Scosche MagicMount, a smartphone car cradle with a magnetic attraction

If you are in search for a simple, secure way to keep your Windows Phone handy while driving, the Scosche MagicMount might be just what you are looking for. The MagicMount is available in three mounting options (window, dash/window and vent) and uses three heavy-duty magnets to hold your Windows Phone in place.

Available at Amazon, the MagicMount series of car cradles are designed in a simple and robust manner and performed nicely over with a Lumia 950. There is a little give and take with the mount, but overall if you are looking for a car cradle, the Scosche MagicMount should be on everyone's short list.


Scosche MagicMount

Scosche took a minimalist approach to design with the MagicMount. The three mounts include:

  • A vent mount with clips that hook on to the blades of your car's air conditioning vent
  • A dash mount with suction cup and short extension arm
  • A window/dash mount with suction cup and a longer extension arm

Regardless of the mounting style, the core of the cradle is a 1.5-inch square pad that has three magnets hidden beneath a rubber pad. The base pad also has interchangeable borders (silver or black) to give the cradle a little customization.

The MagicMount pad is connected to the mount by a rotating socket joint with tension screw. This allows you to pivot the base pad as needed. There is also a small hook on the back side of the base pad that can be used to keep a charging cable out of the way.

Scosche MagicMount

Connecting your Windows Phone to the Scosche is accomplished by attaching a thin metal sticker to the back of your phone. The sticker can be applied to the outer surface of your phone or inside the back cover. If you are using a protective case or skin with your Windows Phone, you can attach the metal sticker to the case/skin instead of directly to your phone.

The magnets latch on to the metal sticker and securely holds the phone in place. If you need to view your phone horizontally, just attach your phone to the base pad in that orientation. Removing the phone from the MagicMount is done by simply pulling the phone off the base pad.

Scosche MagicMount

If you are not too keen on slapping a metal sticker on the back of your phone and are sporting a Windows Phone with Qi charging, the magnets can hold your phone in place by latching onto the metal wiring of the charging system. The hold is not as secure as it is with the metal sticker, but still holds things in place nicely.

In discussing this with Scosche, they are not aware of any issues either. I don't know if I would attach the metal sticker on the inside of the phone cover, on top of the Qi charging coil, but I did not experience any issues with Qi charging after using the Qi as the anchor point for the MagicMount.


Scosche MagicMount

We tested out the dash/window mount version of the Scosche MagicMount and it attached to the dash or window much like any other car cradle. Scosche does use the suction cups with the sticky material (not just soft plastic) that does a great job of firmly sealing to the window or dash.

There is a slight bounce in the mount, but nothing dramatically different than what you would find with other cradles. Serious bumps will shift the phone on the magnetic base, but I did not experience the phone fully separating from the base due to even the strongest jolts. The tension screw held the pivot joint in place firmly and overall, I found nothing of concern in using the Scosche MagicMount.

Overall Impressions

While I liked the Scosche MagicMount, it may not appeal to everyone. There is a little give and take by choosing the MagicMount. You may not be too excited about slapping a sticker on the back of your Windows Phone, though you can conceal it on the inside of the battery cover or case.

Scosche MagicMount

While you can attach your Windows Phone to the base pad with the Qi charger in the back cover, the MagicMount does lack wireless charging support. If you have been using a Qi charging cradle in your car, the MagicMount may feel like a step backwards. Alternatively, due to the lack of cradle arms it is easy to use a USB car charger with the MagicMount and the base pad clip helps keep the wires out of the way.

I liked the simplicity of the MagicMount and while I may not be ready to give up the Tylt Qi charger I currently use, the MagicMount is going to be installed in my daughter's car. It provides a hands-free solution where she doesn't have to worry about pushing buttons, squeezing clamps or other mechanics to place or remove her phone from the cradle. As a new driver, I want things as simple as possible to allow her to concentrate on the road.

The Scosche MagicMount comes packaged with the base pad, mount, and two metal stickers (one large, the other small). The costs of the MagicMounts range from $29.99 for the vent and dash models to $39.99 for the dash/window model.

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