Skype for Windows 10 now lets Insiders transfer money

Last year, Microsoft enabled Skype users on Android and iOS to send money to one another as part of a partnership with PayPal. Now the company is finally extending that same capability to the Windows 10 app – for Insiders at least.

As spotted by Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia (via MSPU), the feature is now in preview with Skype version, and it's fairly straightforward to use. A new "Transfer Money" icon is available on the profiles of your Skype contacts. Clicking it will allow you to enter an amount to request or send. From there, you'll have to link your PayPal and Microsoft accounts, at which point you can complete the transaction.

Keep in mind that Skype Money is only available in a limited set of countries and currencies. You can find the full list of supported countries at the Skype Money FAQ (opens in new tab).

To get started with Skype Money on Windows 10, you can opt-in to test preview versions of the app via the app settings page.

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  • how many people really use chat/messaging apps to transfer money to other people? Personally, I don't plan on giving my money to anyone! lol Must be the damn millennials!
  • It's just MS trying to imitate Messenger. They have no idea what to do with Skype.
  • how is this imitating?
  • I've used FB Messenger to transfer money, and I'm 41 years old. It's super easy. Get with the time, dude. Lol
  • I use venmo, three four times a month.
  • I actually really like Apple Pay via iMessage. Have used it quite a few times now.
  • Microsoft copying LINE and Tencent WeChat!
  • ...or the alternative. Get left out of the game.
  • A lot. Google Pay and Apple Pay allow money sending. The real question is why anyone would use this when they can easily use those - and Google works on the Web, Android, and iOS. I'm not sure why they keep focusing on this, instead of slimming Skype down yo a bare VOIP/Video Calling and chat app, and then integrating it into Windows via the Messages Hub (that they'll have to bring back, naturally).
  • name change should follow: SKYPE, jack of all trades, master of none..
  • If it cannot send messages reliably, it will never touch my money. Just saying the truth as it is. Sometimes I send a message and it is not delivered and I notice it after some time because You know, in 2018, the time of Messenger & stuff, I'm not used to control messages if they were sent.
  • You beat me to it! I was going to say something like "Great, now my money can go missing with my message!"
  • I don't want transfer money!, I want sms relay on skype! Oh wait there's Your Phone app. Oh no still can't use it for sms, it's need Nougat! Sad, unlike MacOS handover feature...
  • MacOS and iOS Continuity and Handoff have System Requirements, as well. Nougat isn't exactly an old release, either. Upgrade your freaking phone, FFS.
  • interesting solution. I could see it as useful to use for small payments or microtransctions with friends, family and colleagues. 2 problems for me with this system:
    1. my experience is that paypal does charge a fee for a transactions. for small payments and microtransactions I think this system is too expensive and online banking is free and just as convenient in real world use.
    2. I know no-one that uses skype in my region. Most use WhatsApp. It would be smart for micorosft to also work skype as a hub for social messaging and develop plugins for other social messaging systems, such as WhatsApp to plug into skype as the main dashboard GUI hub for social messaging and economic features. Then the app is a certain winner and much more engaging and flexible to use. With these two issues solved in Skype, people will care about skype.