SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC is the world's largest microSD card

SanDisk Ultra 400GB
SanDisk Ultra 400GB (Image credit: SanDisk)

SanDisk has rolled out the world's largest capacity microSD card at IFA. The 400GB card (opens in new tab) can store 40 hours of Full HD video content, and transfers files at up to 100MB/s. SanDisk's parent company Western Digital was able to double the capacity of the 200GB card — which made its debut two years ago — by turning to a new production process.

SanDisk's card also meets the SD Association's Application Performance Class 1 (A1) spec, hitting a minimum random read/write speed of 1500 and 500 IOPS respectively. What that essentially means is that you'll be able to use SanDisk's 400GB card to run apps.

The card is also waterproof, shockproof, X-ray proof, and resistant to temperature changes. SanDisk is also rolling out a ten-year limited warranty.

And now for the price — the SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-1 card (opens in new tab) will retail for $249.99.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • I wonder if my Nintendo switch will recognize it?
  • Switch is based on FreeBSD.  Checking some of the FreeBSD forums, they say that the functions are provided by the card reader, or the OS, but not both.  So, we'll have to wait and see someone try to use it to figure out which route Nintendo took.
  • Awesome. Out of curiosity, when W10M phones are "expandable up to 200gb" was that limitation due to the capacity of the cards at the time or a limit within the OS?
  • Yes, it was due to existing media at the time.
  • I believe the 950 had a 2tb limitation which is a class a limitation
  • I thought the limitation was due to the filesystem.  I believe Win10Mo uses FAT32 for its SD cards, which would put the limit at 8TB.
  • exFat for over 32G. Guess if we ever get 2-10TB micro SDs and there are any current Win10M phones still around, we'll find out.  I've hooked a 2TB external drive to my 950/950XL and the file system has no problems with that.
  • This is great! Hopefully the 200 and 256 GB card will drop in price. Memory has been very expensive this year.
  • I wouldn't use this card for sensitive data...the possibly of data corruption and bricking the card is high...oh, and the 10-year warranty replaces the card, not your unrecoverable lost data!
  • Same thing I thought of. I've found these cards far too unreliable, to trust with important data. Or to spend $250 on one, for that matter.
  • What about Love? What about backups?
  •   Is time for phone to incorporate dual card slot!
  • I like your idea.. :-)
  • And dual battery
  • Love?
  • I disagree. My 64GB SanDisk micro sdxc card has been reliable since I got it and put it in my Surface RT. Fast forward till today, it's still going strong in my SP3. I was so satisfied that I bought another 64GB card shortly after the first, and it's chugging along nicely in my GS8.
  • The card interface with OS on mobile is different than PC or tablets.....not to mention that mobile also let you install apps on it... Yes, my 64GB SanDisk card in my Surface Pro is also doing well since 2013 without any errors, however I do not save any important data on it.
  • Pretty good price out of the gate. Considering 256GB hover around $200, the extra expenditure for 1.5x capacity will be worth it if it it turns out to be a good performer.
  • This SD Card is more expensive than my phone.
  • 400gb? 512 gb microsd class 10 cards are available in chinese sites for nearly an year at about $6plus shipping. They are already exfat formatted. But Does Not work fine with all win 10 devices though. My notionink tab often ends with file corruption but allows recovery also. That's because the device is built to handle max 128gb. 512gb needs different power. Overall, the 512gb microsd card class 10 from China works (6$) but unfortunately existing memory card readers don't support the tech yet.
  • A lot of those cheap Chinese drives spoof the storage amounts actually on the storage medium. Those corruption issues you speak of are a common symptom of the method used to spoof the detection. Things try to write to non-existent memory addresses and fail.
  • 512GB micro SD from China? I guess there's a reason these kinds of hoaxes exist... Also, capacity has nothing to do with power. Any device supporting the SDXC standard (which includes most modern devices) will handle any capacity up to 2000GB, which is the capacity limit for SDXC. The fake micro SD cards you speak of will definitely overwrite your old data since it likely is likely an 8GB card (which it usually is) with an incorrect or hacked firmware.
  • Does the Switch not support external hard drives?
  • From SanDisk website it appears that this card is made only for Android devices...So good luck using it on Windows tablets and phones!
  • I'm sure that is an agreement with google