Chime in: Should Microsoft sell Samsung's Galaxy S9?

Back in 2017, Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ - the company's latest line of flagship Android phones. With Microsoft simultaneously winding down its Windows 10 Mobile investments in favor of rival platforms, it surprisingly sold the two Samsung handsets, under "Microsoft Edition" branding.

While there wasn't much unique about the devices themselves, in-store representatives selling the phone would help new owners install a wider variety of Microsoft Android apps upon purchase. Samsung eventually reached out several months later, claiming that the Microsoft Edition never existed, in contrary to previous listings.

In the months that followed, a lot has changed in the mobile space for Microsoft. Windows 10 Mobile is officially dead, with iOS and Android services seeing much heavier investments. So if Android is a major aspect of Microsoft's mobile efforts going forward, should we expect to see its upcoming Galaxy S9 sold on Microsoft's shelves? This discussion recently kicked off on the Windows Central forums, leading up to the Galaxy S9 reveal.

Do you think Microsoft will sell the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+?

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But as always, we want to hear from you! Do you think Microsoft will sell the Samsung Galaxy S9? How would this fit into Microsoft's wider mobile strategy? Make sure to drop into the forum thread below and jump into the discussion.

Matt Brown

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