Xbox shoot 'em up Sky Force Reloaded gets thrilling launch trailer

Sky Force Reloaded is a modern, air-based shooter with a distinctly nostalgic feel. Gamers who grew up on famous titles like Tyrian will love the gameplay because it's all about upgrading your weapons, dodging streams of bullets as you become more and more powerful. The game costs $9.99 on a variety of platforms. In order to showcase the chaotic gameplay, the developers released a launch trailer.

Sky Force Reloaded features more levels than Sky Force Anniversary and even deeper upgrades. Those who are ready to save the world can blast through hordes of enemies in the extensive single-player campaign. Players can also invite their friends and enjoy the game in local co-op mode. This is sometimes necessary if you want to complete all objects like rescuing every last civilian or destroying every enemy ship. These can feels like impossible tasks but you have to keep on coming back after you upgrade your ship. There are nine aircrafts to unlock, with their own strengths and weaknesses, thirty buff cards, and eight assisting technicians. You'll spend dozens of hours finishing it.

Sky Force Reloaded features aggressive microtransactions on mobile platforms but the fact that the Xbox One version doesn't is encouraging. It makes earning stars and upgrading your weapons that much easier. While the mobile versions feel like an endless grind, the Xbox One is fair and rewarding. If you love shoot 'em ups, be sure to check out the game on the Microsoft Store.

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