Sandisk's 128 GB microSDXC card reportedly works with the Lumia 1520

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SanDisk announced their largest-capacity MicroSD card ever with 128 GB of space. Thanks to WPCentral forum member, NoRomBasic, we can see that the SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC card works with the Nokia Lumia 1520. Initial tests suggest that the card has no performance issues to worry about.

The card is supposed to retail for $200, but Amazon currently has it listed for $119.99 (opens in new tab). The bad news is that it's currently backordered by a few weeks. This is great news for people with expandable storage capabilities on their phones and tablets.

NoRomBasic has included these reports on the forums so far:

  • It benches about 20% faster than the SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 64GB.
  • I did record about 5 minutes of video last night and had no stuttering issues, as well as played back an episode of Firefly formatted in 720p low-compression WMV format. Card seems to work just fine.

Head over to the forums to follow up on these cards. Are you planning to get one? 

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

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    Seriously, the Lumia, and Icon, are modern high end devices way until the end of 2014... They won't be outdated anytime soon..
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  • Rodneyej You are so right, the future is bright for WP and proud its my choice
  • There is no reason why it should not work. If your phone works with 64gb SDXC cards it will work with 128gb SDXC cards because its the same technology i.e. SDXC. I don't know why so many people are surprised by this, this should be common sense and not really news worthy.  
  • Because all Micro-SD capable phone are approved for only 64gb. So them capable of 'seeing' 128gb is great.
  • The problem that many have faced over the years is that devices can have a limit to the amount of storage that can be used. This can either be a hardware, firmware, or software. I can remember owning several devices with expandable storage that were limited to certain capacities. So I couldn't use 8gb cards because 4gb was max for example
  • There is an unofficial support list gathered by users and sandisk's compatibility tool that mentions that the below phones should work with the sandisk 128gb micro sd. there may be more but they are adding as people mention that it seems fine also there was a confirmation email that said: Thanks for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product. Please allow us to inform you that 128GB microSD cards are built to conform to the microSDXC standard and since your phone is currently working with a 64GB microSDXC card we see no reason why the 128GB microSDXC will not work; however we have not tested it so can't guarantee one way or the other. We remain at your service for any additional information or assistance. Best regards, Antonia C.
    SanDisk Technical Support HTC 8XT Nokia Lumia 1520 Nokia Lumia 520/521 Nokia Lumia 525 Nokia Lumia 620 Nokia Lumia 625 Nokia Lumia 720 Nokia Lumia 810 Nokia Lumia 820 Nokia Lumia 822 Nokia Lumia 1320 Samsung ATIV Odyssey Samsung ATIV S Neo
  • lol at first I was looking for my 920 and then like ... wth am I doing :D
  • Lol....I looked for the 1020 too and then said...wait. 
  • I actually looked to see some unannounced phones. Maybe, just maybe :)
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  • That's a LOT of space. That's as much as my desktop and my laptop
  • This is awesome for all Lumia 1520 users especially with micro SD card support in wp8.1
  • I know I'm saving now to buy one for the 8.1 update. Now my one issue for the 1520 is solved, what a day!!!!!!!
  • Waht about 2520?
  • Does it have sdxc support? Look at the specs. If not, then no.
  • Someone buy and try!
  • You don't have to buy and try; if it works with 64gb SDXC it will work with any capacity SDXC.  
  • Or the Surface 2!;
  • It works with the surface RT 1gen, it gotta go fine on 2.
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  • I am getting this 128 GB card for my Lumia 1520, but I will test it on my Nokia 2520 tablet, and let everyone know if it works.    
  • Fucking amazing... I will wait until I can order one for my 1520.
  • It says available now and I just received email that its been shipped. Almost bought 64 yesterday, so glad I didn't
  • I can't wait to order my 1520!!
  • Nokia/Windows Phone is simply awesome (formatted in exFAT, right?)
  • Out of the box yes
  • Man I remember 20 years ago when a 30gb hard drive was huge! And outrageously expensive. Now 128gb can fit on something as big as your pinky nail.
