Side by side: The Nokia Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520

Nokia World 2013 may be over, but since I've just found this (totally forgotten about) shot from the event in Abu Dhabi, I figured it's worth showing. Sat side by side, and tethered to a wall, is the new Nokia Lumia 1320 and the Lumia 1520. And, from the front, it's tough to believe that one of these costs around $400 less than the other one. Both have 6-inch displays, and even with the lower resolution on the 1320, it isn't disappointing to look at. 

It also shows off the relative differences in shape between the two new supersized phones. The Lumia 1520 has a more squared off appearance, akin to the Lumia 1020, while the 1320 shares the rounded form factor of the much smaller Lumia 620. On feel alone I prefer holding the 1320, with the rounded corners proving more comfortable to hold than the more angular form of the 1520. But feel of course, is far from everything. 

I think it's fantastic that Nokia has released a large device at two price points, and buyers of either aren't going to be disappointed. For more be sure to check out our hands-on looks at both new devices. Which one takes your fancy? 

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  • This I need to see! Too bad the gap has narrowed in AT&T land. But I doubt the prices have changed.
  • As far as I'm concerned the Lumia 1520 has been cancelled for the US market. The next thing to be cancelled will be my AT&T contract.
  • could anyone clarify why nokia would go into an exclusive deal with someone who rips their high end phone of some of its best features - i.e. wireless charging without the shell and 32GB memory?
    what is wrong with AT&T?
  • This I want to know! F u AT$T!
  • Two reasons:
    1. So you buy a wireless charging cover
    2. With 16 GB on board, you`ll probably use the cloud more often -> you`ll sign for a juicy LTE data plan
  • I have two ways around that, three if you count going SIM free. 1. Only charge via USB and 2. Use WiFi instead, That is unless AT&T remove WiFi and USB as well ;)
  • It could just be that att didn't list all of its features. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Nokia would change the hardware to that extent for just one carrier.
  • If you look at the device on the att website there are charging pins on the back of the 1520.  Just sayin.... :(
  • After defending AT&T re update schedules, I am now in fact forced to conclude that they really do suck hard. Stripping phones of awesome built in charging and half their storage forces me to hate them.
  • I have to agree as well. 16GB? you gotta be kidding me ATT. No wireless charging without a shell? No thanks.
  • Agreed. It forces me to buy unlocked off contract and go prepaid.
  • welcome to the free world
  • I've been doing that for a while now, it's so liberating not being manacled to a carrier!!
  • I've hated att since back in the wp7 days and they refused to release the tango update for the og focus. Disappearing keyboard was the biggest pain in the ass...that being said I scoured forums to unlock my phone so I could get said updates. Problem is the average Joe wouldn't do the same. That being said I'm still stuck on att because I wanted to make the jump to a Nokia 1020. Bastards
  • If priced at 299$ with these stripped features on contract, I guarantee the 1520 will be DOA and 1320 will probably be the gold seller.
  • If TMo had the same line up I would have jumped the ship already. I might just do it and go unlocked route if the wireless band supports TMo. My middle finger salute to you AT&T. Dear Nokia, I don't think your phone exclusivity to AT&T isn't really helping matter. Spread the love. Peace.
  • Nokia has developed battered wife syndrome. She knows she should leave but just can't. Who would want her? She needs to seek help quickly. There are people that really love her.
  • +920
  • Simple. Nokia is fighting tooth and nail for every scrap of market share in North America and they have no choice but to bend over for the carriers. Nokia would be in a much stronger negotiating position if my fellow Americans would lose some of their love affair with Apple and Google. But the press is just relentless here about how Microsoft is failing in mobile and Windows Phone has no apps, so it's been tough for Nokia to gain share.
  • I like the physical appearance of 1320 more than 1520, though..
  • Same thing with 920 and 820 :/
  • Certainly 1320 stands out on appearance as compared to 1520.. Only wish th camera was atleast 8.7 mp pureview..
  • Well, I actually like the boxy style more, in my opinion, the best phone designs are 920 and 1020.
  • Same here, if the 1520 had the look of the 1320 I wouldn't hesitate to buy one as the rounded corners make larger phones more comfortable to hold. The ATIV S I have, while large, is comfortable to hold due to those rounded corners.
  • Yes! That's why. Rounded corners makes larger phones easy to hold. If only 1320 had a more capable camera. My Lumia 720 is more capable in terms of taking photos. And by the way, Lumia 1520 looks like an enlarge Lumia 720.. hahaha..
