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SiriusXM offers unparalleled audio quality and a platform that allows hosts greater freedom of expression.


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Satellite radio is an important part of the morning commuting ritual. Sitting in your car, bored out of your mind by traffic… it just screams for a distraction — and there's a reason many people turn to the satisfying hiss-free power of SiriusXM.

Now you can start your day listening to SiriusXM right on your Windows 10 PC, tablet, or laptop, and then continue the experience in your car. The Windows 10 SiriusXM app is now available and is our latest Gem. Does that mean you can get Howard Stern on your Surface? Yes, yes it does.

The go-to radio

Ever since 2007, SiriusXM has been the only true satellite radio experience once the merger between Sirius and XM Radio. The merger brought with it the best of both worlds and a powerhouse offering of 155 channels including the legendary (and controversial) Howard Stern. Indeed, Stern attracts nearly 12 million listeners a week and is considered one of the main draws to SiriusXM (the company recently re-signed him for another five years). He's so famous he gets his very own section, and you could argue that SiriusXM itself is synonymous with the infamous host.

But there is much more to SiriusXM than just Stern.

In the car, SiriusXM offers unparalleled quality compared to terrestrial AM or FM radio. For the talent, it provides a platform that is unregulated and unencumbered by the FCC — SiriusXM and its hosts argue this brings more freedom of expression. The service regularly hosts many controversial political shows that partisan viewers flock to listen to every day.

With a SiriusXM Online Account ($15.99 per month) you can take that experience anywhere. While you could use the SiriusXM website, it still uses a legacy Flash player (shudder), which more and more browsers are abandoning. For example, I prefer to use the Opera browser and SiriusXM is a no-go there thanks to a lack of Flash support. Web apps also require you to keep the browser open and logged in, and let's be honest — they're just clumsy compared to a dedicated app.

The SiriusXM Online package brings you the following features:

  • Listen in Your Car + Online and on the App
  • Commercial-Free Music Channels
  • Exclusive Artist-Dedicated Music Channels
  • Howard Stern
  • 24/7 Comedy Channels
  • News, Talk & Entertainment
  • Every NFL Game
  • Every NASCAR® Race
  • MLB, NBA, and NHL Games

While $15.99 a month may seem expensive, you are paying for ad-free content with no interruptions, plus the vast assortment of highly valued content like live broadcasts of U.S. major league sports.

Besides the live radio aspect, you can also listen to On Demand content as well, including entire back catalogs of many favorite shows. Even more fascinating is the ability to pause a live broadcast in your car only to pick up the same spot in the new Windows 10 app, making sure you never miss a word.

SiriusXM plus Windows 10 is nearly perfect

The SiriusXM app is now available as a free download in the Windows Store for PC, tablets, and laptops. Although the company has not commented if the app is coming to Windows 10 Mobile, the adaptive layout suggests that it very well could. When you shrink the app down to a the size of phone's screen it gracefully reconfigures itself by shifting the menu to the bottom and putting dedicated player controls near the top.

Speaking of the layout, I found the design of SiriusXM for Windows 10 to be excellent. I am not a regular user of the service, so I approached using the app as a complete novice. Logging in was a breeze and navigating the menus was intuitive. The app looks great whether you have it shrunken down to a Mobile layout (ideal for the corner of your screen), windowed as a standard app or full screen if you want to get the whole experience. App performance is excellent with no lags, stutters, or artifacts observed.

The menu is divided into five main areas, including:

  • Search: Type in specific phrases, proper names, or genres of music to find a station you want
  • Channels: This is the central area that breaks down further into Music, Sports, Howard Stern, News & Issues, Talk & Entertainment, and More.
  • Recent: Your listening history for quick access
  • Me: My notifications, which let you optionally continue a broadcast you were listening to, Custom Channels, Application Settings, Help and legal.
  • Favorites: Bookmarked stations and shows for quick one-touch access

The menus themselves are clever as they expand and the category label turns to an X to back out. Simple menu options let you add or remove channels from favorite, get more information, or clear.

Want to let your friends know what you are listening to? Just use the standard Share picker to send the info to any Windows 10 app. The sharing message is quite basic e.g. "Now Playing on Punk Party: I'm listening to The Agony Of Victory by NOFX". There is no link or even mention of SiriusXM, which I found a bit odd, but it's still better than nothing.

Under app settings, you can set the stream to Normal, High, or Maximum depending on your bandwidth or a metered connection. Optionally you can enable TuneStart, which lets you start songs at the beginning when you tune to a music channel (super cool!) and Keep Menu Open on Tune, which lets you "turn on to keep the menu open when tuning to a channel, show, or episode."

One of the most useful features is being able to set a notification reminder for the start of a specific show. SiriusXM also has a decent Live Tile that flips to show you currently playing content.

Out the gate, I'm very impressed with the SiriusXM app for Windows 10. The performance was excellent, the design fits in with the OS, options were readily available, and as a novice user, I found nothing confusing.

