Skype text messages can now show short movie and TV show-based 'Mojis' clips

There's a new way to chat with your friends on Skype via text messages. Microsoft is launching a new feature called "Mojis". Much like how emojis allow text chat to be more colorful with special symbols, the new Mojis let users add short pre-generated clips from movies and TV shows in text messages.

Microsoft says:

Sending a Moji is as easy as tapping the emoticon button. Browse by movie or by expression, preview the Moji, and drop it in the chat to do the talking for you. We've scoured the archives and handpicked the funniest, craziest, and most iconic moments from some of the best TV and movies out there.

Some of the first entertainment franchises that will be included in the new Skype Mojis lineup include The Muppets, Despicable Me, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, Jurassic Park and more. The new feature will roll out over the coming days.

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John Callaham
  • If I had someone to test this with lol nobody uses it lol P.S. What is the video button for during a phone call lol lol lol nothing
  • You laugh out loud quite a lot.
  • It's a sign of insanity.
  • People definitely still use Skype, but generally only for VIOP, not messaging.
  • I know a lot of people who use Skype for messaging. But then I also know more than one person that uses a Windows phone *and* does not work for Microsoft. Yes, we exist!
  • We use Skype for Business along with a lot of our vendors and partners. A lot of us use SfB and Skype on our WPs too. It surprised me just how many are using WP now at work. I love it with the new Skype messaging app for mobile. I can't wait to upgrade my phone to a larger screen!.
  • You use emojis, gifs and mojis in your Skype messages to your vendors and partners? Aw-kward!
  • Hell yeah! We have Skype for Business but most of us still use an older IM client so we can send inline gifs. LOL. Gifs are part of office culture man!  I hope inline gif support comes to Skype for Business soon!
  • Skype for Business. Master Mind Nadellas masterpiece re-branding of Lync.
  • The problem with this news is that Windows Phone won't get this.   We don't even have animated emoticons.   But sticker/gifs? Ha ! What a joke.
  • What's the flipping point of this?  I'll smack the first person who sends me something like this.
  • You must be really fun at parties.
  • You'll smack them over text? Or are you gonna send them an emoji or moji?
  • It's like sending a little gif. Idk. It could work. Depending on big their library is.
  • lol, this is funny & sad at the same time
  • I assume we are to be expecting an app update?
  • Well crap after latest preview update I can't find my factory text messaging app. I think I went too crazy uninstalling ATT bloat! Any suggestions guys?
  • You can't uninstall the built-in messaging app, so I doubt it was that. Can't you find it in the app list as "Messaging"?
  • No only thing showing on my app list is Facebook Messenger. I'm stumped. Maybe time for a reset
  • The text messaging app is missing for a lot of people in the latest mobile preview build, including myself. A hard reset doesn't fixing it.
  • Thanks for the wonderful information G......thats 100% a major boner killer! Kind of a major F' up MS.
  • Just download the Messaging Skype Beta tri replace it.
  • I already have skype installed. Don't see where it can now handle text messages.
  • Hey buddy, there is a new app called "Messaging Skype Preview" It handles Texts and Skype in the same app! Get with the program and go install it now. They removed factory app cause they know the new Messaging app is stable enough for use. 
  • Thanks Aeoshames.....saw that on the forums. Also found a like to the original messaging app just incase I'm not a fan of the skype app.
  • I do still have the normal messaging app.
  • can i run it on 8.1??
  • I had to download the beta messaging app in order to have text.  
  • So it's like sending eachother gif reactions? Sounds like something I'd want to use, if it worked over SMS instead of Skype. Insert a mobile link, embed it into skype conversations instead of presenting a link. Then everyone else can open the link.
  • So... Basically... They're ad gifs?
  • Gifs don't have sound.
  • This doesn't say it has sound. Doing the talking for me doesn't necessarily mean audio.
  • I like
  • B E A UTIFUL!!
  • And that's the way the cookie crumbles. 
  • The article failed to mention that this update is only available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Yet, they still provide a link to download Skype on Windows Phone.
  • Well shit, that explains that. How sucky.
  • What else would be expected from Nadella. No reason to state the obvious.
  • Does windows phone count as windows?
  • No. Windows here mean desktop skype app, not universal app, and of course, not windows phone 8.1 app.
  • If it works over SMS that's one thing, but if it's only Skype to Skype.......I don't see the point. The user base, of those using Skype to Skype, for messaging, is tiny.  
  • Great, I click on one Russian site from reddit and now I am getting ads in Russian. (I hate being tracked) Off topic I know, but darn it that is annoying. Now I have Russian ads plastered all over WC.
  • Love the wallpaper on the image. Where can i get it ???
  • I second this! Link please!
  • So instead of actually improving the app they do this...
  • The Windows apps are going away soon, so it makes sense.
  • I miss Windows Messenger. :(
  • Hmmm, or they could just open it up like Facebook messenger did so we can have all the cool stickers and links to gif archives... Fabulous ad though! ^_^ Now, this stuff needs to work with the messaging app in Windows 10 mobile (not just the dedicated Skype app).
  • Probably wont happen on Win Mobile till 2016. Better post it on AndroidCentral.
  • Good one, Microsoft.
  • Skype on wp8.1 is buggy on my 640xl... Wish they'd fix it instead of new features
  • Skype is more fun in the new bate. MS please put your focus there instead of the old skype app
  • I honestly know no one who uses Skype.....ans why the hell would I pay for a video call when other apps do it for free?
  • Is that their solution to get Whatsapp users over? I still think more PR is needed and perhaps a whatsapp plugin for skype.
  • I want this wallpaper.
  • Is it available on other platforms?