Streaming music not headed to SkyDrive

There was hope. There were rumors. There was a chance that with the Windows Phone Mango update we could stream music files from our SkyDrive accounts.

But those hopes were dashed in a comments section over at the windowsteamblog. In a question to Mike Torres, a Microsoft's Group Program Manager for SkyDrive, in the comments section of his post on the new features heading to SkyDrive he was asked,

"If there is an mp3-File on skydrive is it possible to stream it to the phone?"

His response was short, sweet and to the point.

"With MP3s, the Office hub won't stream your MP3s, no."

So it looks as if the hopes of streaming music from the cloud have been dashed for now.  Still, the eternal optimist might point out that while Torres rules out the possibility to stream music to the Office Hub, he didn't rule out streaming music to the Zune Hub....

Or am I reading too much in between the lines?

Source: windowsteamblog via: LiveSide

George Ponder

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  • I doubt they will, that would take away from the Zune concept... MS wants you to download that song on zune or stream it with your zune pass.
  • I already posted on this site once about this, but here's the response I got from Joe B on the matter."@joebelfiore:@BucksterMcgee skydrive kinda works for simple music playback if u set the permissions right, but it's not designed as a general sol'n."
  • Reading into it like you did I can also say that it makes sense for the "office hub" not to stream "music" to you. It's to sync and upload/download documents/files that are mostly for work.If there was going to be any streaming of music you've uploaded to skydrive it'd be in the Music+Videos hub not office.Still, on that note, we haven't seen everything yet and since Apple just did this with iCloud following Google and Amazon, MS could as well.
  • Did Apple do this??, I can't seem to find a definative answer as to whether or not iCloud for iTunes will stream music, or just sync it between your devices (you still gotta have the storage). We'll find out soon but can anyone point me to documentation that specifies if you can infact stream music over the net without it first being downloaded to your device?
  • You could stream music to your phone if you had your mp3's on a Windows Home Server via the WHS Phone app.
  • I imagine someone could make a Skydrive client similar to one for DropBox and allow you to stream music that way. You can already do this on the phone via DropBox, but there's no background streaming. As soon as you leave the music player app, the playback stops.
  • That should change with Mango
  • Why would they do this? They want you to get a Zune Pass and stream that way instead!
  • Because your Zune Pass mp3's will expire soon after you cancel your Zune Pass Subscription. So they wouldnt be able to be streamed.
  • where is homebrew when you need it. oh thats write MS put a stop to that
  • Wouldn't streaming of any kind eat up your data plan? If your are out and about and not on WiFi I would think 2GB (ATT plan) would disappear fast..Also 25GB that Skydrive provides probably isn't enough for most people's music and video collections anyway.I myself would like to see Zune and Skydrive combined somehow-jpg's, mp3's, videos, Office docs, PDF's, ppt's-what's the difference...woops sounds like Activesync..