  • Beautiful! Can't wait to upgrade to this beast! Either one of them, just amazing. Wish it was available already!
  • Price Point.....They need to be extremely careful about it, when it lands in India !
  • Is the 1320 coming to the us ???
  • No.
  • Possibly, on AT&T with no screen, no WiFi, no Cellular connection, no Battery and no outer casing :P
  • 1520 but guess its not coming to India soon.:/
  • If have checked the website its showing coming soon. :P
  • They always show that but takes 5-6 months at least
  • No they don't. A few weeks that's all.
  • Hope they keep the price under 30k. I know its too much to wish for. But then it would so awesome
  • I don't quite understand why Nokia have stopped doing Cyan versions of their flagship models, I thought a lot of people's favourite was the Cyan version. 
    From my understanding too, the iPhone 5C in blue is the more popular choice for those buying that toy
  • Focus groups. A lot of people found cyan dull.
  • They asked the wrong focus groups. I plan to get the Cyan Touch Cover 2 for my Surface. At least Microsoft still things it's a good color, so hopefully it will make a comeback on the Lumias.
  • I agree I love the cyan color, my brother still has his cyan 900! Best color ever! Damn stupid Focus groups!
  • +1
  • I'm sure it was based on sales more than anything. Doesn't mean there wasn't demand, obviously a lot of people do like cyan (myself included) but not enough to justify a run in that colour.
  • I've seen pictures of a Cyan Nokia 2520 so I would assume that the 2520 will be in Cyan!!
  • Dull focus group is what they picked.
  • It is those in the group that are dull and not the color. Cyan is dull but white isn't? Aren't there enough white phones already?
  • Which one takes my fancy? Whichever comes to T-Mobile US. That probably means neither.
  • LOL maybe t-mobile will get 1525 ❔❔
  • Classic Big Brother Little Brother all grown-up. I love em both but would certainly prefer the 1520 over the 1320. I'm planning on getting the 1520/5 when it does cone to T-Mobile USA. I'm already planning my Home Screen Layout with 3-4 large tiles. So my next phone will be a Nokia.
  • Yeah, that's probably more of an "if" than a "when". As much as I like having T-Mo, the lack of WP devices is a bit frustrating. Thank God they picked up the 925, so I'm good for a while... I think.
  • True, true but that's one of my main reason for supporting the Microsoft buyout.
    It's become clear Nokia cannot handle Simultaneous World launches (like Apple or Samsung can). So I expect these launch exclusives to end soon.
  • I've become a fan of the angular body style (L920 owner). The 1520 definitely has the better looks imo.
  • +1. Easy to hold while typing in landscape. Index fingers go right up both sides nicely.
  • Can you actually hold these in your hand? At this point I would rather wait for Win Phone Next devices.
  • i like the 1320. Fits my budget as well. Plus all apps in the store right now run fine in dual core processors anyway.
  • Cant wait for the 1520 saving now
  • Wow, the 1320 actually looks much better.
  • Is the 1320 going to be available in the US?! I also noticed the buttons don't light up in the picture. Do they not at all or was it just idle?
  • The buttons will light up according to ambient light conditions
  • 1320 looks like HTC one and iPhone 5c
  • 1320 would be better with 5"
  • I have a feeling Microsoft is going to make their flagship device a perfect all around 5" or so device.
  • I'm hoping to see some smaller screened devices to be honest. 3.7" to 4.2" would suit a lot more people than these ridiculously sized monsters.
    Then perhaps 4.5" to 5" for those who prefer larger screened devices. I don't know why Nokia decided on producing 6" phones other than perhaps trying to set a new trend.
  • Unrelated but WhatsApp update is available
  • Att version has been butchered...ill wait. Saved up money for 1520 but wont be buying with out qi and only16gb
  • Buy it SIM free and just use an AT&T SIM then, problem solved!!
  • Wonder when my here drive beta tile will get the update to Nokia blue color?
  • Here Drive+ was taken out of Beta a long time ago. Try uninstalling Drive then reinstall the latest version from the store
  • Not in Australia, the drive app without beta is only available in some regions like US
  • Are you sure, I use HERE Drive on my ATIV S and that isn't beta. I would try what WorzelGummage suggested and see.
  • Iam sure, on Lumia 1020 & 920 in Australia, thanks anyway
  • So you aren't willing to try reinstalling it then?
  • Wow really? I tried and it did nothing.... Are you happy?
