Nokia Lumia 925: Ships in two days for Germany Vodafone customers

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a nice variant of the Lumia 920. Its aluminum construction allows it to be thinner and lighter, but at the expense of wireless charging. Still, the camera is slightly improved from the Lumia 920 since the Lumia 925 packs 6 lenses versus 5. That allows for sharper images. And if you’re in Germany and hoping to get this device your pre-orders ship in the next two days.

A pre-order page is up for the Nokia Lumia 925 on Vodafone Germany. And, according to the site, orders start shipping within the next two days! You better head to our Forums and share your impressions with the device if you’re one of those lucky ducks who will be getting the Lumia 925 fairly soon.

Source: Vodafone Germany

Thanks for the tip Husam H!

Sam Sabri