  • +920 :p i remember when i was a kid i got the PSP with 1GB of storage, it costed €100 for just 1GB ..
  • I know, and now its €2.50 per GB on a PS Vita card; which is still too exepensive, compared to €1.40 per GB for MicroSD.  [Math may be a little off ;) ]
  • When I was a kid the game console was an Atari 2600 and massive storage was measured in kilobytes.
  • The Atari 800 here and yes, memory was an arm and a leg per kilobyte.
  • There was a time that I wanted an Atari 800, because no way was Dad going to spend the money for an Apple ][+, which was what I'd been using at school.  But then the Commodore 64 came out, and wow - there was 64 KB of RAM in that thing!  WOOHOO!  Down the road, I even got the 1541 floppy drive to go with it.  YAY! It was another year before I got a small color TV to use with it as a monitor.  It was an amber screen until then.
  • +925 Atari 2600 Combat. Jam that tank into the corner, until it pops out in the other side, and go for the kill!
  • @Credo93 I remember when I was a kid and the first dot matrix Gameboy did't even exit yet! Colecovision and Aquarious(like an Intellivision) were in our home.:-) Anyway!!! 128 GB Sweet. That will nicely resolve the storage issues I'm having on my 16GB 1520. Windows Phone does not play nice with storage- 2GB for the System and 6GB+ for Other Storage. That's what I'm working with. That leaves me a paltry 8 GB. Apps are using the majority of the space, Media is on an 8GB card. Can't wait for the 8.1 update. A nice big memory card and the ability to load apps to the card. That and Cortana are at the top of my favorite features right now!
  • You probably meant 30 MB  rather than 30 GB from 2 decades ago.
  • +1
  • LOL.. You're thinking 3 decades ago.... My 1998 HP desktop had 40gb of storage, and it was a simple mid/low home computer.. 128gb hard drives were state of the art at the time.. Huge!!!
    .................. It had a 300 MHz processor, the same as my first smartphone the Samsung BlackJack... Lol!!
  • No.. My computer had 40gb of storage❕❕❕❕.. In 1998❕
  • Color me doubtful.  You'd have had to pay LOTS just for the drive back then.  Consumer PCs had just hit the 1 GB mark the year before.  I had a friend who bought a PC in 98 and it had something like a 5 GB drive.
  • I first pc was a win 95 and had 1 GB with 8 mb memory. We had to move but I kept it and you know it would have start up and run right now. Though I would not have tried going on the internet where the graphics probably would have crash/freezed it.  Next was an AMD processor when they reached the 2 giga hertz processor which fried the motherboard. Then a Dell and I had that baby loaded and just on the second day when I press the start button it began to boot, NASA would have been impress of how much smoke it exhausted, all I had to do was wait to get to the desktop and click the Explorer browser and off went the house into orbit. First house to reach orbit. They replaced it with an XPS 600 which I am using right now with Windows 7 and had to replace the hard drive.
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  • That site says in early 90s 40mb HDs were common. Which was true depending where you lived and how much money you had. By the late 90s, I'd say a lot of us were in the 10s of gbs. It progressed pretty fast. I still remember my first 40mb mfm HD. What a piece of junk. But it was a HD nonetheless! Lol
  • Ah, MFM--those big, heavy things (by today's standard). If I remember correctly, to install those we had to do math to set a multitude of jumpers on the separate controller card. Fun days! Those megabytes stored a lot of stuff...
  • You are misremembering.
  • I had a 386 in which I had to load DoubleSpace just to install Windows 3.1
  • Commodore 64 baby!
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  • DoubleSpace, now that brings back memories...
  • My Gateway PC in 1999 only had 20GB :(
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  • I wanted one of these so bad I could taste it.  As a 14 year old, though, I didn't have the money for it.
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  • My first PC was a 486DXII 66mhz, with 4mb ram and 512mb HD... No internet. Haha!
  • Ditto. And throw in a 15 inch monitor, and that was a $2200 system.
  • Haha same, Packard Bell. 2x cd rom drive. Took forever to load a 5MB bmp off a cd
  • My first was a slapped together PC using leftover parts from the school computer lab, it ran Windows for Workgroups and I remember surfing the web on 14400 and checking out BB's
  • U have a samsung yuck.....,,
  • You were a baby in 1998
  • Apple II ... rockin' cassette tape storage!
