Sea of Thieves recently crossed two million players, and as more gamers experience the title, new problems emerge. A few weeks ago, Rare fixed the ship-spawning issue which caused griefing, but there are others that need to be addressed.

In a recent developer update, Executive Producer Joe Neate revealed what was in store for players down the line and the status of the updates. Unfortunately, this week's patch was delayed due to a severe bug in the PC build. As a result, the studio decided to fix it and ship a larger patch next week on both Xbox One and PC.

Some of the fixes coming with next week's patch as listed below.

  • Some items were priced incorrectly so players will get refunds for them.
  • A set was missing in the game but was a part of the previous patch notes. These items will be added with next week's patch.
  • A few of the new items weren't visually distinct enough, so eight objects will be removed. It's unclear if those who purchased the swords and other trinkets can keep them or will be issued refunds.

Some of the main features coming to Sea of Thieves next week are listed below.

  • Public and private matchmaking changes will allow you to play with who you want.
  • To encourage stealth gameplay, you will now be able to hide your Gamertag.
  • Players can hand each other resources like cannonballs and bananas with this patch.
  • High rank quests will give better rewards due to drop rates changes.
  • A new way of delivering content is coming too, but we don't know much about it as the explanation was rather cryptic.

The first expansion called "Hungering Deep" will also get a trailer and concrete May release date next week. Rare is making plans to improve the game beyond the first three expansions and is looking towards 2019.