  • Well then, if what you are saying is true (and I've no reason to disbelieve you) then the update isn't available for your region yet. I didn't realise that Australia still only had access to Nokia Drive Beta. I'd have thought the commercial release would have been available by now.
  • Thanks for trying to help bud, yeah the drive out of beta says not available for my region
  • Okay mate. Hopefully Nokia will pull their finger out of their arse and get the final release out ASAP. I would have though that Australia would have been one of the first countries to see the application migrate from Beta to full release. But no, they are trying too hard trying to crack the American market with shit results. My attitude is is that if the Yanks are determined to ignore Windows Phone in favour of other OS's like iOS then screw them and forget the US market. Stick with the rest of the world instead, the people who actually support and appreciate what Nokia has to offer.
  • Here here.... Pun intended. Seems a lot of countries are on drive+ . Been Nokia all the way. Onya Worzel
  • Nokia revealed some great devices but all of them fell into the "not for me" category. I am still waiting for an upgraded 920 which I am guessing will be released after MS takes over.
  • This
  • 1320 looks note 2ish minus color. Still, I would get that.
  • That's the reason I like it, looks like a bigger ATIV S!
  • Not a fan of the bezel size of the 1520 or the fact that the lower end phone has a smaller one. Still going to get the 1520 though (whenever it comes out in UK)
  • I have 16gb of apps on my nl920 imagine this 1520 I would fill this up on transferring all my stuff that will be a great disappointment smh
  • No new device ever come to Indonesia again, whyyy nokiaaa whyyyyyyy????
  • Indonesia is a relatively small market so it would be unlikely for Nokia to release new devices there first. They're more likely to concentrate on more important markets first.
  • I really want to buy L1020 -- but seeing that now windowsphone support faster processor (like the L1520), i'll wait till the next gen of L1020. I don't mind the bulk, as long as i can get beautiful and real-to-life pictures. Meanwhile, i'll stick with my L920
  • I prefer the look of the 1320, it's a similar shape to the ATIV S which is very comfortable to hold. If the 1520 had the look of the 1320 then I would probably get one!!
  • I am still blown away by the 1320. Such a large screen phone with processing specs greater than 92x series for $350. That is insane. I might have to buy one just because it is such a great price!
  • 1320 looks like a gs4
  • More like a Galaxy Note or larger ATIV S
  • I gotta say, I like the rounded style of the 1320 more than the 1520. I might actually go this route to upgrade my HTC 8X over the 1520 if I go phablet. Though, I'm still not sure a phone that large is practical so a 925 may still be in my future.
    I will say that to Microsoft's credit (and detriment to a degree) Windows Phone is the only mobile OS where I don't feel compelled to buy the latest and greatest version (read: hero phone) of hardware to get a complete and wonderful experience with the OS. I feel that even at Windows Phone 8 GDR3 that my HTC 8X works just as fine as WP 8.0 and that the overall performance and function improves with each release. Unlike Apple or Android products that seem to become quickly outdated with each OS update.
    For once I don't feel compelled to get the big fancy quad core, 2gb RAM, fancy 1080p screen. I think I'd be just fine for the next 2+ years with the 1320's dual core, 1gb RAM, and 720p screen because the OS scales so well and is so fluid regardless of the guts of the phone. 
    The only compelling reason to move up to the 1520 is to get that sweet 20mp pureview camera and a marginally lighter/compact overall device (and even then it's a few 1/100th's of an inch here and there and about .11 grams).
  • Can someone tell me why Nokia continues to leave such a large gap between the top and bottom of the display and the edge of the phone?  It makes the phone bigger while leaving room to expand the screen size.  My only complaint to they're hardware (if you ignore the audio volume coming from the aux. jack).
  • The innards have to go somewhere.
  • Does the galaxy phones not have innards? 
  • If you've got tiny hands, this isn't the phone for you bruh. Tiny hand dudes should stick to tiny devices.
  • Cyan, worst color ever! Plain, Jane white w/ option of yellow/ red. That's it!
  • In yo face America!!! Bow to your master, powermat!
  • Looks like the 1320 is a bigger 820 and the 1520 is a bigger 920.
  • Do apps scale the same on the 1320 as one would on say, the 92x or 1020? In terms of resolution and DPI... Is the image just "blown up" on a bigger screen or...?
  • Can't wait for 1520 to bit the Swedish market. Probably take 3-4 months after US release thou, just like the 1020 :(
  • Nokia said the 1320 will be able to run "the latest xbox games", does that include Order & Chaos Online and Modern Combat 4?