Skin your Surface tablet at a Microsoft Store

There are many, many perks to having a Microsoft Store near you. You get great customer service, crapware free devices, and some good deals from time to time. A relatively unknown benefit is the ability to create custom vinyl stickers for a variety of products and accessories. You can spruce up your Xbox 360 controller and now your Surface tablet.

WinBeta recently hit up their local Microsoft Store and pimped out a Surface RT in some colorful skins. They cost about $15 and the whole process takes about 15 minutes. The stickers themselves can be removed and applied 5 times, so if you have a business presentation and want to hide your Hello Kitty sticker you can. Head to the source link below to see some other combinations they tried. We'll head to our Microsoft Store this weekend ourselves and try it out. 

To find the nearest Microsoft Store to you click this link.

Source: WinBeta; thanks, Jaseel, for the tip!

Sam Sabri