To SiriusXM or not to SiriusXM?

While you can try out SiriusXM for free for 30 days the question whether you will continue to use it or not is a personal one. Certainly, the attraction of SiriusXM is the ability to listen to exclusive content that can't be heard anywhere else at a quality that broadcast radio simply cannot match. The ability to stream stations, listen to old shows or catch up on Stern hours after his live broadcast is certainly very enticing.

I'm happy to give the Windows 10 app high marks in this initial outing. The app is a pure Windows 10 experience with all the features you would expect from a premium service. The design is not ported but tailored for the modern Windows 10 world and for that I can recommend the SiriusXM app. Now let's just hope they bring it to Windows 10 Mobile as well!

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  • We just got it in the car, no clue there was an app. But not for mobile, so I can't use it at work
  • i use sirius on the regular in my car and am looking forward to using this app on my sp4.. here's to hoping for a UWP for mobile ..  #sweepstakes
  • I have SiriusXM in my car. I enjoy listening to talk radio on my long trips to visit family. #sweepstakes
  • I know it's crazy and weird, but I prefer to just listen to the actual radio. Yeah, there are ads, but it is wayyy cheaper than any service or device. That's why I was so disappointed to here that Microsoft ditched their (very easy to use) FM Radio app.
  • Yeah. Damn shame about the FM Radio app. I don't fully understand Microsoft's decision to remove it -- maybe it'll be part of Groove Music in a later update. For now, though, I'm sticking with TuneIn Radio and my personal collection in Groove.
  • I just renewed our Sirius subscription. $29 for 6 months.
    It's also on my droid. Works great.
  • I had satellite radio fora couple years and loved it. We ended up switching vehicle and don't have it built in anymore, so we haven't had it for a while. #sweepstakes
  • I've always been tempted to try Sirius away from the car. #sweepstakes
  • I have to agree with you. #sweepstakes
  • I'm torn, because I have T-Mobile which doesn't count Pandora against my datacap. However, SiriusXM probably has better coverage than T-Mobile. But since I generally use radio in my car, I'm pretty much bypassing the Online account (and therefore the Windows 10 app) of SiriusXM and would only consider the ones for the actual radio. #sweepstakes
  • Love listening to classic hip hop, WHEREVER I am, on Sirius XM. #sweepstakes
  • I used to listen Mix-radio but now after it's completely wind-up using Microsoft Groove music ( US - region Xbox pass )  ( I'm not taking part in this ). #sweepstakes   Don't count me. Count me only in Surface, Lumia 950 or XL entry.
  • why even make an app not in Universal mode? we are going backwards, not forwards guys!!! 
  • Why using SiriumXM if you can plugin yout mobile an use a service with music on deman? I suppose coverage is a good point, but most of the time I have coverage on the areas I transit. #sweepstakes
  • Ever since I got SiriusXM, I've never looked back to traditional radio. There's a MASSIVE variety of stations to choose from, which pander to nearly every sort of taste you can think of. I particularly love their Lithium station- 90s grunge and alt rock, and classic rock album cuts (forgot what this station's called, but if you like more deeper classic rock than what you'll hear on Casey Kasem reruns, this one's for you). Here's hoping for a mobile version soon. #sweepstakes
  • Love Sirius, always listen to it in my car and love that you can get any genre of music you want. #sweepstakes
  • I have it in the car, this is great news. No ads and lot of choices. #sweepstakes
  • I only subscribe to SiriusXM when I can get a deal, otherwise I listen to music I own or lease through Groove music.  #sweepstakes
  • I am a long-time Spotify user preferring the flexible options available for those with a limited income. However, I have found Apple music to stream in a slightly better audio quality than Spotify and when I can, I plan to start a student membership account with them. As a devoted Android and Windows fan, I find it odd that any Apple service would get my attention (given my many years disliking Apple for its proprietary actions) but Apple Music definitely made an impression on me during my three-month trial. Thank you for this opportunity to win these awesome looking headphones, mine are not cordless and lack in features, so they would be very welcome. :-) #sweepstakes
  • I personally don't see much use in Sirius when we have so many services such as Groove and Spotify that provide music on demand whenever we want. I still use it here and there for House Of Borgeous podcast but even that I can get it from somewhere else. Radio is going the way of the CD, plain and simple.  #sweepstakes
  • yes i am a fan for sure #sweepstakes
  • I enjoy music, but I have never subscribed to SiriusXM. The 30 day free trial may change my mind. #sweepstakes
  • I Love Sirius I can get everything I want and more!
  • man, i would love to have these in class while on breaks to jam out all the noise. #Sweepstakes
  • I have not tried the service but certainly would be interested in trying.
