More Mango for Developers: 7712 update & SDK Beta 2 refresh

More juicy peach for Windows Phone developers who are enjoying Mango - we know our Daniel Rubino is with updating his entire device inventory to the developer build. First off, build 7712 is now being pushed to developers (kudos to Jay Bennett with providing us with the above screenshot), be on the lookout for update notifications on Zune to move on from 7661.

Here are some instructions posted by Cliff Simpkins, in the official announcement over at the Windows Phone Dev blog:

  1. Make a copy of the backup you took when you updated to the Mango Beta 2 pre-release (which I’m sure you did) and put it in a safe place, if it isn’t in one already
  2. Return to (we’re using the same program you were invited to join last month) and download the freshly posted files, which includes a new Zune client and a new UpdateWP executable
  3. Head to the Control Panel and uninstall the Beta 2 software (Zune client and UpdateWP) and tools (WPSDK) that you installed last month
  4. Install the new software and tools that you just downloaded from Connect
  5. Fire up the new Zune client beta (4.8.2134.0) to check for the new update
  6. Zune will then update your phone from 7661 to 7712

We recently covered the rumors surrounding the 7712 build that developers will be receiving prior to the public release of "Mango", one must note however that this build isn't final, which is 7720 (opens in new tab). For those wondering as to why this is the case:

"First, the phone OS and the tools are two equal parts of the developer toolkit that correspond to one another. When we took this snapshot for the refresh, we took the latest RC drops of the tools and the corresponding OS version. Second, what we are providing is a genuine release candidate build, with enough code checked in and APIs locked down that this OS is close enough to RTM that, as a developer, it’s more than capable to see you through the upcoming RC drop of the tools and app submission. It’s important to remember that until the phone and mobile operator portion of Mango is complete, you’re still using a pre-release on your retail phone – no matter the MS build."

As well as an update to "Mango" that developers are running to get their apps ready for consumers, Microsoft have also refreshed the second beta of the Windows Phone SDK. Why the refresh? check out the following goodies:

  • Application platform APIs are now locked; you can feel confident to start getting ready for submitting your apps next month.
  • Emulator now has a nifty screenshot capability built in, allowing you quickly snap quality images of your app without the need of separate tools or cropping time. The images are great for use in app submission process or to share on your blog or with folks such as my team (hint hint).
  • The profiler has been greatly improved and provides memory profiling.
  • As of this drop, you can install NuGet into the free version of the WPSDK tools. I find NuGet to be one of my favorite productivity boosters and I’m happy to see the extension supported in the free tools.
  • The drop includes an initial peek at the Marketplace Test Kit; with the RC release, you’ll be able to use the included version of this toolkit to test your XAP file against the same certification testing tools that we use when ingesting apps for the Marketplace. For this refresh, it’s there but not fully functional; but more on this in a future blog post.

