Scosche MagicMount, a smartphone car cradle with a magnetic attraction

If you are in search for a simple, secure way to keep your Windows Phone handy while driving, the Scosche MagicMount might be just what you are looking for. The MagicMount is available in three mounting options (window, dash/window and vent) and uses three heavy-duty magnets to hold your Windows Phone in place.

Available at Amazon (opens in new tab), the MagicMount series of car cradles are designed in a simple and robust manner and performed nicely over with a Lumia 950. There is a little give and take with the mount, but overall if you are looking for a car cradle, the Scosche MagicMount should be on everyone's short list.


Scosche MagicMount

Scosche took a minimalist approach to design with the MagicMount. The three mounts include:

  • A vent mount with clips that hook on to the blades of your car's air conditioning vent
  • A dash mount with suction cup and short extension arm
  • A window/dash mount with suction cup and a longer extension arm

Regardless of the mounting style, the core of the cradle is a 1.5-inch square pad that has three magnets hidden beneath a rubber pad. The base pad also has interchangeable borders (silver or black) to give the cradle a little customization.

The MagicMount pad is connected to the mount by a rotating socket joint with tension screw. This allows you to pivot the base pad as needed. There is also a small hook on the back side of the base pad that can be used to keep a charging cable out of the way.

Scosche MagicMount

Connecting your Windows Phone to the Scosche is accomplished by attaching a thin metal sticker to the back of your phone. The sticker can be applied to the outer surface of your phone or inside the back cover. If you are using a protective case or skin with your Windows Phone, you can attach the metal sticker to the case/skin instead of directly to your phone.

The magnets latch on to the metal sticker and securely holds the phone in place. If you need to view your phone horizontally, just attach your phone to the base pad in that orientation. Removing the phone from the MagicMount is done by simply pulling the phone off the base pad.

Scosche MagicMount

If you are not too keen on slapping a metal sticker on the back of your phone and are sporting a Windows Phone with Qi charging, the magnets can hold your phone in place by latching onto the metal wiring of the charging system. The hold is not as secure as it is with the metal sticker, but still holds things in place nicely.

In discussing this with Scosche, they are not aware of any issues either. I don't know if I would attach the metal sticker on the inside of the phone cover, on top of the Qi charging coil, but I did not experience any issues with Qi charging after using the Qi as the anchor point for the MagicMount.


Scosche MagicMount

We tested out the dash/window mount version of the Scosche MagicMount and it attached to the dash or window much like any other car cradle. Scosche does use the suction cups with the sticky material (not just soft plastic) that does a great job of firmly sealing to the window or dash.

There is a slight bounce in the mount, but nothing dramatically different than what you would find with other cradles. Serious bumps will shift the phone on the magnetic base, but I did not experience the phone fully separating from the base due to even the strongest jolts. The tension screw held the pivot joint in place firmly and overall, I found nothing of concern in using the Scosche MagicMount.

Overall Impressions

While I liked the Scosche MagicMount, it may not appeal to everyone. There is a little give and take by choosing the MagicMount. You may not be too excited about slapping a sticker on the back of your Windows Phone, though you can conceal it on the inside of the battery cover or case.

Scosche MagicMount

While you can attach your Windows Phone to the base pad with the Qi charger in the back cover, the MagicMount does lack wireless charging support. If you have been using a Qi charging cradle in your car, the MagicMount may feel like a step backwards. Alternatively, due to the lack of cradle arms it is easy to use a USB car charger with the MagicMount and the base pad clip helps keep the wires out of the way.

I liked the simplicity of the MagicMount and while I may not be ready to give up the Tylt Qi charger I currently use, the MagicMount is going to be installed in my daughter's car. It provides a hands-free solution where she doesn't have to worry about pushing buttons, squeezing clamps or other mechanics to place or remove her phone from the cradle. As a new driver, I want things as simple as possible to allow her to concentrate on the road.

The Scosche MagicMount comes packaged with the base pad, mount, and two metal stickers (one large, the other small). The costs of the MagicMounts range from $29.99 for the vent and dash models to $39.99 for the dash/window model.