  • Just in case anybody thinks that this app is for satellite radio, it is for Internet streaming of the SiriusXM broadcasts. Few (if any) PCs or phone have a satellite receiver and antenna.
  • Sirius and any app related to it are unfortunately no-go with me, as I only listen to several stations. #sweepstakes
  • We have it in the car, I'll have to look at switching to the online service, didn't know it existed! #sweepstakes
  • love SiriusXM, can't wait to use this app #sweepstakes
  • Nice service, just almost incredibly hard to terminate a subscription. #sweepstakes
  • Love Siriux XM, now I can stay connected even when I'm not commuting to work with my car. #Sweepstakes
  • Anywhere***** *(except mobile)
  • I haven't had the opportunity to try SirusXM yet. #sweepstakes
  • I like to listen to it in my car #sweepstakes
  • Nice Service, Keep the amazing job on the service #Sweepstakes
  • I LOVE Lithium on SiriusXM #Sweepstakes
  • I surely am a  SiriusXM fan #Sweepstakes
  • I've been a SiriusXM subscriber since the XM days.  While the service makes my wallet cry (not quiet as bad as my broadband and cable service provider) it is a real treat on long drives for work and frequent weekend get aways.  Now it's feels like more of a value since it will be available on my PCs, and as I just discovered, on my Android devices as well.  I just hope they don't plan to tack on another charge for the broader access.
  • For music I still have to burn CDs for my car stereo ... for radio I listen to NPR. One day I'll upgrade the car stereo so that I can listen to mp3 lol #sweepstakes
  • If your car cigarette lighter works, you can get a Bluetooth adapter that connects to your phone and then transmits the audio over an unused FM signal. There's a bit of quality loss, but everything still sounds good. It also has 2 USB ports. I'm pretty sure I paid $15 for it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am not a fan of SiriusXM. I would never use it enough to justify the monthly expense. Had to drop Netflix for the same reason. #sweepstakes.  
  • In the car, I use an USB with my MP3s on it. #sweepstakes
  • I am  a SiriusXM fan and enjoy listening while I work on my computer. #sweepstakes
  • I haven't yet but am very interested. #sweepstakes
  • I don't like more the monthly fee, so SiriusXM is not for me. My monthly fee are Netflix and Microsoft Live (Groove music pass).  #sweepstakes
  • Between Groove, Spotify, YouTube, podcasts and now this.... Content Overload #sweepstakes
  • I don't use sirius, I have my collection stream from onedrive and use FM radio. #sweepstakes
  • I always enjoyed listening to SiriusXM when I was on vacation in the US. I was hoping to get it sometime in Switzerland too, but seems to be US only :-(
  • I've never used SiriusXM. A few months ago I signed up for YouTube Red for a promotion but kept it after using YouTube Music and Google Play Music.
    #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As a TuneIn listener, already just glad I have an unlimited data package! #sweepstakes
  • I don't have SiriusXM on my car . I just prefer a different type of service right now  #sweepstakes  
  • I have listened to Sirius in other people's cars, and it seems generally good. I'm honestly quite happy putting on a local FM station, though. #sweepstakes
  • I had a three-month trial of SiriusXM with my recent car purchase, and frankly, I wasn't impressed with the service. I use a flash drive full of music in my car, and stream from various site at work. #Sweepstakes
  • This is great!  I enjoy SiriusXM in my car during commute time and it's great to see them embracing Windows 10. #sweepstakes
  • I've used SiriumXM for many years. I absolutely love the service. #sweepstakes
  • I am torn between liking and not liking Sirius = maybe it is the random costs - but wouldlove some headphones #sweepstakes
  • Would be nice to use outside of teh car. #sweepstakes    
  • Love Sirius.  Gotta get that Howard fix. #sweepstakes
  • I used to have it in my car, but I might give it another try if time/money permits. ​#sweepstakes    
  • love me some alt nation and of course howard!!! #sweepstakes
  • Had it long ago when it was way cheaper. Didn't really care for it. #sweepstakes
  • Just wanted to make one quick correction: The SiriusXM Online package ($15.99/mo) does not include access to NFL games. For that, you must have an active satellite radio with NFL included. This means you basically need SiriusXM All Access, which costs $19.99/mo. Also, only the Music channels are commercial-free. Most of the news, sports, talk and entertainment channels have commercials. All that said, I'm a SiriusXM subscriber and it's my main music listening source these days. I'm greatly enjoying the new app and I hope they release a mobile version soon, especially since the app already has a responsive layout. #sweepstakes
  • I don't use SiriusXM. I know people who do and I don't think it's worth it for me. Live streaming apps like TuneIn and a Groove Pass are more than enough for me. #sweepstakes
  • I'm not a Sirius XM fan. I use iTunes for music. #sweepstakes
  • I'm a current Sirius XM subscriber and love the listening to the music I like #Sweepstakes
  • I personally don't see the value at that price, but the content is solid. #sweepstakes
  • I have XM in the car my wife uses to commute 35+ minutes to school. I don't have it in my vehicle because my commute is less than 10 minutes. Overall it is a great service. #sweepstakes
