Ship combat simulator 'Skull & Bones' delayed, no new release date provided

Skull and Bones E3 2017
Skull and Bones E3 2017 (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • Skull & Bones is a pirate adventure from Ubisoft which focuses on ship-to-ship combat.
  • The game does not allow you to freely explore islands like Sea of Thieves (opens in new tab).
  • Skull & Bones was expected to launch in 2019, but has been delayed further.
  • No new release date has been provided.

Last year, Ubisoft surprised gamers by showcasing a title like Sea of Thieves called "Skull & Bones." As the name suggests, Skull & Bones is all about becoming a pirate and destroying other vessels on the high seas. Unfortunately, from what we saw at E3 2018, the game looked like it just focused on ship-to-ship combat, and didn't allow you to freely explore islands. This didn't sit well with many, but the gorgeous visuals and solid combat intrigued a lot of gamers.

It looks like Ubisoft knows Skull & Bones needs a lot of work because the company just announced that it has been delayed. No new release date was provided, but producer Karl von der Luhe issued a statement about the status of the project. It hasn't been cancelled, the team just needs more time to polish up the experience. Gematsu was able to compile the statement from a video message.

You may have heard that the Skull & Bones release date has been pushed back and we will not be at E3 2019. Rest assured that we are working as hard as ever to make sure that the game is going to be as great as possible, and quality remains our number one focus. Ubisoft remains fully devoted to this exciting journey to bring you this brand new game, and we're confident Skull & Bones is going to be amazing. Our community remains super important to us, and we're really grateful for the support and passion you've given us. And we will back as soon as we can with exciting new updates.

If Skull & Bones is to succeed, it needs to be an open-world pirate adventure like Sea of Thieves. Ship-to-ship combat is a novel concept, but it may get repetitious after a while. Hopefully the team is aware of this and are working towards expanding the gameplay mechanics.

Are you interested in Skull & Bones? Let us know. The game is expected to launch on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. It's unclear if it'll be available on Google Stadia down the line.

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  • I don't think a lot of people will miss this. It looked like a half-baked idea, riding on the spirit of Sea of Thieves, but wanting to one-up it, in a bombastic and silly way. Seems like they couldn't make a decent enough game out of their ideas. There's better games to play.
  • Or maybe they are just delaying it because they want to release a finished product for gamers. And not an incomplete game that is full of randomly generated fetch quests like SoT.
  • Hm. I do not know if this is the case, but if the envisioned game was on of sea warfare tactics and perhaps a realistic one, then I regret to hear Ubi changing anything to become more like SoT. Why do they need to be the same? I would rather have Ubi focus on the simulation part of the game to make something different.
  • I am really looking forward to this game. I also hope they don't try to make it like Sea of Thieves. I want this to be a single player game, and not force PvP only on me.
  • I think you missed what this game is. Its a PVP only game. Ever play world of warships? It's exactly like that game but in pirate ships.
  • I have a hard time seeing how this could be as fun as Sea of Thieves. They'll need to make it as different as possible if they want it to carve out its own space.
  • Because "fun" is subjective. I sure hope this is a lot more fun for me than what I had with SoT.
  • Considering it is based around ship combat and Sea of Thieves isn't (well Arena is... kind of) then I am guessing it's going to be sufficiently different. This is going to entice the people who enjoyed the ship sections in the Assassin's Creed games moreso than Sea of Thieves players.