Scoble gets a peek at Nokia Windows Phone? Not so fast...

Robert Scoble was in the midst of travels when he ran into Reno Marioni, who runs global partnerships for Nokia. Scoble was able to glance at one Nokia phone (seen above) and learned that there was a "secret" phone in the man's briefcase that he couldn't not check out.

We really want to believe what we see above is a Nokia Windows Phone with NFC on board--after all, he's blocking those distinctive Windows keys, right? Unfortunately, no. If you look at the top bar with the service icons (battery, time, signal) you'll see these match up with the N9 exactly. So that's a shame.

The good news is Scoble was quite impressed with what he saw from Nokia: "...but the current phone he did show me is damn nice. I might have to rethink Nokia's chances. We'll be paying attention this fall to what they announce.", lending credence to the idea that we're in for a nice ride come later this year.

Source: Google+; Thanks, Amir, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Yeah, I'm pretty daft in the morning before coffee 0_o
  • It's kind of ridiculous that Nokia keeps pushing the N9. It's like they're telling MSFT "yeah we're totally all in on Windows Phone", but really they're just stalling until they can fix their own OS
  • I think they are trying to get as much as they can out of Megoo while they can, and stays low with the WP7-stuff until they really have something to show off.They need to come out with a bang when they bring their top of the line WP7 phones, otherwise they are royally f*cked.