  • We don't subscribe to SiriusXM now due to the fact that we are minimizing to save for home improvements; however, we have in the past and it's a great ear kiss while traveling! #sweepstakes
  • Hmmm, I had it in my car but was already paying for Zune Music pass, er, xbox music, er, Groove Music and didn't want to pay twice so I went with the one that was in the most places. I may just give it a chance again. #sweepstakes
  • To be honest I did not know that Sirius had an app to use for listening.  I have not been a fan simply because I didn't want another device to keep up with but will certainly give this a look to see if I like it!  Thanks for the informative article.  This comment is meant to be a #sweepstakes entry.
  • I used to subscribe to Sirius but started using Spotify instead. #sweepstakes
  • I've used SiriusXM before, but I've always preferred local music. I hardly listen to the radio anymore.
    #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Deezer is my app
  • I think SiriusXM is good, especially for the HD.  #sweepstakes
  • I listen to SiriusXM everyday #sweepstakes
  • sirusxm, pandora, amazon music and groove #sweepstakes
  • Usually just listen to music I have bought. #sweepstakes
  • Borrowed the in-laws car for a few months, best part of it was they had SiriusXM - loved it. Couldn't justify the cost once I gave the car back. Now my commuting is handled with Spotify. #sweepstakes
  • I mostly listen to fm radio and stream at home. #sweepstakes
  • I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to music. I prefer an actual radio as my service. That said, I use TuneIn a lot on Xbox. #sweepstakes
  • I have SiriusXM in the car, but switch between Spotify and Google Play Music. #sweepstakes
  • I enjoy SiriusXM because I can listen to CNBC on my drive to/from work. #sweepstakes
  • While I still prefer over the air radio or music off a thumb drive in my cars usb port my wife loves SiriusXM.  She complains when she has to drive or ride in my car and listen to regular radio. This is an entry for the sweepstakes. #sweepstakes
  • Just started using it on the laptop. Shattered my phone so just limited to the laptop for now. Awesomme. #sweepstakes.
  • I'm a xm fan #sweepstakes
  • I usually just use Google Play Music and sometimes, spotify. For radio, it would be #sweepstakes
  • I subscribe to Google Play Music, so I also get YouTube Red. #sweepstakes Posted via my Nexus 7 2013 using the Windows Central App for Android
  • Provides a great experience in the car. #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yep I hope for a uwp soon. #sweepstakes
  • I currently use Pandora for all of my music needs. I enjoy the ease of creating stations and shuffling them. I have really broad music tastes. So, this is the easist way that I have found to satisfy a need for a shuffle of that many generes of music at once. #sweepstakes
  • Have SiriusXM in our car #sweepstakes
  • Not a big fan of satalite radio, but #sweepstakes
  • I use Spotify now. One day I will get satellite radio. #sweepstakes 
  • I'm a TuneIn Radio fan myself, but I wouldn't giving Sirius a shot if I could. #sweepstakes
  • I don't really see a need for it. I use local radio (in car) and Grrove music (or some other music pass in the future). #sweepstakes
  • Posting as an entry into the sweepstakes  #sweepstakes. Sounds like a good option. Thank you for the information.
  • SiriusXM is awesome! too bad my car doesn't have it.  #sweepstakes
  • I usually use Spotify.  I would love to try other sources.  #sweepstakes
  • What's FM radio? Been SiriusXM subscriber for 12 years, haven't heard a commercial since..
  • Had a trial when I first got my car and loved it! #sweepstakes
  • I had it for a while in my car, but let it go since I didn't listen as much. #sweepstakes
  • I am a Sirius XM fan!!  #sweepstakes  Thank you Windows Central #DoMoreEveryDay!  
  • Would love these for my long flights.#Sweepstakes
  • I really don't see much value in paying for access to any music service. If I can't get it for free (even ad-supported), I prefer to fall back on my extensive music library.#sweepstakes
  • I like Sirius XM and used to be a subscriber. However, to save some money, we let our subscription go. I like the idea of no commercials. I am posting this entry for the sweepstakes. #sweepstakes
  • So, how much did SiriusXM pay for this ad?  
  • I have never tried SiriusXM.  I don't know what I am missing.    #sweepstakes
  • Total Fan of SiriusXM! 
  • I enjoy listening to Sirius-XM satellite radio, as noted in the article, the quality and variety of programming is excellent. I find the pricing a little high, especially when compared to other radio streaming services. However, if it were to be offered up as a W10M app, I would unsubscribe from Spotify and subscribe to Sirius-XM. In fact I had it for several years on the XM peanut styled radio, and I am trialing now as part of a free offer from GMC. #sweepstakes
  • yes i am a fan for sure #sweepstakes
  • Let's get Sirius, let's get Sirius, let's get Sirius and fall in love... #sweepstakes
  • Sirius is nice but don't use it.  Good old fashioned radio and Pandora is my shtick.  #sweepstakes
  • sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sirius would be a good service, but I do not want to pay when I have free radio and iHeart Radio streaming. #sweepstakes 
