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Skype is still coming to Windows Phone as an app first with integration following

We've heard this before, numerous times. But to reiterate (and to beat the dead horse some more), Skype is coming to Windows Phone. The service will arrive as an app "soon" (we're joining others that point at a possible Mobile World Congress 2012 release?), and full integration with Microsoft's mobile platform will follow with the Apollo update. Although we were previously promised a "late 2011" release, it seems things have been delayed slightly. threw some reader questions to Microsoft, one surrounding Skype integration. A translation of the question and answer:

"Reader: When will Skype for Windows Phone? You own course, Skype, so itought to be easy to answer. Will there be an app or an implementation ofoperatvsystemet?Microsoft: Hi, Skype is under development and it will be in the form of anapp to begin with. There is no launch date set yet."

Hold onto your seats people, we'll get some official support soon enough.

Source:, via:, thanks Hussein for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Skype really needs to appear on Windows Phone... the sooner, the better. And I'm eager to see it move beyond the "app" stage and become integrated with the OS like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    I'm really looking forward to upgrading my phone to a new Lumia 900 in a couple of months (I've got my fingers crossed for that March 18 date!), and the best way to capitalize on the new front-facing camera would be Skyping my kids while they're away at college.
  • That reader's English is impeccable.
  • Wow,
    I would have thought the App version of Skype would have been done a long time ago and they would have been working on the integrated version by now. I mean Tango came out of the phone a long time ago and it does pretty much the same thing.
    I guess Microsoft still hasn't overcome its glacial development pace, you would have thought they would have learned their lesson by now, but I guess this dog is really old.
    - Roger
  • Quick point for you Roger: Skype are the ones developing the App part (if you take a look on their job listings you'll see they're actually still hiring for the team) not Microsoft. Microsoft will likely be developing the "baked-in" implementation, but of course that will take some time and be released alongside a major refresh of the Operating System, I'd say they're moving pretty fast...
  • I would rather it be quality than launch as a half ass rim type app.
  • Wow. Ass and rim in the same sentence.
  • YAY!
  • Looking forward to Skype as an app.  Will love to see it intergrated into the OS, but I figured it would appear as an app first.
  • I too don't mind waiting for a quality app, but seriously though, why is it taking so long? There's a Skype app for pretty much every OS that exists. Why is it taking so long for the WP? Why not give us the exact Skype app that's already available before making it special-er?
  • Well as of several years ago the Skype app for winmo had no video support, so they'll probably end up starting from scratch. I'm just excited to hear of any development, I'm all too familiar with the practice of software giants buying out smaller software and then sitting on it, or even shutting it down. Damn you google, I'm looking at you!!! Who benefits from such practices!?
  • i know, is taking like forever!..
    I bet the app will launch at an introductory price of £2.29 like everything else on the Marketplace.. overpriced apps everywhere...
  • Microsoft won't be charging for one of their own apps; especially when the end goal is to bake it into the OS.
  • I,would think that's really the way to go, do the app first make sure the app is of quality both in form and function. Then in WP8 have it come out baked in. So until then it's the app first rather than nothing at all until the fall.
  • good idea. release the app first, integrate later. i need skype on my WP.quick.