See how CD Projekt and GOG are preserving classic PC games

Gaming journalist Danny O'Dwyer has a documentary series called Noclip, which has already gone backstage with the making of Fallout 76 and how Horizon Dawn came to be. Now GOG and CD Projekt have invited the crew to the company's offices in Poland to showcase how its employees are working to safeguard gaming — both past and present.

What makes this episode particularly interesting is the take on the DRM-free storefront and close-up on what GOG actually stands for. If you continue to use Steam and haven't yet bought anything from GOG, this documentary is worth checking out, as is our coverage on the differences between Valve's platform and GOG, as well as why I've already made the switch.

As a bonus, there's a Noclip Sale promotion underway on GOG, which includes a bunch of games the company has worked to restore. S.W.A.T. 4, Jazz Jackrabbit, Escape from Monkey Island, Them Park, and Forgotten Realms: The Archives are but a few names. Up to 80 percent has been discounted so if you are in the need of a nostalgia hit (or simply wish to see how games were like back in the "good ol' days"), now's the time to bolster your collection.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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