  • Dude, in 93 I had a $3300 gateway PC, top of the line and it had a 600Mb Hard drive. Back that was over kill lol. Then in 98 I had a hard drive go out of my HP PC, and was charged $350 for a 6.4Gb hard drive. That's when I decided to build my own PC's moving forward. How times have changed.
  • In 20 years, we'll be laughing at this 128 GB card.  They'll probably have 999 Terabytes at that time.
  • It's just a pity all Windows Phones can't take advantage of this.
  • All Lumias support up to 64gb like 1520, I'd wager they can handle it
  • I'm sure he was referring to the fact that microsd slots are rare in WP
  • And you would lose cause not all lumias suport sd card.
  • How do I put it to my 920? Tell me more about all Lumias.
  • Only the Lumia 520, 525, 620, 625, 720, 820, 1320 and 1520 have MicroSD card slots, so in other words... you can't!
  • 822.
  • Lumia 810, 521
  • I remember having to take apart the Touch Pro 2 and replacing the 8gb card it was using for memory with a 32gb card
  • You could do this with the HTC Trophy too, the Verizon version came with 16gb that could be replaced with a 32gb one...
  • I beilve you have to rub the SD card against the back of the phone until it is absorbed. Works especially well if you have a matte version ;P
  • +1020 This comment made my airline travelling more enjoyable today. Thank you.
  • Cortana: "SD card successfully assimilated. What would you like to do next?"   -Text Bill Gates: Why is my calendar populated with Lorem Ipsum text?   -Make a payment on my End-Of-Life phone.   -Post, "When will 8.1 be available for download?" to all forums, all threads.
  • Would have loved it on my 925.
  • The ativ s has sdxc support, it works with my 64gb sdxc micro SD.. The only phone that cant use it are the ones that dont have a slot...
  • Indeed it is, that is Nokia's biggests failure; not making microSD support as standard, especially in high end devices like the 1020.  
  • There is an unofficial support list gathered by users and sandisk's compatibility tool that mentions that the below phones should work with the sandisk 128gb micro sd. there may be more but they are adding as people mention that it seems fine also there was a confirmation email that said: Thanks for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product. Please allow us to inform you that 128GB microSD cards are built to conform to the microSDXC standard and since your phone is currently working with a 64GB microSDXC card we see no reason why the 128GB microSDXC will not work; however we have not tested it so can't guarantee one way or the other. We remain at your service for any additional information or assistance. Best regards, Antonia C.
    SanDisk Technical Support HTC 8XT Nokia Lumia 1520 Nokia Lumia 520/521 Nokia Lumia 525 Nokia Lumia 620 Nokia Lumia 625 Nokia Lumia 720 Nokia Lumia 810 Nokia Lumia 820 Nokia Lumia 822 Nokia Lumia 1320 Samsung ATIV Odyssey Samsung ATIV S Neo its seems that the above should work, wish i had the spare cash to test my lumia 820
  • Is this compatible with the surface 2?
  • The Surface 2 has sdxc, so yes.
  • This is awesome/amazing news !!! Now hurry op Nokia, make the successor of the 1020 and make sure it'll support this tiny, yet bigggg storage card :)
  • Nokia will not produce a successor to the 1020. IF that phone happens, it will have to be Microsoft produced already and, therefore, it won't be a successor to anything (unless a miracle puts an end to the Nokia/MS deal). The 1020 is a niche device and the current 1020 isn't even 1 year old. Niche devices don't get replaced that quickly. I know it sucks, I would also like a microSD card on the 1020 but alas, it will never happen. Not from Nokia. At least, until 2016 (hope springs eternal).
  • Maybe "they" can still produce a 1020 successor. Naturally the companies new name, owner will be Mictosoft, however, the same Nokia employees, designers, researchers and the like will still be working out of the same plants/ facilities in which they designed and produced the 1020. So maybe, no the entity that is now Nokia wont be releasing a successor to the 1020, but the people and the factories that produced them concecievably, under the new Microsofts name and leadership may release one.
