The second developer diary for Wasteland 3 talks about the story, setup and characters

Wasteland 3 Liberty Buchanan
Wasteland 3 Liberty Buchanan (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • InXile Entertainment has released a second developer diary for Wasteland 3.
  • This diary explains the story and setup for the game, as well as touching on some characters players will meet.
  • Wasteland 3 is currently scheduled to arrive on August 28, 2020.

InXile Entertainment has released another developer diary for its upcoming RPG Wasteland 3. Unlike the previous video, which focused on character creation and balancing strengths with weaknesses, this diary showcases the world and setup for the game, as writer Nathan Long and studio head Brian Fargo take turns explaining.

From the reason why the Rangers are arriving in Colorado to some of the different characters players will encounter, there's plenty to go through. There's even a new cult worshipping Ronald Reagan. You can check out the developer diary below.

Another interesting aspect is just how the plot has been developed. Unlike Wasteland 2, which was described by InXile as being "episodic," the plot in Wasteland 3 is very interconnected, with different payoffs or punishments depending on your many choices.

After being delayed out of May because InXile Entertainment needed more time upon transitioning to a work-from-home setup, Wasteland 3 has a solid release date and is currently scheduled to be available on August 28, 2020 on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. It's also going to be available in Xbox Game Pass at launch. For more on Wasteland 3, you can check out a preview of the game from our senior Xbox editor Jez Corden.



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