  • always wanted serius xm in my car but using sattelite radio #sweepstakes 
  • Definitely a SiriusXM fan. Love it on road trips! #sweepstakes 
  • Love SiriusXM, have it in the car and just downloaded the windows 10 app yesterday. Enter me in the sweepstakes please! #sweepstakes
  • With Satellite radio, you do get a great selection, but I ultimately I like regular radio better because the price is right. I posted this comment as a #sweepstakes entry.
  • I don't have much experience with satellite radio, but would love to give it a try.  My few forays in a rental car were quite enjoyable.  :)  #sweepstakes
  • This is Amazing! I love all the new treats Windows is offering. Thank You! #sweepstakes
  • I have used Sirius a few times years ago but haven't looked at it recently.   Sounds like I need to give it a try again!  I have been using the lower cost music services but did like the Sirius channels in the past.  #Sweepstakes   
  • I am a fan for SiriusXM, but I can't afford to subscribe to it right now. It was great to hear the different channels that are available when I was driving a company car. posting as an entry into the sweepstakes
  • I have SiriusXM in my Ford F150 and also my Focus! Love to listen to Patriot channel for talk and Classic Rewind and Vinyl for my Rock & Roll! #sweepstakes
  • Although I can appreciate streaming music services, as a musician, I am very disappointed by how little they pay the artists for their content... so, no SiriusXM for me    #sweepstakes
  • I love my SiriusXM!  It's Bluesville channel 70 all the time, baby!!  #sweepstakes  Posting as an entry into the sweepstakes.
  • play my nice and beautiful tunes and music #sweepstakes.
  • I had a free trial of SiriusXM and loved it! #sweepstakes
  • Not really a fan of Sirius, prefer just to stream my own music from Groove. #sweepstakes
  • I don't have much opportunity to use SiriusXM, but, when I have, all my experiences have been good.  The combination with Windows 10 should only make the experience better.  #sweepstakes
  • Not a huge Satellite radio fan- mostly because I don't listen that much when home and don't drive that much so Satellite radio doesn't make sense for me to pay for the service. I started using the Zune service many years ago and liked the "pay monthly to listen all you want and keep 10" plan. I kept that for some time. I still subscribe to Groove, though don't use it as much as I probably should. I know part of that is the number of device limitations, but the other is that we mainly only stream/play music a lot for special events. #sweepstakes
  • We use to have SiriusXM, and I loved it!  My husband retired and now we really can't afford it.  I miss it a lot! #sweepstakes  I posted this comment as a sweepstakes entry
  • Can't say I've ever been a big SiriusXM fan. Why get another subscription when I have an antenna and podcasts? #sweepstakes
  • I have Sirius in both my and my wife's car. #sweepstakes
  • I don't even have a data plan, so it's traditional radio or SD card-loaded music for me. #sweepstakes
  • Traveling in the car cross country is the best time to have Sirius. It is some much easier than constantly scanning for stations. #sweepstakes
  • Sirius fan ... really.  Please enter me in the #sweepstakes.
  • I am a SiriusXM fan!  Music is my "life's blood"; can't live without it!  #sweepstakes
  • I don't have it in my car and have not really tried it before....someday. #sweepstakes
  • I like SiriusXM, but for music streaming, I prefer spotify. Not because I have premium, but I almost can find those artists what I want....
  • Guess I'm just too old to think that I should have to pay for the radio. #sweepstakes
  • I just listen to MP3s. :) #sweepstakes
  • We have SiriusXM in the car. I'm looking forward to an UWP Mobile app.
  • I've never tried SiriusXM. I use Groove for now.  #sweepstakes
  • We've enjoyed it in the past when we had the radio. The R an B stations were great.  
  • #sweepstakes #SiriusXM  I'm not sure when did I lose interest for Sirius, but it used to be a very real contender back in the days. Perhaps if they were not letting the advertising take over content, users will definitively switch more often.  I will definitively give the App a try as my subscription via BUICK is still opened and if I can use it on the Windows App is even better.
  • I'm using Spotify for now, would like to try it at some point. #sweepstakes
  • I dont have SiriusXM but have heard lots of good things about the shows and service. #sweepstakes
  • i've have never use siriusXM but i use TuneIn and Pandora #sweepstakes
  • I like SiriusXM in the car, especially for travel, but never tried it in an app. #sweepstakes
  • My wife wants it back in her car, now # sweepstakes
  • I am a siriusXM fan #sweepstakes
  • I prefer having my own music and playlist with me but SiriusXM sounds interesting. #sweepstakes
  • I'd love to have sirius, but I just listen to the radio online. I like syndicated blues shows too. #sweeps
  • #sweepstakes I get my music from Youtube..Just youtube new mix 
  • Just listen via YouTube usually #sweepstakes
  • I am a fan of SiriusXM but I don't currently have it. Right now I am rocking with Pandora! #sweepstakes
  • i'm old school, i still buy cds! #sweepstakes  
  • I'm a fan #sweepstakes
  • I am a SIRIUSXM Fan #Sweepstakes
