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See how the Lumia 735 allows you to capture more of Victoria Falls

Microsoft's Lumia 735 was used by National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez to take selfies at Victoria Falls - one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The video highlights how the Lumia 735 allows you to get more out of your selfies thanks to its 5 MP front shooter.

What do you guys think of the video (and the device in question)? Let us know in the comments.

Source: YouTube

Thanks Rokibul!

  • I love that the lumias are always used for these type of promotional events,as the signature/de facto mascot for the windows phone os.
  • Cameras are the main selling reason for Lumias..!!
  • Its not just the Camera, its also the HW and Apps/ Firmware that lets it do what it does. Please don't get me wrong, I understand and get you that the Camera is in the forefront, the difference is that othe phones have cameras of different resolutions etc, but you can not capture moments simplisticly with awesome output with htem as you would with these Lumias, at the point, it more than the Camenra.
  • Very good phone!
  • While it is on my mind they really should use promos like this for commercials. Something unique and different. But of course Microsoft won't :/
  • Agreed 100%   This video is screaming for prime time. This is the kind of marketing that gets results but as you said MS probably will never use this clip for a TV commercial
  • Totally agree. MS's real Lumia commercials, at least in the UK, are ball-achingly cringeworthy. Showing the devices excelling in real-world situations is surely a better way to go.
  • Yeah.. Totally agreed.
  • For truesa... Come on MS. However, I don't watch TV, so I'm not sure what commercials are internet only.
  • Awesome! When it comes to mobile photography, Lumia FTW!
  • Righto
  • i'm like to get this phone. I'm looking forward to by it in exchange to my lumia 525. I heard about a buy back offer in india.
  • Get the 535 instead, if the processor doesn't matter.
  • lumia 730 has got better screen quality. (i'm not talking about size)
  • 535 is good, too with its IPS panel.
  • 535 lacks Clearblack which makes the screen kinda dull.. Isn't it?? 735 with amoled and CB looks vivid... Go with 735 if few extra thousands doesn't hurt you mate
  • Hails Lumia.....!!!
  • Huawei Ascend P7 has a 8MP front facing camera
  • So...?
  • They should've used that instead
  • the Lumia has much better camera and camera software on it ... more megapixels don't matter if their bad megapixels.
  • It isn't about the megapixels only other things matter too..!!
  • Like what?
  • Learn more about photography please
  • Like image quality. Look at this way, why does iPhone camera at 8MP out performs Galaxy or some other android phone cameras with 13MP or 16MP. Ans.: Sensor type, Number of anf types of Film layers on the lenses, sensor sizes, HW based IS just mentioning a few. Firmware that help the camera control light in varying conditions.
  • Picture quality...
  • Without good optics, sensor size, sensor type, focussing, and image procesing the megapixel count is meaningless.
  • Absolutely correct, photography isn't just about the MP rating. The camera is just a tool for capturing the image.
  • I dont know about the Huawei, but the 735 has a wide angle lens that gets more in the view than most front facing cameras. Theres also sensor size, image post-process, sensor quality and several other factors. MP is important for sure, but not the only thing that matters. Its like MHz/GHz on  CPUs, you just cant say if this one number is bigger, its better.
  • Lumia phoned are great. And lets face it, in order to get a great picture you have to be 1. a great photographer or 2. take the same pic 5 or 6 times since the algorithms aren't the best. I remember all those yellow pictures pictures I got when I shot pics indoors using my L1020. Yes it has 40mp, but the image was garbage. Took me almost a week and about 600 shots for me to get better quality pics. On a side note, I switched to a HTC M8 which has a5mp rear and a 5mp front shooter and pictures come out stunning too. I personally think that the image processing algorithms in my HTC are better than the ones on my L1020 and even my L1520.
  • These are definitely things I didn't know
  • Now you know
  • So Huawei or Lumias..??
  • Its not that I prefer Huawei I prefer the 8MP front camera, its Lumia all the way for me, I'm just anticipating a Lumia boasting an 8MP front camera
  • I dont think the 1020s processing is bad, but it does tend to favor the warm/yellow end of the spectrum vs purple/blue. I think there is a lot of room for improvement with Lumias in the processing side. I get fantastic results with my 1020 95% of the time. My shots from a hiking trip in Utah rival those I took with my Canon DSLR, but there are some occaisions where the white balance needs a tweak and such.  
  • lerimer; When you right you are right, I haveL1520, and I get better at it everytime I use it with new tweaks and settings to use under varying conditions. Your last point about processing algorithm is equally important, more reason I am looking forward to Demim Firmware and what in addition to what has already been advertised it will bring to high end lumia phone cameras like L1020 and l1520
  • World is a better place with Lumia in it.
  • wondering why selfi with the cheeta was the last pic...
  • RIP
  • Yes, the Lumia 900 had one also, but the lenses were horrible! No OIS means blurry photos most of the time.
  • The 900 had a rear 5mp camera. And to this day my favorite picture on a mobile device came from a l900. I can't recall if it had a front facing camera. But the post is talking about selfies taken with front facing cameras.
  • Quite surprised actually with the picture quality! Wow!  
  • Where I can find some comparison selfie photos between 7xx front cam with others? (830, 930, 925, ...) I still don't get how good these 'selfie phones' are. (not resolution, lense itself)
  • Looks like the cheetah is sizing up his head for a bite
  • Nice camera from Nokia. Bad multitasking and background task OS performance by MS. Fix this problem, then Lumia will lead the world of phones
  • I still like to buy 1320., clear black looks better than amoled
  • Err ... 73x DID have ClearBlack on them. ClearBlack is the technology on the glass cover that filter lights (CMIIW). On the other hand, AMOLED is a display technology. If you want to compare AMOLED, compare it with IPS LCD. Both has nothing to do with ClearBlack since both can utilize it as the glass part.
  • WOW, love this clip. It should be a TV ad and blasted everywhere.
  • Is it just me or is the 930's camera just s***!??? Compared to my iphone it hardly stands up, so crap I hate it!
  • its just you.
  • When can we expect a full review on the Lumia 735?
  • Look at the camera, not the screen! 
  • I think Microsoft needs to create that wow factor again that was there when the Lumia 1020 was released, something big that would get lots of peoples attention. Everything is just a bit too cliché here with Windows Phone.
  • No Flagship Untill Q1 2015 !!
  • way cool ... cheetah selfie