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Sign-up now for updates on the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925

We know T-Mobile is slated to get their first 4G LTE Windows Phone 8 device, the Nokia Lumia 925. For those sitting on the edge of their seat for this new Windows Phone, a sign-up page for the phone is available that may be an indication the release of the Lumia 925 isn't far away.

The Lumia 925 sports a 4.5" PureMotion HD+ screen, 1.5 GHz Dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage and a 8.7MP Pureview camera. The Lumia 925 will join the Lumia 928 at Verizon and Lumia 920 at AT&T as flagship Windows Phones for the U.S. carriers.

We're seeing the Lumia 925 pop up for pre-order in Germany along with Vodaphone, Three UK and other wireless providers in the United Kingdom. Even China is due to accept pre-orders for the Lumia 925 on June 17th. Could the U.S. variant be just around the corner?

To sign up for notifications and updates on the Lumia 925's release, ease on over here at T-Mobile to sign up. (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Aaron, for the tip!

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  • Fuck I wish I could get this.. HTC 8x T-Mobile locked for two years since November 2012.. Oo well by then windows os and Nokia phones will advance in time..
  • My roomate did the same with Verizon. She had terrible reception with the 8x so they let her get the 928 instead.
  • They really did this? Lucky roommate of yours!
  • I was with att and they let me upgrade to my 920 8 months in advance. Customer service they want us to be happy.
  • I thought their job was just to talk me out of leaving them :P
  • No that's what you tell them to get the upgrade ;p
  • Haha, want to sail with me?  I'm on the same boat.
    I'm checking with T-Mo right now to see how it would work since I'm still on the classic plan.
  • Tmo your not locked
  • Yes we are, we got the phones on 2 year contract when they first came out.  This was before their no contract thing.
  • You can always go to the out of contract thing and upgrade whenever you want.
  • Yeah but at the current point, that's a $200 fee haha, plus the price of the phone.  I think I'll just stick to the 8X and YET AGAIN GET SCREWED BY MY CARRIER/NOKIA.  /endrant
  • its $200 only - prorated, nothing else. So if you are 1 year into your contract, it will be about $100. I have done it.
  • You can pay an early access fee, which will vary depending on where you are in your contract. This will allow you to upgrade devices. It decreases $50 more or less for every 6 months you are in your contract until you reach 18 months of tenure at which point it becomes $0.
  • I get to keep my Nokia 810 after a month in my contract. Tmo only charge $200 for early termination fee. You should call them to confirm.
  • Yep, T-Mobile recently sent me an email to remind me that I can upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S4 (yuck) with no contract.
  • I'Ve been on Tmo for over 3 years & i get a new phone pretty frequently. All you have to do is go into a TMo and they will tell you how much you have to pay for a new phone & the rest is billed and they have always done that. You dont have to go the no contract route at all
  • I signed up with the 8X the exact time you did.  However, I paid off the balance on the phone a few months ago.  When the 925 comes out, I'm assuming I can buy it and do their financing option again.   Plus I should be able to sell or trade in the 8X so I won't be out much money.  That's the beauty of T-Mobile, even the people who are on a contract got their plan and phone split out.  You should be able to see this when you log into their website  My advice to you is sell the 8X, pay off the balance with T-Mobile and buy a 925. Also just FYI, even though you're still on contract with the Classic Plan, you can switch to their new plan structures. I did this with my Mom and added her Lumia 521 to my account.
  • I thought they had a stupid $200 migration fee.
  • No, I didn't get charged anything extra. The only catch is you're still obligated to your original contract end date, but there shouldn't be a charge to switch to their new plan structure.  Plus adding my mom (zero activation fee) was a bonus.  She loves her 521!  If you're interested in doing this, I would definitely call them or go to a store to make sure any fees gets waived.
  • It sounds like you are on the old classic plan, in which case, yes, you have to pay the migration fee. Still, you may be able to do some negotiation if you go into a local store.
  • I migrated 2 lines without any fees and even got $10 of a month for 2 years for loyalty last year but just have to see out the rest of my contract which expires in February 2014 but not planning to go anywhere because I pay $98 after taxes and I've unlimited everything including international text messages.
  • You can trade in your 8x for credit towards the 925
  • This isn t mobiles first. Minor correction in first paragraph
  • I'll bite: Which Windows Phone 8 device on T-Mobile has LTE? Because I have the 810 and 521 and neither have it.
