Share your favorite Windows 10 wallpaper and Start menu!

We love desktop designs, and we want to see your Windows 10 wallpapers and Start menus! With the Creators Update, you can customize your Windows 10 desktops in even more ways, with custom accent colors, Live Tile folders, and more.

Some people like to keep their desktops super clean and minimal (like me), and others keep their desktops nice and messy and chaotic. Regardless of your desktop design, we want to see it. We promise we won't judge! (Well, maybe a little ...) There's a forum discussion going on right now that's a great place to share.

This is the place to share your favourite Windows 10 Start Layouts / Wallpapers, ninjacat etc. all welcome! Show us what you've got. Guidelines: Off-topic Posts will be edited or removed. Please respect our community rules no matter how good your photo is. The moderators of this forum reserve the right to edit or remove your posts as necessary so they comply with our Community Rules....


Jump on over to the forums, where our community members are already sharing. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired, or maybe you will inspire someone else.

In the forums: Share your Windows 10 Start / Wallpaper

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