  • I've never used satellite radio before but it sounds cool. I possibly use Deezer now that mix radio is gone #sweepstakes
  • I am a SIRIUSXM Fan! #sweepstakes
  • I like it in my car but never tried it on w10m. #sweepstakes
  • The device I'm using to listen to music  most of the time is my (Windows) Phone. As long as they don't have an app for the phone I'm going to use different streaming services instead. Requesting entry into the #sweepstakes 
  • I'm a fan of all UWP apps.  This is great to see Sirius taking Win10 serious.  Thanks for the support. #sweepstakes
  • I prefer a free service like Pandora #sweepstakes
  • i love music i am a fan i had 6 months free with my car, i also like to stream my favorite songs and plug ipod into car, if you hear singing coming from a car its probably my family and i !   #sweepstakes 
  • Not yet, but, I'm seriously considering it.  #sweepstakes  
  • SiriusXM has always been my music service choice. #sweepstakes
  • I used to subscribe to SiriusXM but am more on Pandora now #sweepstakes
  • I've not used SiruiusXM much - a little in a couple of rental cars that had it. These day's I power nearly all my radio needs through my phone, be it my own music in Groove or spoitfy, or "radio" like Slacker and until they closed it, MixRadio, and real radio via TuneIn or IHeartRadio. Occasionally i do listen to plain old over the air, but with so much choise, i don't feel the need to subscribe. #sweepstakes
  • Love  Sirius XM in my car thanks                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Still perfectly happy with good old FM radio. #sweepstakes
  • Love  Sirius XM in my car thanks  #Sweepstakes            
  • We have SiriusXM on our car and even though it's in preview it's still great, love it! #sweepstakes
  • I prefer radios on groove #sweepstakes
  • I probably would be a fan, but it's not a service I use because I can't afford it :)  I don't use any service for radio at the moment. Just sites like Pandora for music. #sweepstakes
  • Love SiriusXM!  Also love headphones!  #sweepstakes
  • I mostly listen to MLB games on the radio so this intrigues me about Sirius XM... #sweepstakes
  • I listen to Sirius XM in the car for its great music stations! #sweepstakes
  • Not available in the UK then? I guess I can only hope I will become a Sirius XM fan! #sweepstakes
  • I am definitely a SiriusXM fan.  #sweepstakes
  • We had SiriusXM for a short while but found we really weren't big fans.  We just listen to commercial radio now. #sweepstakes
  • Love Sirus XM. Can't handle all of the commericals on FM and AM radio! #sweepstakes
  • We had SiriusXM when we first got the car for was fine/don't really listen to the radio a bunch anymore! #sweepstakes 
  • I just don't listen to music like I used to. When  my grandson was younger that's about all we used to do when taking a trip or going shopping but you know how it is when they get too old to hang out with NaNa. Thanks for the chance to win! #Sweepstakes
  • I love Sirius in my car, but most of my time is spent on Spotify #sweepstakes
  • I use SiriusXM in both cars and stream it on my desktop computer
    Having the app will be a plus since iI will be able to listen to music without having another tab open on the browser. #sweepstakes
  • I'm not big into subscription music services, much prefer owning my the music and listening to my local radio.    #sweepstakes
  • No data = no streaming :(.  Wouldn't mind trying a service if I had data. #sweepstakes
  • I stream Pandora radio in my iPhone and iPad (free version with ads). #sweepstakes
  • I usually prefer streaming audio or satellite audio. Generally, the satellite audio sounds way over-compressed for my tastes. #Sweepstakes
  • I generally prefer streaming services like Spotify for my music needs. A lot of that comes down to the fact I don't drive, and thus I can't really justify the $15/month when I can get far more out of a $10 subscription to Spotify. #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've never had it nor tried it, just listen to broadcast radio in the car.  #sweepstakes
  • i am a big sirius fan #sweepstakes
  • have tried in car in past but don't see the value. #sweepsstakes
  • I prefer to play CDs/dl of music I actually like    I don't appreciate the autotune, talentless crap that radio(satellite or regular) repetitively plays. #sweepstakes
  • If you like material that's pre-recorded and played over an over again then it is the app for you.  #sweepstakes
  • Not a SiriusXM fan or any other music service. #sweepstakes
  • I usually listen to my iPod, unless I'm driving with a couple people that have Sirius installed. #sweepstakes
  • I only have it in my car.  In the house, I stream music via an online service.  At work, I stream via an online service. I posted this comment as a #sweepstakes entry
  • I listen to precorded music on my MP3. I also stream on YouTube! #sweepstakes
  • I love Sirius XM! I don't always have the budget for it, but they had a great deal last winter, and I couldn't pass it up! The last time I had Sirius XM, Martha Stewart had a channel, which I loved. It's no longer on, but there are so many great channels to choose from. Thanks for a great giveaway! #sweepstakes
  • I had Sirius once in the past and it was great but not in the budget. I stick to the radio or my cds. #sweepstakes
