SanDisk Extreme 510 is a portable SSD that's essential for creators

Sandisk SSD
Sandisk SSD

When shooting and editing videos on the go, a portable storage solution is important to get the job done. Since my camera equipment adds weight and bulk to my bag, I need the storage solution to be small, rugged, and fast. SanDisk released their Extreme 510 Portable SSD with 480GB capacity this year, and it looks like it'll be an essential item in my backpack.

With an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance, the SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD is protected against rain, spills and rough, dusty trails. I'm not planning to take it out on a nature hike anytime soon, but the added protection is comforting. The Extreme 510 is also surrounded with a rubber bumper to cushion it from accidental falls up to 5.9 feet (1.8 meters).

Available in 480GB capacity, this all-terrain drive offers high-speed storage. It supports up to 430MB/s read speeds and up to 400MB/s write speeds. For reference, it took about 100 seconds to copy a folder with 27GB of video clips from my PC to the disk.

You only need to connect the SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD with the included USB 3.0 cable. It doesn't need an additional cable for power. There's a rubber cover to protect the port when not in use.

SanDisk also includes SecureAccess software, which uses 128-bit AES encryption to keep your private files private. Your private vault is protected by a personal password, and your files are automatically encrypted. The installation files you need to set up SecureAccess can be found inside the SSD.

I'll be using the SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD to store my videos and photos during press events. When I get home, I transfer those files to my bigger main drive. The Extreme 510 Portable SSD is available worldwide for $249.99.

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