SkyDrive Player - not great, but not bad either

We know there's a lot of SkyDrive users out there always looking for new ways to utilize the free storage service. A new freeware app in the Marketplace looks to augment that by allowing you to effortlessly and easily play music from your SkyDrive to your phone. Sounds pretty good to us but alas the initial version is a work in progress. Still, for what it is, what it costs and where it's going, you may want to pick it up or at least watch for updates. From the app description, written in some broken English:

"SkyDrive Player is music player with Sky Drive. At first, upload to SkyDrive which your a lot of music data. then you can download/listen music anytime. this app save your Windows Phone data space. Notice: when uninstall this app. clear downloaded files too. First version of SkyDrive Player is very simple functions. please feedback about this app."

This app tested Media type

  • [.mp3]
  • Up to 320 Kbps
  • Constant or variable bit rate
  • Up to 48 kHz
  • 1 or 2 channels

Next version plans...

  • Supports multiple Live ID.
  • Supports PlayLists.


  • Not supports download resume. please not switch to other apps when downloading.
  • Not supports streaming play. please wait for finish download file.
  • Not supports read mp3 additional data(artwoks. artists and more)

So the big deal here is that it doesn't actually stream music--at least not yet. In short, you have to "download" the track first and then play it, which is not very exciting. It does "save" the music files, siloed within the app itself so you can play it anytime without re-downloading--that's not half bad. And it is a way to quickly share music with yourself or others, though it looks impossible to then bring that music into Zune. Still, it's a neat idea and like we said, we're curious as to where this can go in the future, plus we imagine a few of you have some ideas on how to use this freebie. Perhaps this developer or someone else will pick up the ability to stream from SkyDrive within Mango and do an app to make the process more simple an elegant.

Grab SkyDrive player here in the Marketplace.

Daniel Rubino

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