Skype Room Systems rebrands to Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft today unveiled a rebranding to Skype Rooms Systems, its audio and video setup for meetings, bringing it under the Microsoft Teams banner. The product of the rebranding is Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Microsoft has some new capabilities to enhance the experience (via MSPU).

Coming soon, you'll be able to take advantage of proximity detection, allowing you to easily discover and add nearby Microsoft Teams Rooms to your meetings. Teams has also been enhanced with the ability to join meetings with mobile devices in content-only mode, along with added support for dual-screen rooms.

Aside from the rebrand, Microsoft says that it is now working with six hardware partners to deliver Teams Rooms setups. And the company is building upon a solid foundation: Microsoft touts more than 130 million minutes of meetings have already been conducted through Skype Room Systems.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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