Nokia Lumia 925 pre-orders in China start June 17; get in early and grab some Superman gear

Nokia has unveiled that pre-orders for the new Lumia 925 will kick off in China on June 17th, according to the official product page. Consumers will be able to pre-order the Windows Phone on As previous rumours suggested, those who get in there first will also receive the limited edition Superman branded wireless charging pack, which includes the Superman Fatboy wireless charging pillow and the Man of Steel cover.

Nokia is pushing the Lumia 925 hard with the new Superman Man of teel movie. Earlier this week we covered how the Lumia 925 sailed through certification in China, so we're not surprised it's not been long before the pre-order stage was announced. Also, the Lumia 925T will be heading to China Mobile (TD-SCDMA) and has been confirmed. However there's still no pricing for either.

Source: LiveSino, via: LiveSide

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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