  • Since Nokia is NOT disappearing nor being swallowed by Microsoft, it will be up to Microsoft to decide if they want or not to produce a phone with a 41mp sensor. Which is why I wrote that "IF that phone happens, it will have to be Microsoft produced".
    Iit It will be produced by some of Nokia's ex-employees, sure, but they should then be seen as Microsoft employees and will work the Microsoft-way as well as follow Microsoft's orders. There are people working for Apple, Samsung etc that are also ex-Nokia employees. It doesn't make Apple "Nokia". Just like it won't make Microsoft phones "Nokia". People are irrelevant. It's the brands corporate spirit that makes phones different because different phylosophies make people produce different results.
    Therefore, it's not a successor of the 1020. It's just a 41mp phone that happens to be made by some people who made the 1020. It makes it as much of a successor as a Motorola or iPhone with 41mp since both Motorola and iPhones are produced by Foxconn. ;)
  • It would make more sense for Microsoft to get the procured Nokia team to work on slimming down their module so it could be utilised in all high end Windows Phones though. Makes smarter business sense to utilise something no one else has.
  • Not from Nokia co., but from former Nokia, at that point already Microsoft, talented and innovative engineers.
    The same lads and lassies as before. / Just give people some comfort...
    I can assure you that we Finns don\t change that easily. We don\t suddenly become all Americans!
  • Does the 128gb care work for any android phones? Theoretically it should, right? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I've read it worked with galaxy that can handle SDXC My understanding was anything that was SDXC should be able to be handled.
  • Yes! This is not unexpected by any means. Sdxc supports up to 2 TB, it will only take time to get there on these micro cards.
  • Isn't it a wonder that something that literally is smaller than a fingernail now retains so much digital storage space? Think about that! 128gb in something that small. I'm getting too old for technology, and I'm only 23.
  • The maximum capacity of SDXC cards are 2TB's !! Thats even more insane.
  • That's the max capacity for the spec. We're nowhere near 2TB microSDXC cards yet.
  • Maybe it is possible but not available publically yet. Holding back and drama; this is how the industry work. Everything sells..
  • we had one bit electronic tubes in the good old days...maybe hundred times in volume or more...
  • This need to be tested more and 100% prove so I can get one before wp8.1!!
  • Does it work with the Surface Pro?
  • I'd love to have that in my 1520, I fortunately don't need that much storage. I think a 32gb card is enough for me.
  • I use solely 32 GB micro SD cards everywhere for maximum *or optimum( compatibility.
    So far so good...
  • Now can we use it...that's the question
  • Will it blend?
  • I'll wait for the extreme version.
  • Off topic...anyone know if it works with the Surface 2?
  • Bring on the mystical blue^_^
  • This is great news I'm due for so I may go ahead and jump in. I was thinking hard about ordering the 32 GB at 199.99. Adding a 128 GB for 119.99 may be better to go with the 16gb version. Hmmm decisions
  • Id go with the 16. Is 12GB worth $80 to you?
  • OKAY... So GIVE ME A 5" DEVICE WITH AMOLED AND SD CARD SUPPORT and ill buy this! Woo! I will be so happy. TMO US
  • Yep, this with 20MP camera and xenon flash would be awesome. The Icon is nearly there, minus the SD card slot and the flash. My 925 will hold me over for now, but eventually a device like this would be ideal.
  • My 925 is great too :) but definitely ready as soon as this upgrade is available!
  • If you can live with a 4.3inch amoled screen, you could pick up a Lumia 820 cheap. Has SD card support.
  • Will it work with surface 2?
  • Glad it's compatible with WP8!
  • Wow this is great! I don't have a 1520, but nice to know that they can support a 128gb card! NoRomBasic gets double points for testing playback with an episode of Firefly! :D
  • True, high five for firefly!
  • It was a choice between Firefly or the IT Crowd, and my Firefly collection is all high-def.... ;)  
  • This should work on ANY device that has microsd card slot. You'll just have to format it to Fat32 for those old devices.
  • Oh how I would want this in my 1020.
