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See Windows 95 running on the Xbox One, because why not?

The Xbox One getting backwards compatibility in 2015 was a big deal, but one enterprising developer has gone a few steps further back. Through the use of the UWP and an Xbox One turned into a dev kit, Windows 95 has been shown off on the console.

As pointed out by Eurogamer, what you're actually seeing is Dosbox, a DOS virtual machine app that has been loaded up as a UWP app for the Xbox One on Windows 10. It's by no means perfect, but it's cool as all hell.

What's even better is booting up some old school Duke Nukem.

Microsoft is set to allow UWP apps on the Xbox One from this summer. Whether or not we'll be grabbing a couple of floppy discs and partying like it's the mid-nineties is a different matter entirely. But cool stuff doesn't always have to make sense.

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  • Duke Nukem, hell yeah! Thanks for that, I now feel old again!! Back in the day of fresh gameplay...
  • Back when all games had at least 7 stages and no DLC
  • I'm hoping we will be able to run windows 10 desktop and tablet mode on the Xbox one or at least the tablet mode
  • It runs neither... it runs Xbox One mode... but it'll run whatever UWP apps are enabled for Xbox One use by their developers (essentially, add a little code for some alternative input mechanisms, compile and target for xbox use when submitting to the store). If you're looking for a Windows 10 desktop or tablet "Start" experience on your TV, then it would probably make more sense to plug in one of those $130 stick PCs, or just project your tablet or PC to your TV screen. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Stationary game consoles are literally just Desktop PCs with a bastardized OS. The PS3 was the first and last I bought for myself. Posted from my Surface Pro 2
  • Don't worry, Windows 10 is coming!
  • yeah! SOON!!!!!!!
  • Nice I saw this morning on Reddit I'm working in a SNES emulator but I dont have a lot spare of time  
  • WHY!!!!
  • Rather than Why Not, I'd like to know Why, what is this useful for, beyond the "technical achievement". If anyone was remotely interested in using Windows 95, I'm sure they can do it in the crappiest or best specced PC as they see fit. I don't see the point in running an old OS in a bread toaster if no one is going to actually use it for anything.
    I wish these talented and tenacious people, who I congratulate for these achievements, would use their skills for something that people can use.
  • People are allowed a bit of fun in their down time, you know.
  • Lol why not port free dos instead
  • That's pretty awesome, just to have dosbox as uwp could open the world to a whole world of old games, and goodly hopefully a lot easier to setup than the windows program.
  • Up till you hit the DPMI DOS Protected Mode wall
  • and it still takes forever to boot haha
  • If they published this app on the store and make it able to run something like Windows XP,7,10 would be great, imagine your Xbox as a real PC with Office tools or PC Games that were on the same time as the PS2 that would be a big hit.
  • MS wouldn't pass cert. now if they posted the project on a site to download & manually load(without a product key) sure it could happen
  • nice. but should have showed some gameplay. the framerate looks pretty low.
  • Lol, sure...don't really know what's so cool about Windows 95 but the port is a good deal. =P
  • The frame rate is low because the Xbox OS is still running maybe if they find a way to make you choose an OS when the Xbox is booted then maybe the framerate will be better but that would be difficult if not impossible cause of the drivers and because there is no dual boot on the xbox OS and there is high risk of messing up the console so the only way is an emulator.
  • Even in a VM, thats so hideously slow.
  • Thats nice but there are quite a few games that use DPMI DOS Protected Mode