Sky Cups, a time-killer of a game for Windows Phone 8

Sky Cups is a matching game for Windows Phone 8 that calls upon you to create three of a kind matches from a stack of teacups where a tiny hippo sits at top of.  You create the matches by strategically adding cups  that are sitting at the bottom corners of the screen to the stack and when matched, the cups are crushed and the hippo slowly makes his way to the ground.

The game sounds simple but you are racing against the clock and cups are added to the stack every few seconds.  Overall, graphics are nice, game play challenging and Sky Cups is a fun time-killer of a Windows Phone game.

Sky Cup’s main menu has options to jump into game play, visit the game’s Facebook page and access the game’s settings.  Settings cover turning on or off the game’s sound and music as well as viewing your achievements, trophies, and gaming statistics.  You can also launch a quick game from the settings and visit the plate shop where you can purchase (with the coins you earn during game play) new saucer plates for your hippo to sit on.

Sky Cup has over ninety levels of game play that are spread across six worlds that are progressively unlocked.  The first few levels serve as a tutorial, walking you through game play.

The game screen has your score at the top of the screen and your timer lining up along the right side of the screen.  In the center, you will find your tiny hippo, Steve, perched atop a stack of colored teacups.  To either side of the stack are your two cup sources that you use to create the matches of three or more of the same colored cup.

You'll swipe at the point in the stack where you want to add a cup and the direction you swipe dictates which cup is added.  Swipe the stack of cups from right to left to add the cup displayed in the right corner.  Swipe left to right at the stack and the cup in the left corner will be added to the stack.  When you create the three of a kind match, the cups will be crushed, taking them out of play, sending the hippo closer to the ground. 

You are racing the clock and if you get in too much of a hurry to create the matches, you will find yourself swiping the wrong way and adding the wrong cup.

The goal is to eliminate all the cups and send your hippo to the plate before the timer hits zero.  Every few seconds a new cup is added to the stack so you will need to keep up a healthy pace with Sky Cups, not only to beat the clock but also to stay ahead of any new cups being added to the stack.  The faster you get Steve to the ground, the higher the score and the more stars earned.  You will also earn coins that can be used to buy new plates in the game’s store.

On top of the vertical matching game, you also have a few levels that put a spin on game play.  For example with some levels, you have to solve a puzzle by swapping cups between two stacks to create the matches.  You have to create the matches in a manner that both hippos land safely on their plates at the same time.  It is a nice touch to add a little variety to the game.

Each gaming level of Sky Cups is re-playable and the levels progressively get more challenging.  To help you get through each level, specialty cups are available such as a bomb cup that will explode and take out a large chunk of cups and an ice cup that will freeze the cups allowing you to shatter them by tapping on them.  You will find the bonus cups really come in handy with the higher, more challenging levels.

All totaled, Sky Cups is a fun game for your Windows Phone gaming library.  Graphics are well done, game play challenging and there are plenty of gaming levels to keep you busy.  Sky Cups is a great gaming choice to consider if you have five minutes to pass or feel like sitting down for a longer gaming session.

Sky Cups is a free game and is available for Windows Phone 8 devices.  You can find your copy here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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