  • Tested and working on my Cowon J3 from 2010!!! Just had to format it to Fat32
  • Any idea about the Surface 2?
  • It might "work", but there may be issues.  I had a Lumia 822 that "worked" with a 64GB microSD card.  However, I had issues when trying to record video directly to the card.  The video would be jumpy.  I found out recently that the 822 was only really designed to take a 32GB card.  I never had any problem viewing movies and listening to music stored on the card, just recording video.  Hopefully that is not an issue with the 1520 using a 128GB card, but something to keep in mind.
  • are you sure the Lumia 822 was designed for 32GB cards ? Which brand was that SD card ?
  • Sandisk Ultra. Another WPC member posted it. It could have been just a theory, but he stated that he had the same issue with a 64GB card. I think he was in contact with Nokia. Anyway, he said that he didn't have the issue with a 32GB. I never had a chance to test the theory, as my 822 died on me. I am "stuck" with a 928 now, sans a microSD slot.
  • I got the 822 with a 64 GB card and I've had the same problems with an 8 GB card.
  • Here is the card that I have... It could have been the card, but BING Lumia 822 microSD card issue and you will see that I was not the only one with the issue.
  • I have a Lumia 822 with 64GB Sandisk Ultra card and no problems.
  • I would if they made the Lumia with an external storage slot
  • This would make me get a 1520 if the low light pictures and video resolution weren't bad.
  • Obligatory 520 inquiry.
  • works up to 2 TB
  • I bought a SanDisk 128gb micro SD card for Amazon UK about 2 months ago for about £44 Doesn't work Drag about 64gig of photos in various folders into the card and it shows about 20gig of photos The rest of the folders are empty Same with music So either I bought a faulty card or laptops/phones/tablets can't use the full 128gb until a firmware update Any ideas?
  • There are fakes on the market that show they have a high capacity, but in reality, they're cheaper, smaller capacity cards. Get a refund asap...
  • The model number of that card, please?
  • So that all my Xbox music pass downloads get doubled and unusable? Pass, thanks. I love SD cards but windows phone handles them so weird I'll just wait till 8.1 when Xbox music isn't a mess.
  • I wouldn't be surprised that the "microSD up to 64GB storage" descriptions were just written that way because there were no microSD cards over 64GB. I don't think, technically, there's anything that needs to be changed to make a phone that supports a 64GB card support a 128GB one. And by phone I could also say tablet.
  • That's what I was thinking
  • That's alot of storage.
  • I hope to get the money someday to buy this thing and a Lumia 1520 and then...then I can get rid of my Zune 80 with his puny battery life... muahahahahahahahah!
  • Ditto... Itching for the day I can finally stop using my Zune 80. Its getting close to max capacity and have a 920... So SD support is going to be a huge factor for the day I upgrade smartphones. Kind of sad though because otherwise, I think the 920 easily can go another year or 2 before becoming totally outdated, especially with WP8.1 around the corner.
  • SDXC spec theoretically supports up to 2 TB cards.
  • Now if only we could move apps to the storage card then we'd be golden..
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8.1 comes to every WP 8 device (operator pending)
    and it supports SD apps if your app supports it, too.
  • I need one of these cards for my Dell V8P
  • 128GB? Wow, that is crazy! I wonder if all the Lumias with microSD slots can actually use these cards?
  • yes
  • That includes a 520?
  • If it's a 128GB SD card, why does the Free and Used space only add up to 119.08GB?  What happened to the other 8.92GB?
  • That's with all memory, you never get the full amount.
  • PC's read 1gb=1024mb, 1mb=1024kb, 1kb=1024bytes
    Manufacturers calculate 1gb=1000mb, 1mb=1000kb, 1kb=1000bytes Now, you do the math and you'll get 128.xxxxgb
  • is getting cheaper by day. Can't believe Apple still charging $100 for every 16gb...that is insane.
  • If the Icon had a micro SD slot I'd buy it without a question...what a shame.
  • Same here, I would have bought it on day 1. The 928 too, as it is I'm still on the 822.
  • The Lumia 1040 better allow expandable memory!!!