Simplenote for Windows 10 syncs your notes to all your devices

Simplenote brings a basic notepad from your PC, mixes in a few powerful features, and gives you the ability to sync all of your notes to any of your devices. You can tag entries, search through your notes, and work alongside friends and co-workers by sharing what you jot down.

The app is available for Windows 10 for free and also has versions on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 7/8, and Linux, all of which can be downloaded from Simplenote's website.

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Lightweight with just enough power

Simplenote has a clean design that lets you get to your notes without jumping through any hoops. Programs like OneNote are great for heavy-duty note taking with multimedia, images, and charts, but I find their interface to be overkill for just recording little notes here and there. Simplenote looks a lot like a basic text editor, housing a blank canvas that you can type in just as basic text or in markdown mode.

While relatively basic, Simplenote has some organization tools such as a search feature and tagging support. One feature that stands out is the ability to "go back in time." You can use a slider tool to jump to any previous point of a note that you've edited and then select to restore it.

The developers of Simplenote took the fact that it syncs over the web further by giving you the ability to collaborate with people. You can share notes and then both of you can make edits.

Anywhere you need it

While some Windows 10 apps can be reviewed in a vacuum, a number of apps and services need a presence on multiple platforms to be useful. For example, you're probably not going to use a to-do list app that is available on your PC but not your phone or tablet. A note app like Simplenote could be useful if you only used it on your PC, but the fact that it works so seamlessly with versions on iOS and Android pushes it over many competitors.

When you take notes on your phone, they sync almost instantaneously to your PC. I use my phone to jot down little notes all the time and having them jump over to my computer much more convenient than having to keep track of seperate apps.

Overall thoughts

I've tried a seemingly endless list of note apps and text editors and Simplenotes is one of my favorites. It doesn't have a lot of flair but has the features I need. If you need a powerful notes app, I'd look at OneNote or Evernote but for a lightweight, cross-platform app for taking notes, Simplenote will deliver a great experience.


  • Clean design
  • Works across platforms
  • Free


  • Lacks power of competitors

The only real knock on Simplenote is that there are paid competitors that many people already use that are more powerful. That's a small knock and only a factor if you're already locked into a specific note platform.

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  • Is it safe? I'm always dubious of any app (from MS, Google, wherever) that has 'uses all system resources' in the permissions list...
  • This. It's a free app, with no ads. And unlike MS and Google, they are a small dev, without other divisions fueling such apps, which cost time and money to create and keep up (especially that in this one, cloud is involved). It's quite likely that they mine data, or maybe even spy on devices by elevated permissions to pay for upkeep. And it's very likely that the security on their servers is low, as that also costs money.
  • I'd say the same. For server security, if you cannot trust MS or Google... who else you gonna trust? Sure, their BOT's reading our messages but it stays within their server. And no one in the company wants to read your message. Well... unless if you BF/GF works in there and wants to track your conversation (but he/she'll get fired by doing that) or you said something that flag the system, trigger the red alert. For services like this, always-syncing, it cost a lotta money. small team, no ads, no funding... I'd more careful with small company or new apps these days. It'd be safer if it has billions of users. Cause, amount those billions of users, someone, will exam / monitor their services for you.
  • Simplenote is from Automattic...they're behind a little something called Wordpress. They are not a "small dev" at all.
  • Installed it on my laptop, not available for Windows phone. So how does it sync between all my devices if my phone is a device?
    Lumia 650
  • A Lumia 650 owner here too, yes the headline clearly states all your devices.
  • Look for Simple Paper. - if it still exists. It's a Windows Phone note taking app that works with Simple Note.
    Actually, it was developed by Simple Note for Windows Phone.