Saving one bird at a time with Way of Dodo, a casual game for your Windows Phone

If you're looking for a casual game for your Windows Phone, take a gander at Way of Dodo.

It's a simple game where you are tasked with bouncing dodo birds back to safety. You're racing the clock to see how high of a score you can reach and the longer you last, the faster the pace of the game becomes.

There's not much to Way of Dodo but it's not a bad time waster for your Windows Phone.

Way of Dodo has two gaming modes, bomb or no bombs. One has you dealing with falling bombs as well as the falling dodo birds. Regardless of the mode, game play is the same.

At the bottom of the screen you have a turtle carrying a trampoline. Along the sides of the screen are ledges where the dodo birds will walk off of. Along the bottom left side of the screen is your game timer and along the top you'll find your scoring information.  To keep things from growing stale, the game has a few background changes that occur randomly.

You move the turtle and trampoline around to bounce the falling dodo birds back up to the ledges and to safety. Randomly you'll see bonus items fall that, if caught with the trampoline, will add time to the game timer, enlarge your trampoline and double the point value for saved dodo birds.  The game isn't without challenges.  Some dodo birds drop faster than others and some require a few bounces on the trampoline before they seek the safety of the ledges.

Way of Dodo also has Scoreloop support for online leaderboards and player profiles.

Way of Dodo may not be the choice of games for marathon sessions but does nicely for shorter gaming periods.  Graphic are nicely drawn up, the game is challenging enough to keep you on your toes and overall, Way of Dodo isn't a bad addition to our Windows Phone gaming library.

There is a free trial version available for Way of Dodo that is time limited (gives you a few minutes of play) and lacks access to the Bomb gaming mode. The full version of Way of Dodo is currently running $.99 and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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George Ponder

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