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Sea of Thieves developers give glimpse into the game's Voyage system

Rare continues to churn out early looks at the Xbox One and Windows 10 game Sea of Thieves ahead of its launch, with the latest giving us a look at the game's Voyage system. In a chat with senior designers Andrew and Shelley Preston, we learn about what makes the Voyage system different from simply completing a normal quest, the teamwork involved, and even the future expandability of the system. Check it out below.

Though still in the alpha testing phase, Sea of Thieves already looks to be shaping up quite nicely. And if the Voyage system is as robust and expandable as it sounds, players are definitely in for a treat.

To recap, Sea of Thieves is set to land on Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime in 2017. The game lets you be a part of a pirate crew as you track down trasure, sail and upgrade your ship. The game is in closed alpha at the moment, but you can sign up to become a Sea of Thieves Insider for a shot at testing the game ahead of release.

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  • It's a pretty fun game.
  • Hyped through the roof for this game. Can't wait.