Microsoft CEO says Windows 10 is now active on 600 million devices

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper
Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

At Microsoft's annual shareholder meeting, CEO Satya Nadella has today announced that Windows 10 is now in use on over 600 million active devices around the globe, up from 500 million announced at its Build developer conference earlier this year.

When Windows 10 initially launched back in 2015, Microsoft was aiming to have one billion active devices in use within three years. It appears that goal was a little unrealistic, however, as Microsoft has since come forward and claimed that it will not reach that goal in time.

This is likely due to the millions of people who are still on Windows 7, many of which continue to refuse to update. Microsoft is committed to supporting Windows 7 for a few more years, so we likely won't see those users upgrade to Windows 10 for a while. Still, 600 million active Windows 10 devices is no small feat in just two years since it originally launched.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft surpassing 600 million active Windows 10 devices? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • 600 million? App developers either didn't get the memo or didn't care. It is all about mobile.
  • Satya doesn't believe in mobile unless it's on Apple or Android. He believes everyone only wavy to use office apps... All work, no play. Believe me, even managers play games and shop online on their computers everyday but don't want to carry around oversized iPad like devices. As you said, it's all about mobile, you know devices the size of phones 😉
  • All about mobile? What imaginary planet do u live on?
  • The same planet where the iPad pro's new ad where a kid says "what's a computer?" can actually be a real situation. This is an unfortunate truth in some households. These kids will be totally unprepared for today's workforce, but maybe by the time they enter it, MS would have given up on PC too.
  • Windows isn't for "apps". If I am using Windows, I am looking for proper desktop programs. I don't think I am alone in this.
  • Proper desktop programs? There is a reason development of legacy desktop programs has hit a standstill and the lions share is cloud and mobile. Apps have nearly reached parity in APIs where developers who still code for legacy call their programs "Apps" so people will actually take a look at them. Don't believe me. I've contacted developers saying they had an app and they push me to an outdated 10 year old program.
  • Yeah, Window already has the programs it needs. Most tasks are better left to simple devices and you only use a PC when you need some heavy lifting. The total lack of mobility and convenience in Windows gives no reason to create modern "apps".
  • Honestly, who cares What Satya has to say? He's smart at cloud only solution and can't comprehend that consumers and enterprise users are the same people or he simply doesn't care.
  • So much for the duo user, he could have efficiently targeted them with UWP and mobile. Oh... that's right, he axed the smartphone play ergo forgoing the transition phase for the next mobile device.
  • Satya Nadella is still living in the 1990s where it was all about Enterprise customers and people using Blackberry or Palm Pilot handhelds.
  • It is, and will continue to be 'mostly about enterprise customers,. Wnterprise customers are Microsoft;s main market and Android don't exist there. Apple try but not seriously any more.
  • Bring on that pocketable ARM device already 😆. Got money saved up for it lol.
  • We have had pocketable ARM devices for a decade now. Microsoft has failed to create a compelling ARM platform.
  • I must have been blind to not see 10 years of pocketable Windows 10 on Arm devices.
  • That's not what the original commenter said, he merely mentioned pocketable ARM devices, which have been available, nothing about Windows 10.
  • This blog is about windows 1o, so he was off topic and I suspect just a droidbot dropping in to annoy.
  • Was Windows Phone not a pocketable ARM device? Windows Mobile? Android? iOS? That isn't new at all.
  • Foldable cell phone are supposed to fill this gap, but Satya has burned all OEM"s will to make this pocketable ARM device with cellular capabilities and we all know how slow they are at bringing anything to market as so everyone else will release this 2 years or more before Microsoft does. Rember when is taughted them becoming more nimble and quick? That's what all of the restructuring was supposably about, but honestly, they seem even slower now than in the past. Satya also breaks promises: "If no OEM's are willing to make phones, we will"....Right, they never made any efforts to get developers onboard at all. Any effort he's claiming occurred in the early days of WP7 when Ballmer was in charge; Once he replaced Ballmer, he and Terry immmediately stated Window 10 would be there focus first and mobile would follow and it never did. The only thing that followed was neglect and lies....Joe went on sabatical with his children (which is a good thing for a parent), with his iphone, so that in itself told us all we needed to know, but like sheep, we were lead to the slaughter house willingly! Despite all of the mistreatement, I'm still wishing Microsoft the best. Many of you here won't like my comments, but it's the trust, so face it!
