Shuttle Up for Windows Phone 8, how high can you go?

Shuttle Up is a relatively simple Windows Phone 8 game where you try to navigate a shiny little ball as high as you can. While the premise is simple, game play isn't without challenge.

The challenge with Shuttle Up comes into play with barriers that will be scattered about that you have dispatch before advancing any higher. As you approach the barriers, ever so slightly they will move out of your way. Advance to quickly and you'll smash into the barriers, ending your game. In playing the game for the past few days, Shuttle Up comes across as a fun, challenging game for Windows Phone 8 but it also can be frustrating.


Along with its simplistic game play, Shuttle Up has an equally simple layout. The main page has options to view the online leaderboard and jump into game play.You can customize your player name from the leaderboard view as well as mute the game sounds. To customize your player name, just tap on the name field and enter/modify your player name.

Game Play

Game play starts with your silver ball resting on its pedestal. To start your journey upwards, just tap the screen. The harder the tap, the quicker your ball accelerates upwards. Gently tap the screen and your ball advances ever so slightly up the screen.

At some point, you will encounter a barricade on your journey up the Windows Phone. When you advance your silver ball close enough to the barricade, it will move out of the way.

If your ball strikes the barricade, game over. Additionally, if you let your ball fall downwards too much, the game will end.

Shuttle Up is a game that requires a gentle touch, patience and a sense of timing. The barricade moves out of the way at a decent clip but you can still hit the barricade if you try to advance too quickly.

Overall Impression

I'm not sure if Shuttle Up is a Windows Phone game that will keep you occupied for hours on end. However, it is a fun game to help you pass short bits of time with.

There is an addictive quality with Shuttle Up that keeps you pulled into the game. The game is so simple, you will find yourself coming back to see if you can get the timing down just right and see double digit scores.

Graphics are nice, game play challenging and overall Shuttle Up is not a bad game to have in your Windows Phone gaming library.

Shuttle Up is a free game, available for Windows Phone 8 (including low-memory devices), that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Shuttle Up

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