  • I love SiriusXM!  #sweepstakes
  • I mostly listen to Sirius XM in my car. #sweepstakes
  • As a professional musician I can say that Sirius is one of the few music content providers that properly remunerates the use of content. Thanks for the give away and keep listening to sirius!
  • I've been using Spotify and Stingray Music are usually what I attach to. Most with TV service get a list of music stations available for streaming online. Surprised not many know of this. #sweepstakes
  • SiriusXM, seriously? Finally! I'm grandfathered into a lifetime subscription to SiriusXM (only XM when I purchased it). But now that SiriusXM is coming to Windows 10 Mobile I may have to break my lifetime subscription to add streaming or add another subscription. Anyhow, finally a little #windows10mobilerespect with a long overdue app for our platform. Oh, and sign me up for those sweet wireless headphones, since I'll be listening to my SiriusXM on my 950XL.
  • I am definitely a Sirius fan - love several of the channels! #sweepstakes
  • My husband insisted I use my Sirius XM that came with my new car. After tuning to some great stations, I agree. I love it. Not going back to FM #sweepstakes   
  • I am not a fan of having to pay for radio services in a vehicle.  I posted this comment as a Sweepstakes entry
  • I am a Sirius XM fan,I listen to it on my tablet,through Dish Network on my TV! #sweepstakes
  • I am definitely a fan or Sirius XM! I don't have satellite radio but it's one of the perks I look forward to when renting a car. #Sweepstakes
  • I mainly listen to my collection. That and the occasional podcast. #sweepstakes
  • I love sirus xm. Until my hear ran out. #sweepstakes
  • I prefer the local radio stations so that I can hear great music and hear the local news #sweepstakes
  • sirius is so expensive. It is awesome when you have it as a trial when you buy a car, but $16 is steep for something that I would listen moderately #sweepstakes  
  • no way im paying more to listen to it on WIFI  #sweepstakes
  • Pandora or Tune In Radio #sweepstakes
  • I prefer Groove Music on PC. #sweepstakes
  •  fully enjoyable #sweepstakes
  • I've always been tempted to try Sirius away from the car. #sweepstakes
  • I use Spotify and Pandora depending on what device I am using. #sweepstakes
  • I like the idea of satellite radio but don't like the price. I just stick to FM for now. #sweepstakes
  • I don't use SiriusXM since it's not available in my country. Would like to try when it's available. I use Apple Music
    #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love that headphone :) But I never ever used Sirius #sweepstakes
  • I have Sirius in my car. It will be great to listen to my favorite channels in my office #sweepstakes
  • I don't use Sirius XM as much in my car as much as I stream on my computer and mobile devices. The audio quality is great and the programs are top notch. Car streaming is nice to have but I can't stand the low res audio. #sweepstakes
  • I love Sirius XM! So nice not to have commercials! #sweepstakes
  • No Sirius here. I like to use my music player on my phone. #sweepstakes
  • Love SiriusXM! Hair Nation is my favorite! #sweepstakes
  • For the longest time I used Sirius for my music but these days I'm using Spotify. But I've always listened to more talk than music, and that's where SiriusXM really shines. #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • From what I have seen on others' SiriusXM accounts, it looks preety cool. I myself just listen to live feeds of my home city's local radio stations. Feeds the nostagia bug from time to time. #sweepstakes
  • LOVE using Sirius in the car, and looking forward to trying it on mobile device.  Thanks for the app! #sweepstakes    
  • i prefer when i have a subscription Groove Music but when i dont  i use Spotify and i never used siriusxm radio #sweepstakes
  • Not a SiriusXM fan. I just don't see the value. #sweepstakes
  • Not a fan of SiriusXM. #sweepstakes
  • Since most radio content is formatted for commercial use, Sirus/XM has to fill up the extra time.  They do so by playing endless adds about themselves being "Commercial-free".  That is a real problem for the talk shows.  Music does play commercial free most of the time. #sweepstakes
  • I use it all the time if I get a free trial or included with a rental car #sweepstakes
  • I listen in my car and at home. The app does not work on my phone as I have a Blackberry but soon I may need to jump to WIndows again if they come out with a phone I like.
  • #sweepstakes Sirius all the way
  • I use apple music and just listen to AM radio in the car, so I don't know too much first hand about Sirius Radio #sweepstakes
  • I really like Sirius,   I rode to work with my friend who has it in her car and it was wonderful.  I posted this comment as a #sweepstakes entry
  • Sirius would be awesome at my work desk. #sweepstakes
  • I do love SiriusXM!
  • Gotta get the number off my car radio and then I can check it out. #sweepstakes
  • I do love SiriusXM! #sweepstakes
  • I use a blend of Slacker Radio and Tunin Radio for my music and talk "radio" #sweepstakes
  • I was a customer of XM Radio long before the merger with Sirius while I was driving a Big Rig, and let me tell you, it was the blessing of all blessings to be able to listen to a station for longer than 100 miles which passed pretty quickly, especially in those areas of the country where there weren't many stations to choose from.  #sweepstakes entry
