Sea of Thieves 'Pirate Emporium' now live, features expensive pets and more

What you need to know

  • Sea of Thieves is a pirate adventure game from Rare.
  • The title just got the Smuggler's Fortune update.
  • The update also adds pets and other direct purchase cosmetics that are quite expensive.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate adventure where you can find treasure on your own or with friends. There are plenty of other encounters like a megalodon to keep you busy. There's a lot to do, and the title's popularity continues to grow due to its excellent post-launch support.

Today, developer Rare released the Smuggler's Fortune update which not only adds a new event, but also the Pirate Emporium. The Pirate Emporium is a direct purchases shop that features pets and other ship cosmetics. However, many of these items are quite expensive. For example, you'll have to spend $30 to get the entire Banjo-Kazooie ship set. Hopefully, the prices will be adjusted soon.

In order to purchase the cosmetics, you have to either kill Ancient Skeletons or buy Ancient Coins through the Microsoft Store. I've been playing Sea of Thieves for hours, and haven't seen a single Ancient Skeleton. Rare either needs to make them more frequent or reduce the cost of the items.

It'll be interesting to see how the community reacts to the prices. What do you think? Let us know. We've added a video with the prices of the current items and how much it costs to buy packs of Ancient Coins through the Microsoft Store.

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  • LOL Welcome to MS's vision of gaming. Games are no longer games but services. Pay a fee to rent a game, pay a fee to play online, pay a fee to buy digital content that's added over time.
  • I don't understand what people are upset about or why anyone thinks the prices are "out of line" or "need to be adjusted." These aren't game play mechanics, just cosmetic. If you don't want to pay the price, don't buy them. I've purchased tons of cosmetics in the store just with the gold I've received playing the game, so they are giving a ton away. Higher prices means fewer people will buy them and they'll be more rare in game, which I'm sure appeals to some people and is fine. These are totally optional, cosmetic items that don't have any impact on game play. I think Rare should be able to charge whatever they want for them.
  • @CS30
    Here we go again. The "It doesn't matter because it's cosmetic-only". Cosmetic and visual are part of the game. It's actually a very important part of the game. So much hype about graphics, resolution or visuals... An this is even more important for a multiplayer game where public image is very much part of the experience.
    It cannot be something that's not important when publishers are hyping so much extra content.
    As far as Sea of thieves, these cosmetic items are major part of the game. You collect treasure chest and do "jobs" for cosmetic items.
    It's actually ridiculous to say they don't matter. As soon as there are microtransactions, there will always be the pressure to make the gamer pay more money. All players don't have a choice as usually games are made more grindy to frustrate players so that they end up playing cash. It affects EVERYONE whether you pay or not. And let's not kid ourselves. The more popular items are going to be the ones sold, so saying it's optional is not really true.
    Temptation or frustrating players to pay is part of this economy. I want games to be games. I don't want games to be services where devs are told to focus and spend time on how to squeeze more money from gamers.
  • Absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. Especially since those fees are cheaper for what you get than direct purchases are and you get more choice, and usually additional free content, when it comes to purchasing additional content instead of it all being packed into the up front cost. Steadier more predictable revenue for developers and more and cheaper content for gamers. I don't see a problem.
  • @Eolirin
    Because 10 bucks per month to rent the game + 5 bucks per month to play online. Plus $30 for only one complete ship cosmetic. Is cheaper than just buying one game.
    This is not a free2play game. This game launched with a common criticism of lack of content. For me it looked like a game in early access.
    To play the game you are either renting it 15 bucks/month or you already bought the game full price. Here they add content which was missing at launch and sell us the idea of "constant new content".
    Now you guys are trying to say that people should pay for the content that wasn't out at launch through microtransaction.
    Let's keep in mind that MS keeps making money through renting games and XBL... This is nothing like NMS who kept supporting the game for free 2-3 years because they were criticised for lack of content.
  • AOTF, you really are a prize plum. Im happy to pay for the network, servers, monitoring and support for the online services MS provide that are very reliable. Im happy to pay content make