SkyDrive supports music playback in Mango (7712) [Video]

This is pretty cool, the above video shows Manan demoing a newly enabled feature in IE9 using SkyDrive - music streaming. The playback is thanks to IE9 in the latest build of Mango (opens in new tab) (7712), but it's a start and hopefully we will see further development into cloud streaming with SkyDrive to include media player features. Integrating this feature into Music + Video hub would make sense.

Our George Ponder, last month, covered a response by Mike Torres (opens in new tab), a Microsoft's Group Program Manager for SkyDrive, to a reader on the Windows Team Blog:

"With MP3s, the Office hub won't stream your MP3s, no."

What's interesting to note is that he's still right. While OfficeHub seems as though it sports music playback, it's actually opening up your SkyDrive in IE9 for the streaming to begin. What do you guys make of this, and where do you see the development going?

Source: Being Manan (opens in new tab), via: LiveSide (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Considering they were not going to (from what ive read) have any kind of playback capability with SkyDrive... This is GREAT news! Im going to update tonight!!! jejeje
  • This is very, very cool. Now my 16 gig Trophy isn't so much of a hindrance.
  • More like, IE9 supports MP3 playback better than before.Not really a SkyDrive feature, per se. For instance, I'd bet this works on an iPhone (it does already on my BB Playbook).Still, nice!
  • Correct, it's just that IE9 can detect and play back mp3 and video files from "ANY" web page. not just skydrive.I was able to do that with my motorola razr 5-6yrs ago. its just making the browser able to detect mp3 and sending it to the player. it's not cloud streaming or anything. any site with an mp3 or video file will open in the player
  • Doesn't work on the previous Mango build, just 7712.
  • What they need to do is add this support right into the music+video hub and so on. On the other hand, though it might be quicker to access through the office hub you could just as well keep a IE9 tab open to your skydrive music folder and pin it to your start screen. The fact it does stream and does play is the key, now just to work on the interface side of things.
  • If they could just incorporate SkyDrive directly onto the music hub then they have a winner.. The problem with all WP's to date is the lack of memory 8-16gb just not enough to save all my music.. I desperately want to sell my 64gig ipod.. pls Microsoft make this happen
  • Although this is a good idea a lot of users won't be able to use this. Streaming music eats up a lot more bandwidth and unless you have an unlimited data package you'll get hit with a huge bill at the end of the month. Personally this wouldn't effect me since I have an unlimited data package with no cap.
  • Hasnt stopped people going gaga over amazon cloud, google music and apple icloud.
  • With this news combined with this some enterprising developer just has to release an application that appears in the Zune marquee and connects to skydrive to stream your music. Obviously the best way would be for MS to allow access from the music hub but somehow I dont think that will happen. Project for Mr Bennet, perhaps?
  • xDR?? errr.. torrents :D LOL... well this is really awesome.. it can be further improved that it lists down the music in Zune and shows them as if they are locally saved.(music+video).. just same as how Picture hub pulls everything from skydrive, FB..
  • Does anyone know if Mango supports viewing of Silverlight video via the Pictures hub?On Windows Live, I've uploaded a slideshow that Live converted into a Silverlight stream so its viewable from a client that has Silverlight installed, but it doesn't open from the Pictures hub in WP7.0
  • As much as I don't like putting licensed stuff on 3rd party servers. Lots of people will love this feature.I just checked my SkyDrive using IE9 and still no Play from browser. :(
  • Am I the only one that can't get this to work? I am updated to 7712 but I get "Sorry, can't play this file on your phone"Edit: MP3 files must not share folder with files of other type. Fixed.
  • I am facing the same problem despite having upgraded to 7712.
  • If you put them on the public folder doesn't matter and works flawless.
  • Yeah, like mentioned above this isn't really streaming; it is actually being pushed from IE9 to the music player AND it is downloading the .mp3 file (notice the gray line)
  • Although it's better than if you had to wait for the whole file to download before playing it.
  • awesome iphone or android cant do that
  • Wait was that a new font when he was adjusting the volume @ 1:13?