  • not a fan, but i would be if i had free service lol #sweepstakes
  • Ugh, it's not available for mobile phones. I wonder why devs choose the release for PC, tablets and not phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Siriusxm is pretty good in the car for road trips, only place I listen to it #sweepstakes
  • I have spotify but I don't have sirusxm. Wish I did.   #sweepstakes 
  • I personally don't like Sirius because the sound quality is so bad. #sweepstakes    
  • #sweepstakes. SiriusXM fan for sure, amazing quailty and pleasure to be a customer
  • I like the Techno channels but not the price. Sigh #sweepstakes
  • I've had Sirius in rental cars I've used and I really like it! When I'm at home I use Pandora on my phone. #sweepstakes
  • #sweepstakes I've never tried SiriusXM but I've always wanted to!
  • Hvae to be honest, not a fan of SiriusXM, would rather use spotify or Kuwo music or QQ music. #sweepstakes
  • We enjoy SirusXM #sweepstakes
  • I'm a Sirius XM fan #sweepstakes
  • I listen to SiriusXM everyday on the trip to work. The music channels are great but I would pay more to get rid of the annoying advertising on all of the other stations! # sweepstakes
  • I don't listen to Sirius now but have in the past.  My mobile is enough for me. #sweepstakes  
  • I listen to Sirius XM when the free trial kicks in every so often in the car. It's good to listen to music uninterrupted, but paying for it can be frustrating. I listen to Pandora mostly, but that is a data killer. CD's, and good ole radio are still my loyal friends. #sweepstakes
  • I listen to spotify mostly but sirius is very handy in the car  #sweepstakes
  • I purchased my first XM satellite radio way back before I even bought my first car.  Love satellite radio!!  #sweepstakes
  • I prefer TuneIn Radio. #sweepstakes
  • Listen to SiriusXM as it plays all day where I work. Now that there's an app, I'll definitely listen to it on my offtime #sweepstakes
  • Joined SiriusXM a few years ago since it was free for 3 months on my new Malibu. Never thought I'd like sat radio... How wrong I was! I ended up suscribing for channel 76 especially, but soon added more channels to my presets. Just love it, and there's never a fading signal, noise or commercials! Perfect for me!  #sweepstakes
  • Have been with Spotify for the longest time now, but this article has me intrigued about Sirius. Hmmm... #sweepstakes
  • Thanks for highlighting the Sirius XM app. I have Serius on my car and all I had to do to activate the 30 internet trial was to enter my existing password and ID and I am now streaming Siruus on my PC and Surface. #sweepstakes
  • love sirius xm #sweepstakes
  • Living in nyc, i have very little reason to own a car so never cared too much for sirrusxm . still a groove fan from day one zune days.   #sweepstakes
  • My brother has SiriusXM and relly lkes it #sweepstakes
  • I've had the option to test out SiriusXM back when Walmart had it. Then my brother had it too. It was much nicer than standard radio, because there were much more channels than the usual radio station. #sweepstakes
  • Love channel 34 Lithium.  #sweepstakes
  • SiriusXM is fine But I don't have the extra cash #sweepstakes
  • I prefer to listen to regular FM radio #sweepstakes
  • Love to use multiple services for a change, but SiriusXM is always a favorite! #sweepstakes
  • "You cannot be Sirius!!" Siriusly though I had never heard of Sirius but I am very impressed from what I have read in this article. I am being very Sirius :)    #sweepstakes
  • I've never tried Sirius before. I currently use Spotify and love it. #sweepstakes
  • I was a fan of SiriusXM when I had it in my car. AltNation introduced me to some great bands. When it was time to stream line the bills, unfortunately, SiriusXM was cut. #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • #sweepstakes
  • I enjoyed the service while I had my trial account for three months, but after that it was too expensive to become a member. #sweepstakes
  • Meh, prefer local music or a streaming service. #sweepstakes
  • not a fan though i haven't really tried it. i usually use iheartradio #sweepstakes
  • I've been in a few higher end cars with SiriusXM built in and it's worked great on long road trips, that being said, it just does not fit in my own budget, but great service! #sweepstakes
  • I can't say I've ever actually paid for SiriusXM before, but I've gotta say, a friend of mine had it on a road trip we took a few months ago (10 hours), and it was fantastic.  If I made more trips like that, I'd totally get it! #sweepstakes
  • I listen to the road in the car, mostly. #sweepstakes
  • I use it in my car but it is not worth buying a separate subscription just to use the app to me #sweepstakes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love SiriusXM - the array of music channels is awesome. The political spectrum on SiriusXM covers all bases. Can't wait to listen using my wireless headphones! #sweepstakes
  • I far more prefer internet streaming radio, and the Sirius service is way too expensive. I might check it out, but it is costly. #sweepstakes
  • Listen to Howard every day! Hey now! #Sweepstakes
  • I can't use SiriusXM in my Country, but I want the #sweepstakes
  • L