  • Since you killed Mobile I don't give a ****.
  • Ok maya,  bye now...don't let the door hit you!
  • We all wants mobile 😭
  • So it's up 100 mil in 6 months, so next year this time over 800 millions maybe. That goal wasn't that unrealistic then.
  • People saying "its all about mobile" obviously never heard of divisions. They made a great decision to focus on iOS and Android and less on win10 mobile and people should move on and accept that already. Anyways, 600 million is a great achievement, with or without windows mobile.
  • It's not about "moving on", it's about Microsoft staying relevant in the average customer's minds. This is something that is not trending up. The more they divide themselves, the less they will be. What average iOS user is going to use Microsoft services, when all their Apple devices talk to each other?
  • LOTS of IOS users are going to use MS services.   Considering MOST IOS users have windows computers.   It's not like EVERY person in the world that has an iphone has a macbook....Macbooks SUCK....However,  iphone does NOT.    I have an ipad and an iphone.  My computers are ALL WINDOWS.  besides one macbook that i ditched MacOS on because it was *****!  I am sure I am not alone.   Windows as a tablet based OS is NOT good,  however,  windows as a computer OS is THE BEST!
  • I disagree of "lots", but that is a relative term anyway. I know of at least two people at my job that are all macs. A few others that only use android phones and no computer solution I believe this will only continue as people realize their iPad can do almost everything they already do on the PC. I can't see people going out of their way to sign up for and use another service in addition to the one tied to the store they use. The average user isn't that tech savvy, they bearly even know how to edit their settings fully. I think you are right for right now, but after our transitional generation of tech users, will it be the same?
  • You are very short sighted then if you do not thing LOTS of people use MS services on IOS.   I know litereally hundreds of people who are on IOS and use PC....In business,  most everyone is in that situation...IOS mobile and PC for computer...your little 2 people gets trumped by literally thousands of users.   I guess you do not know that MS services are all available in the IOS app just download it like any other app.  log in,  and bam.....YOU are using MS services that you use on your pc.   Its not that hard to grasp...unless you are a supreme MS fanboy...then simple math is a very hard thing to grasp.  
  • Once again, I am talking about the average user ( this would be like the trumped two people you speak of). I'm talking about the people who don't even know how to set a default printer on their PC. You are talking about people who are obviously tied to PCs.
  • SO AM are talking about a very small minority...Again,  in your MS fanboy clouded world,  you think everyone is like yourself.  MUST USE ONLY Platoform X.  All others suck,  all other are evil...all others are useless.  HOWEVER,  in the real world away from the fanboy reality complex.   People use many different platforms together.   THIS WOULD BE THE AVERAGE USER.   You speak of the FANBOY user.   I use an iphone because MS bailed on mobile,  long ago.   I wanted a phone I could do many things on...MS never gave me that.  Therefore IOS was my choice.   For computers WINDOWS hands down.  and guess what...the vast majority of users are the same....they either have an ios or android phone.  NOT EVERYONE using windows computers had a windows mobile device...if they did,  they would not be killed off.  Just as not everyone who owns an iphone uses a macbook,  if they did,  macbook would be killing all other microsoft laptops in sales.   THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE TYPING BEFORE TYPING!
  • It would be good if Microsoft had an Android store. So if I buy an app in the Microsoft store I get it in Windows and Android. That was the good thing with Windows mobile. Not that there are many apps that you can get on windows and Android. Now I have to buy apps on 2 platforms if I want it on my surface and phone.
  • Most of us have moved on to different mobile phones, however we're looking at the bigger picture and mobile matters; not a few apps on competing platforms or a laucher! Mobile is spill over into daily lives including work; Samsung Dex running linux and ChromeOS acting like MS former Continuum feature; When this happens, W10 won't matter and mobile will over take the age old x86. I don't want to hear about W10 on ARM as Microsoft is simply too slow while every other tech company spits something new out every 6 months Microsoft has a two year minimum!
  • Mobile matters
  • Microsoft axed the best mobile device operating system out there. All of management needs to be fired because they are to stupid to realize that the same business user is a consumer also. Now they kill off the music and tell users to go to Spotify. I am not going to Spotify,. I can't purchase music from them. I will go ahead and get my music from iTunes. What a bunch of morrons at Microsoft.