  • I realized that after I commented but was too lazy to edit. You're right. And come to think of it, surprised its taken to June
  • So Daniel, is T-Mobile ever going to come out with an update/fix on the 810 for the "Other" storage issue?  I've searched but to no avail.
  • 810 has it but not available (previous DR Article) so it seems the 925 is going to be the 1st official unless i'm wrong
  • Its confusing the way things are phrased around here from a reader perspective. It should have said first LTE enabled win phone. Otherwise it seems like the first WP phone on Tmo.
  • My AT&T HTC 8X running on T-mobile has LTE and it is quite fast. I'm seeing more and more LTE areas pop up areound San Jose. I'm now left with the dilema of either giving my 8X to my wife when I finally get the email that the 925 is available or giving her the 925 and keeping the 8X for myself. No way I can convince her we both need new phones. I really do enjoy the 8X so I may just stay with it.
  • Unlocked Lumia 920 runs lte
  • This is not new I signed up a month ago or so! I wish they would just release it instead of playing T-Mobile Mind Tricks!
  • Yeap this is old.
  • Sure it's a little stale, but you can register again!
  • Yeah...very old.
  • They're going to release it after EOS.
  • Then i am going to ATT for the EOS :) That phone looks sweet! I can sell out for that phone. Also ever since my wife purchased the Iphone 5 on T-Mobile my Monthly bill went up and we paid it off so I am not sure T-Mobile is cheapier anymore for what you get!
  • Yep, definitely old. Not any indication of it coming any sooner.
  • Yeah that's my bad. I saw some other news site claim the link was new, so I forwarded it to wpcentral as a tip. Turns out its been around since almost announcement.
  • Yup me too signed a while ago! >_
  • eh... i can wait = ) ... very well content with my 810 and very happy that WP8 Nokias are doing what they need to do to gain more exposure...
  • These sign-ups are always a waste of our time because you will get the email days after they go on sale 99.99999% of the time
  • Sure, I will not be surprised if this launch drags out beyond reason, just like the ones before. Maybe this one will be different...
  • My money is on August.
  • I believe the 8X has LTE hardware onboard according to GSMArena.  Since T-Mo has EOL'd the 8X, I doubt they will enable it for LTE.  
    Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  • It doesn't matter what hardware can do as much as what T-Mobile will do. Don't think for a second they wouldn't withhold capabilities to push upgrades. T-Mobile cares about WP just a little more than Sprint.
  • I have 920, in yellow on t-mob and run LTE.
    only the problem is, sometime I won't receive or send MMS btw, I put that yellow housing on. It,looks hooooot ;)
  • is this ATT 920 or unlocked 920 or Rogers 920? I get only edge
  • Shoot I want it. I think its time I get rid of my HD 7
  • I was debating on getting the Nokia 521 until this one comes out and then just give it to my son as we both have HD7's at the moment. Such decisions in life......
  • Sign up here so you'll be last to know.... (still haven't gotten my email about 928, though I've had it since launch day).
  • Same here... When T-Mobile first put up that landing page about the 8X, I signed up and never heard a thing from them after the phone was released. Really annoying. Alas, I still did sign up about the 925. We'll see if they actually email me this time.
  • yay!! signed up. cant wait to cut those verizon chains and get this phone! :)
  • I signed up a month ago when the page first went up....
  • Does this get the Superman pre-order bonuses WPCentral wrote about earlier?
  • You can't pre-order it, so I doubt it.
  • I've been signed up! Take my money already!!! Lol.
  • Why does this phone have a different name on each carrier? The 920, 928, and 925 are all the same phone, right?
  • Not at all in appearance. Spec wise there close.
  • I'll wait on the 32GB or the Rogers EOS. Since I gotta pay full price I'm actually leaning on buying the Rogers EOS. My Rogers 920 runs perfect on Tmo so if the EOS is pentaband it will to.
  • When does the rogers eos come out?
  • Not sure but I'd assume the same time ATT does
  • I thought you only get edge?
  • No that's the ATT version. Rogers is pentaband. It works perfectly on Tmo.
  • It's official.. If you are male, and you get an iPhone, then you're a pussy!... iPhones are for strait up biaches... LOL!... I'm a trolllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... LMFAO!!
  • LMAO
  • serious question here...where does a trolla come from?
  • Already signed up. Can't wait!
  • Very tempted but I guess I'll wait till the fall to see what comes out with WP 8.1 but knowing T-Mobile this might be their flagship till next year.
  • NOW can we get the 810 updates?  Or did TMO go back on that like that LTE we were promised?  
  • That page been up for about 3 weeks now. Nothing new. But thanks for sharing with people. Power of a website with followers. ;)
  • ermm they had this ever since Nokia announced the 925
  • I still have to pay off my 810 that they no longer support. :(
  • Now wasn't signing up a waste of time....