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  • Wanted to try one of these. Finally got one, but I own a jeep with a heavy suspension. Unfortunately, the "bounce" of the vehicle makes the phone eventually slide off the bottom of the mount. Seems like it would have been great on a regular vehicle though.
  • - Try this one. It is VERY strong and has yet to give me a problem, 5+ years of owning it.
  • What phone(s) do you use it for? do you use this with phones other than what they advertise it is made for? And if so, how well does it work with "non-compatible" phones?  
  • The 950XL. Again, I don't blame the mounts. Lifted jeep has real reactive suspension. It just shakes the he'll out of it.
  • I meant what phone does @ThermoDust use for the imagnetmount and I wonder how well it works with phones that it isn't officially advertised for, like the l950xl
  • I have used the HTC 8x, Lumia 640, and now the Lumia 950. It came with a few metal plates. I found the squareish one works best on the Lumia 950. There is a noticable pull when you put your phone on the dock and you need to give it a slight tug when removing it. I have not noticed any issues with it interfearing with the NFC or Wireless charging either.
  • ooh that's good news. I have the lumia 950xl. Do you put it behind a case (and not use the adhesive) or do you use the adhesive and stick it on your battery and/or back cover?
  • I put it on the under the case case but used electrical tape to secure it as I haven't had a working sticker in a long time as I've moved phones so many times. You may want to look this since you have Qi Wireless device - It looks to be a strong hold also. I have backed them and hope it works well.
  • I have the vent version of this one ( and I had to super-glue it to my vent to stay during the bumpy rides but the magnet holds onto the phone with the aid of the brackets that hold the phone from below. I think this will work for you, though.
  • To me, the best available solutions are still the ones from ProClip... seriously... the last mount you'll ever buy... say goodbye to completely blocking or breaking your air vents, or having your suction cup mount drop on your lap while you're driving in stupidly hot weather (or worse, having your phone go flying if you're in an accident... happened to me with a Nokia Qi mount whose suction cup *melted* into a sticky slimy goo in *freezing* conditions due to the stresses of the impact when a car went into the back of me at full speed at a red light)
  • The magnets don't interfere with signal strength and quality?
  • I did not have any issues with signal strength or quality and did not check the compass. My guess is that it won't mess up the compass but will check when I get back around the mount.
  • What about compass and GPS? It is known that magnets can interfere with the compass .
  • I have one of these and the plate is inside the case. I have not had any problems with signal, GPS, or compass. At least none that I have noticed. It does bounce a little in my truck, but it hasn't ever fallen off the mount. I just can't see putting that on the outside, it looks terrible.
  • Yeah, wouldn't the magnet duck the compass?
  • Over battery compass appears to be fine.
  • I dislike the idea of any clip that requires a permanent addition to my phone, like the sticker. I also prefer keeping my vents clear, since air conditioning is a premium in the Texas heat.
  • If u put it under the case cover and don't use the sticker then it's far from permanent
  • I've used these Scosche mounts, and have some advice; cut the metal plate in half with a pair of tin snips.  Then mount the now much smaller piece near the top of the phone, away from the Qi coils.  If your phone has a removeable back cover just put it underneath the cover, otherwise put it in a case. These work great when installed properly.
  •  - Same idea as this product but wiht Qi Wireless. It looks as strong but who knows.
  • Sign me up
  • That's the right way to do it! Thanks for posting this, I think I'll jump on their Kickstarter campaign. And finally getting back to what was basically standard with the Palm Pre's perfect Touchstone charger (with some carriers it was included with the phone, with some it was an add-on). I bought half a dozen of these for car, bedroom, living room, home office, work office, wife's phone, my phone. All useless now, of course, because the Palm didn't use Qi charging. The Palm Pre still beats Windows Phone on this in one minor way: it would change the lock screen based on being on the charger.
  • I'll add that I currently use the Nokia CR-200 charger in my car and various brands of Qi chargers throughout my house. They work fine, but the mag-lock like the Palm did would be so much nicer, especially in the car.
  • So far all every metal plate that i've installed on my L950 has rendered my wireless charging useless.  Does wireless charging still work with this one?
  • Put the plate over the battery. Do not cover the qi connectors. That makes the magnet have to go through qi and case to work and it is strong enough to do so. As for qi if u don't cover the connectors it's stack is above the magnet and it will be fine too.
  • I sent a tip in for this over a month ago. Not this unit but a similar one available at CVS and amazon for $15.00. Having used this for a while successfully The mini magnet can also be placed on the battery itself. This does not interfere with he 950 performance or heat in any way. Which is where I have it.
    Also since the mozo covers are exact fit I did not have to use the sticker. Just place the magnet over battery, pop cover back on and go. The stand I used is called MagicGrip by Murkury Innovations as I said it is 15.99 at your local CVS.
  • I have these in my vehicles. I used the smaller and minimalistic one that semi permanently stick s to my car dash. Looks very neat. I just put the steel plates in the battery cover or inside the case... Or on thr back of thr phone if I chose not to use the case... Thr plate does not damage the phone, but thr plate will be unusable when it is removed. Phones almost never fall... Unless it was one with the plate under the case... Even it it was not common. This is the best way to go.. the CD clamp with thr magnetic mount works, but is more bulky and unattractive hanging out a device I don't use, lol. I use that to connect my phone to a tripod for video/photo. Any other mount with suction cups, or bulky grips are just terrible... They are huge and people have them taking up all of their viewing space while attempting to drive.. I hate that while picture. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WTF 30$ got something simiar for 3$ from chinese website sometimes companies steal cheap chinese ideas and sell them at overprice with some sort of modifications.
  • Yes... it MUST be that the company stole the idea from the Chinese producer and charged more.  It couldn't possibly be that a Chinese company stole the product from some other company and is selling a clone/knockoff version.  That NEVER happens.  LOL  smh  Magnetic vent mounts like your link have been around for a while from.... many.... companies.  Common practice is a company creates a product, has it produced in China because it's dirt cheap to do so and then the market is flooded with similiar products because the Chinese maufacturer stole it and started selling it to other companies.
  • Take it as a joke :)
  • If it was a joke - I missed it. LOL   The power of the Interwebz to not show tongue-in-cheek intent easily.  ;)
  • My bad is that it wrote it in a quite serious way, anyway i quite like the 3$ one
  • I meant what phone does @ThermoDust use for the imagnetmount and I wonder how well it works with phones that it isn't officially advertised for, like the l950xl
  • My preference is for a suction-cup mount so that I have freedom over where it is placed in the car but, for some reason, they just don't seem to last. I've got through a CR-200 and the Tylt Qi charger. The "sticky" bit basically fails after about 6 months and that isn't because I'm removing and putting back the mount. I'm not sure what the root cause is other than perhaps heat but it isn't as if the UK is that hot a place! I'm intrigued by Put2Go but I'm not that happy about fixing something to the vents :(