  • Good for microsoft. That said, still on windows 7 with no plans on ever upgrading. Windows 10 is too unstable, and not compatible enough to run all the programs i use. later -1
  • Unstable? I'm encoding video files for several weeks at a time with out ever doing a restart with zero issues. This is with the constant switching of users and encoding jn the background. I think you are using the wrong programs or too many that are conflicting with each other if you find it unstable.
  • I'm on 8.1. haha favorite OS. until MS addresses the lack of placeholders in 10, I wont be upgrading either. I only use it for gaming anyway.
  • Are you talking about OneDrive placeholders?
  • Well, then It's about time now. Re-released in 1709
  • Placeholders are back since the last update. It's called files on demand.
  • braggin about something no other company in the industry cares about. or even consumers for that matter.
  • Google and Apple talks about active users every quarter
  • News outlets reported that 6.6 Billion Dollars in retail sales on Cyber Monday, 60% of that 6.6 billion was done from a mobile device - HELLO Microsoft...anyone HOME????
  • Also, think about how much of that was actually spend on mobile devices.
  • So many here think it is all about mobile. Maybe for them, but it is a big world out there and that world is mostly Windows. The software that big business needs, and specialist businesses need cannot run on phones or Android or Mac tablets. Thay shows no sidns of changing any time soon.
  • Agreed OldMan.  The fanboys here think the world ran on windows 10 mobile...where in reality it was really only 1 w10m device sold for every 10 million android/ios devices.   AND they also think that if someone uses an iphone...they are fully 100 percent APPLE for everything and cannot grasp the concept of people using PC and Iphones.   Oh...the other famous one is How people complain about something not coming to the US and it will fail...that's super funny right there...
  • At first I jumped in the conclusion that the difference will have been caused by all the expected mobile devices that did not solidified. But when looking at the graph on netmarketshare (sorry, could not place a link, it was designated as spam) we can see that Windows 10 currently makes up 29.3%, and W7 still makes up 46.6%. When 600 million equals to 29.3, Windows 7 still makes up 950 million of devices. In this light, even independent of the fate of Microsoft's mobile devices, the billion devices at the start was not a far off estimation, when we realize that the total market share for windows systems is about 90% of all OS'sess (including XP, W8, W8.1). Extrapolating the 600 Million we are talking about 1800 million Windows systems in total. The mobiles did not help at all, of course, but room enough to gain 1000 million devices from this lot i should think. We are only 2 years working with Windows 10. For enterprise installations this Windows version means a huge change. So the slowness it is getting implemented is explainable. Taking a period of 4 of even 5 years is more realisitic I expect. So the number W10 installations will keep on growing steadily, that is a save assumption.
  •   Exactly.  Look at the sheer number of WINDOWS users.  Most everyone of them are going to be moving to 10 in the next 2 years.  Enterprise included.  All their software will still work on windows 10,  so they wont be moving to chrome OS or MacOS like some fanboys think,  just because they (enterprise) are using iphones and android devices.   1 billon is going to be hit in one to two years out!.   Mobile did nothing to the numbers of WIndows users no matter what phone they were running.   Windows still completely destroys all others in sheer user number.   Look at the numbers again with the fanboy blinders off and see why Microsoft are creating apps for IOS and Android.    The top 4 windows platforms control 83+% of the entire computer market.   EIGHTY-F'IN-THREE.   Put MacOS and ALL linux Distros together,  and they don't even add up to the 6.7 % of users using XP.   So...when blind little fanbabies come whining in here stating why are they developing for IOS and Android......THAT'S WHY.  Because 83% of ALL computers in the word run on one of the 4 versions of Windows.   So,  if we use fanboy logic....Every iphone user uses  a Macbook only.....that means like 40 percent of computer users would be macbook users...insetead of 3.2 percent.   Using same twisted fanboy hate logic Every Android user uses chrome OS meaning chorme OS would have about 80 percent market share for computers.   Again...we know that's not true....WHAT IS TRUE however,  is that most windows users have either IOS and/or Android mobile devices,  and Microsoft sees this as income opportunity.  In fanboy la la land,  they see microsoft "betraying" said fanboys for axing mobile.  But the proof is in the numbers.  No one other than a few fanboys,  used windows 10 mobile.   Simple.