The SDK RC (release candidate) is expected to surface in the next month. So there we go folks, Mango goodness all around. Let's hope this speed of development continues.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog (opens in new tab), thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Got it. Installed the update. It includes LinkedIn, and Twitter integration. Speeds are still awesome and I'm pleased. Plenty I haven't checked out yet but it is still amazing on my HTC Arrive.
  • Funny thing is we've hardly seen any new applications built for Mango, everyone just seems to want the OS and no one is developing anything. Only BBC News Mobile and rowi have been mentioned.
  • Have to believe that they are out there, but yeah, everyone just wants to see what they are presenting and figuring out how to best use the new API's and everything else.
  • You can't post Mango apps to Marketplace yet... The only other way would be to develop your app and release your .xap onto the net and let people side load the app.I am recompiled my app as a "Mango" app and it works great. Just waiting to submit it to Marketplace.
  • Since Marketplace will only accept Mango-compatible apps from 22nd of August and many developers do not like to have open betas - you just can't see new developments. I can say for sure that there's a lot of activity going on.
  • Before the initial release of WP7 youtube was bursting with videos of new applications, that's what I was expecting to see, not new apps in the MP.
  • I'm sure same will happen when Mango's release date will be known - releasing videos of new apps or new features right now is a bit pointless since Mango will not be out at least for another month.
  • Why is it pointless? Builds anticipation and showcases good ideas, knowing the release date (which we wont anyway, its RTM now and there wont be one date that its released, just a rollout of hardware and software updates) doesnt make a difference.
  • There will be an official release date, before which there won't be any updates. Considering that Mango apps can only be submitted after 22nd of August - I'm pretty sure that there won't be Mango release before 5th of September.It is pointless, because you cannot sustain anticipation for 5-7 weeks and people will forget about your app until they will get Mango.
  • Microsoft give me my damn Mango you **** I ditched my old Windows mobile phone to jump on board this new WP7 train way back from the beginning last year. First you fucked me on NoDo, and now your gonna **** me on mango to? Its in its final stage, so cut the **** with "a fall release" and give the update to us who already have your phone and who aren't developers.These phones have so much potential, but how am i supposed to back up my claims to iPhone users when i tell them my phone kick's there's **** when i cant even use custom ringtones?! Get with it Microsoft, or WP7 is gonna be another failure (cough* Zune HD. witch i also own by the way. Yah thanks for the 5 apps you **** ), witch is a shame to, because i really want to see this thing succeed, i honestly believe its a much better OS, much cleaner OS vs the other competitors out there, maby not at the moment, but Mango will take it to that new level. Android is a mess, and iOS, its just sloppy and unorganized at this point.
  • LoL really? Pony up the $99 for a developer account if you can't wait a couple more months. And if custom ringtones is your basis for WP7 failing, not sure what to tell you.
  • I hear you on that one!! My man needs to chill!! Folks going all crazy over Phones and OS's????? Really???? More important things in life then to blow up over a damn phone!!
  • Your frustration will amount to an awesomeness you can barely handle trust me .. Mango is excellent :]
  • Grow up.
  • If your friends choose a mobile platform for custom ringtones, then perhaps you should find new friends?
  • You need to relax Mango is almost out if you cant wait then update now go here mean really Chessy iOS5 isnt even out yet and you want to talk about Android updates lol good luck with that
  • You don't even need to pay the money. Go to XDA and you will have mango =) That is how I updated and now I am on the new version!!
  • But how will I impress girls if I can't sing along to my hip ringtone for 5 minutes before answering?!?!?!?!?!! Damn you Microsofftttttt!!!1111
  • Mango was exciting for all of 3-4 days after I went through the features it just became a phone again. It is cool, but no need to go crazy over like the poster above mad because mango is only available to developers. it'll be out for everyone soon
  • Running the new Mango build. Only new items I've noticed so far, Twitter integration seems to be active, though after it's setup, it's takes time to complete the process, so I'm still waiting. Also, opening transitions in hubs have been fancied up a bit.
  • Quick updated on Twitter, it's running now. Twitter posts show up in the People hub, but Tweets are not associated with phone contacts. It doesn't appear you can tie a Twitter account you're following to a person in your People Hub.
  • Twitter TOS doesnt allow this.
  • New things I've noticed:*New animations (i.e. opening people hub, and going from bing vision then pressing back... the bing-image-of-the-day plops down)*Twitter & LinkedIN Integration*When using facebook chat, people's status (available, away, etc) match the color of your theme*Bing icons are larger...that's about all I noticed thus far.It's not significant from the first beta, but I'm glad I have it. With it, I'm comfortable tucking away my beezz twitter app and fb app... becuase the ME hub handles the notifications. Feeling more and more like the windows phone vision they laid out to us exactly a year ago :)
  • a few more features found:*music and videos hub... The play all icon has changed*now if you have music files saved on SkyDrive, you can open and listen to them from the office hub :)
  • after reading your comment, I upload an mp3 file to my SkyDrive and tried to run it from the office hub, but when I click on it opens IE9
  • Yeah it'll do that. But now it will also play. Before (mango beta 1) it gave an error.
  • Another new feature!If you're texting, throw in one of these: (a), (w), (p), (o) ...etc, or just use any letter in between parenthesis. It comes up as a cute little icon ^.^
  • Updated my Omnia 7 and Optimus 7 - all good!First thing after update: did a quick run through all previously noticed glitches (not that there were many) - ALL fixed :-)
  • It's smoother and faster...unreal, accept for my sideloading I lost, it's great.
  • Could anyone upload the new zune beta to rapidshare or summit ? You know, for people who can't download it from MS ;-) Would be really grateful!
  • The PDF of instructions seems a lot like the old ones. I have a couple of questions before I do the refresh. I hope someone can chime in. :)How long did this update take?Do I have to revert back to the retail, NoDo build first?
  • When I plugged my Focus in the Zune software(newest one) notified me of the update, I didn't do anything I did for the first beta, as soon as I plugged it into the new zune it started updating.
  • took maybe 15-20 Minutes.
  • Does anyone know if I can skip OS 7661 and go straight to 7712 from 7392?? Or do I need to use the old tools (which I have, just held out to install the dev-release of Mango 7661 until I did further research, or until they updated the build, which they have now, obviously) :) and proceed to install the 7661 OS on my device via the first release of Zune 4.8, then uninstall these tools, and install the latest Dev tools for 7712, and the version of Zune 4.8 enclosed in that file, to update to 7712??Or would it be possible to just use the tools provided today, to go from standard No-Do (7392) and install all of the REFRESH beta 2 tools and Zune software, to bring my device straight up to 7712?? Or is it the Zune software that has to identify your device as a 7661 build to update to 7712?? As I am sure you could see, it would be much less hassle and less time to use the latter method, if possible... If this is a possibility, are there any issues or steps that I might need to watch out for performing this update, this way??Thanks in advance for any help provided...-SiggyP.S. running the Updated (as of yesterday) version of the HTC-HD7 from T-Mo with new firmware and Radios, if it might impact any of this...
  • Has anyone else noticed that the photo on the Me tile is extremely blurry in this update? It wasn't like this before...
  • I'm on Mango 7616 version how do i get 7712 I'm i going to receive an update msg?
  • I have a MAC and once i plugged my HD7 in running Mango Beta 7661, the windows connector installed the 7712 update, took about 15 minutes. Easy install.
  • Did u have Zune 4.8 installed on ur Mac? cuz mine give me an error it says cant update: can't find media ZUNE WMDU compnent? any ideas?
  • There's no Zune for MAC, just the Windows Connector, I think it's at version 1.2 now. I will check when I get home.
  • When the hack to install mango on non dev devices was given I updated my phone from NoDo to mango, but lost everything with the update. Over the past weekend I had some trouble with my phone and I went back to NoDo with a ROM found for my device becuase I couldnt do a restore from zune. With the new features now on the 7712 beta I went and updated my phone again using the same hack, to my surprise my firmware was updated and I didnt loose a thing. All my text and pictures, games, ect. are in the phone. Also it went from NoDo straight to 7712.