installed 3 different Bluetooth and touch pad drivers and they still don't work properly. It even doesn't check for updates, only shows all crap u can download for your pc. 3 gigs of useless software, often outdated. And u cannot uninstall it, its not it programs, no uninstall button, only solution is manual removal of files.
  • Hahahhaah
  • Wouldnt touch the cheap Korean tat with a bargepole
  • Your class shines through this comment.
  • I have a Samsung laptop that's still stuck on Windows 8 (not even 8.1) because if I enable Windows Update and get newer versions the computer slows down. Its a really high end gaming computer, and any updates beyond the ones from SW update slows it down. :(
  • Not that I ever purchased Samsung hardware, besides a monitor or two, but now they are absolutely off the consideration list. And I buy 30 or so notebooks a year at work....
  • Well the rep has a point here, sometimes the generic drivers do cause havoc. Plus it makes it easier for the average Joe to download drivers. Some panic when they stumble into device manager and see a bunch of unknown devices, responses range from "oh, crap I have a tonne of viruses" or "no wonder my laptop has been running alot weird lately, must need a re-install / replacement" (then proceed to throw away a perfectly good working laptop). Thankfully, charities which aim to get more of the elderly and those who just don't get tech have been able to educate some of these. However that also bring with it a whole array of challenges and issues. On the flipside, it is sneaky of Samsung to do this without any indication it is doing so (no opt out) unless there is and it's been missed in the article? (haven't read the source yet).
  • Why didn't Samsung send their drivers to Microsoft so that the correct drivers are installed during Windows Update? I think that explanation is a red herring.
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • I have a Samsung laptop, although I do a clean install with my Windows Pro version, their bloatware is a lot...
    The only thing that I keep is the settings manager in order to configure the audio. But SW Update sucks since almost 3 years ago that I bought my machine
  • Well there goes any hope of me buying a Samsung SSD. Shame too as I had my eye on their 1TB 850 EVO.
  • What does one have to do with the other?
  • Samsung is very bad :S
  • Samsung as always mediocre things.
  • I got a Samsung laptop issued to me by my company. It was terrible hardware design and the apps felt like malware with all the popups. I had similar problems with my previous HP laptop. I got frustrated, reformatted it and gave it to the kids and bought a SP3 on my own. The only brand besides MS that I've heard good things about from colleagues is Lenovo.
  • Jesus Christ Windows Central is pathetic. It's full of cry babies who make a big deal and argue about something so small and stupid. When I thought the world couldn't get any worse. You bunch of idiots.
  • Yeah, it's got so low that cry babies are crying about cry babies lol
  • No this is a legitimate concern. Microsoft provides a way for OEMs to distribute up to date drivers for specific hardware that take precedence over generic Windows drivers. Those OEMs have to put a little effort into it managing device IDs and certifying the driver with Microsoft, but lots of them do. Circumventing, and actively disabling Windows Update without consent of the user is just not acceptable in this day and age. I'm not sure how this works on domain joined notebooks that have Update settings managed b Group Policy, but there are compliance requirements in certain business segments for having specific update policies and being able to audit compliance to those policies.
  • Just some of them. Most of them are ok.
  • The whole reason Windows apps are created is to show manufacturers how to get rid of bloatware.'ve done it again.
  • thats why i prefer to build my own. Only I should decide what I do with my computer
  • Customers do not want bloatware. And a majority of the time this is why consumers who dont know what they are doing start hating windows, the bloatware slow down the machine especially over time. Then on top that I've seen bloatware make it easier for viruses to present themselves. Microsoft needs to get on top of this and just set strict standards and say the OS must remain pure when sold on any device. That would save millions of people from unnecessary trouble. On top that we need a standard installations process for any app like apple has instead of being able to add extra stuff like aol toolbars that no one wants to installation apps.
  • If they fixed these simple things they would stop so many unnecessary problems with consumers computers, it seems downright silly to me that it hasn't been done try.
  • "On top that we need a standard installations process for any app like apple has instead of being able to add extra stuff like aol toolbars that no one wants to installation apps." That's what universal apps do.
  • I agree that customers don't want bloatware. But many (if not most) customers do not want to pay more than they have to on a computer. Many years ago companies determined they can offset the price of computers by including pre-installed applications on their computers. With the masses mire concerned by the number on the pricetag than the contents of the hard drive, companies like Samsung will continue to pull stunts like these. So we're facing one of two scenarios: Prices go up as bloatware goes down, or things staying the same.
  • This is disgusting
  • In principle it's great, since many Windows updates can stop certain things working like the ethernet adapter, Wi-Fi, also can sometimes conflict with certain softwares. So Samsung can verify everything's going to work before forwarding the update. In practise though they are so slow with it.
  • Singing Sam needs to stick to Android since they hating so hard.
  • Good to know... Stay away from Samsung or make sure to wipe all their tools.
  • Samsung is one of the worst companies i've seen when it comes to keep things under their own control. Mobile phones/tablets full off stuff you can't get rid off, and most of it is allready preinstalled by the operating system. So you have half the storage space wasted to their crap. They lied about system specs (tv's) and drop support for 2 year old tablets.
  • That's why I will never buy from a third party manufacturer when it comes to software support for Windows.
  • If you puchased your laptop with your hard earned money, then Samsung should not be be making your choices.. Rest and install a fresh copy of Windows. Problem solved.. Get rid of the bloatware.  
  • Why would you buy a shitsung anyways all they are good for are screens and even that tech is stolen from japs.
  • "...Samsung is pushing customers to use its own utility in favor of Windows Update to keep their laptops updated." How exactly do you push someone away from Windows Update in favour of Windows Update?
  • Whelp, no Samsung laptops for me then.
  • All the more reason to exclusively buy new PCs from the Microsoft Store with Windows Signature.
  • I have an Ativ Book and I have not had any problems with Windows Update or SW Updater so far. All my Windows 8.1 machines (tablet included) get frequent updates from Microsoft. I guest I'll have to check some more to see if this is true. But it seems like a strange allegation to me.
  • Protect the ​bloatware at all costs!
  • a New hdd or ssd preinstall Windows and change the hdd or ssd on laptop and whoila no more Samsung update shit problem
  • very good reason to NOT buy one... 
  • The first thing one does when buying a new laptop is formatting the hdd/ssd and installs a clean fresh Windows, those hateful bloatware-filled abominations will never ever start on any of my computers.
  • My GF has the Ativ Book 9 Plus from Microsoft Store (IMO the best 13" laptop of 2014), has SW Updater installed, and it works very nicely to keep all drivers up to date. Windows update works as it should, and even the Win 10 update icon is present. So yeah..
  • OEM's should be restricted to how much their software can manipulate the operating system. Windows works fine all on its own. Can anyone attest to using a full-out OEM setup that functions well with all utilities used? Any laptop I've ever gotten gets all bloatware removed. On certain models I will even blow away the OS and reinstall manually, only installing device drivers that I manually download from the OEM website.
  • ..I have a Samsung Series 535 laptop and here's my experiences... SW Updater drags my laptop's performance down. I tried to uninstalled it and the performance improved. One problem is - the FN keys are not working anymore after removing the said app although I leave Settings app installed.
  • I never install driver updates from Windows update unless the vendor driver has issues. If I wasn't getting patched from some zero-day vulnerability because of this I would be very concerned. Drivers do not install from Windows Update automatically though by default, you have to select them.