Should every Windows laptop and tablet come with Windows 10 S?

Introduced with the Surface Laptop, Windows 10 S is a new take on the OS we all love. It's made to run more efficiently by only allowing apps from the Windows Store. Microsoft leaves a grace period for a free (for now) update to Windows 10 Pro for anyone who doesn't like the stripped-down OS.

Windows Central forum member ariez84 started a thread asking the question of whether or not all new laptops and tablets should come with Windows 10 S by default, as long as there is a six-month grace period to upgrade to either Home or Pro for free.

With 6 months to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro/Home without additional charges. (With the caveat that MS changes its policy to allow third party browsers as default if it came from the Windows Store). I have no idea why Microsoft didnt implement this policy, and here are my reasons: 1. This will force a lot of win32 apps like Firefox, Chrome, Adobe, and other popular legacy developers to use...


ariez84 listed a few reasons why this might be a good idea, including the idea that most people get their apps from the Windows Store anyway, and that it would help dispel the idea that Windows is full of viruses.

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