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Skype for Windows 8 receives an update - bug fixes in tow

When it comes down to your Windows 8 device, Skype provides the most integrated solution for video, audio, and text messaging. The application itself isn’t yet perfect, and I constantly find myself having to jump into Google+ Hangouts to get multi-person conference calls done correctly, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t working every day to make it better than the last. Recently an update has been pushed for Skype on Windows 8 – let’s take a look and see what has changed.

According to the Windows Store, the application has simply received a collection of “general bug fixes” and nothing more. Upon launching the app itself, we can’t see exactly what has been fixed, but that might just be due to the fact that Skype hasn’t been very buggy for us.

Skype still doesn’t serve as the best option for multi-person conferencing, but is a great way to catch up with friends and family in a one on one chat. We are happy to see app fixes trickling down for Skype, and hope to see more features and improved usage in the near future.

You can click here to download the latest version of Skype,, from the Windows Store.

Have you had any issues with Skype – are they fixed in the latest edition?

  • I haven't looked at the Skype app in a while. Still seemed rather limited for daily heavy use.
  • Same, I only use the desktop version.
  • The Skype app is indeed very bad. I use Skype for desktop only.
  • I have two skypes, so my primary is on the W8 app and other is the desktop one.
  • I would have to agree; another issue I have is the restriction on the number of apps that can run in the background.  I need more! I also would like more lock screen notifications on both Win8 and WP.  Win8 could have at least 10 across the bottom and WP could stack two rows of 5. More function = more productivity  
  • Exactly, just 5 apps is too few. Also Skype on Windows 8.1 never picks up incoming messages. There are no notifications until I open the app. After opening the app and even after closing it then, it works just fine.
  • Same issue here; I still have hope for Skype.  MS really needs to find a way for Skype IM to become like iMessage.  This would be a huge selling point for WP and the Windows Ecosystem.  Syncing messages across all devices would be awesome but only if it shows up in the Message app. For notifications, I hope they change this soon; I am always debating about which apps to show on my lockscreen.
  • Exactly. WTF are they waiting for? It's been a couple of years now sice the purchase and it seems like they haven't done much with it in all that time.
  • Dafuq..?  ^^
  • Can you be more specific?
  • Haha, I was curious about that also.
  • Yep, me too
  • Metro version and Windows Phone version dont support voicemail - makes it pretty limiting as a voip solution
  • Here is a basic feature comparison at the chat window
  • Skype on Xbox One was a major selling point for my GF, she loves it. Hopefully it will receive regular updates. I used it to show others too and they were well impressed. It helps having the facility, thanks to Kinect, on every One.
  • Oh nice, I'm glad it works well on there. I've forgone the XBox One so far. I'm still with my Xbox 360 since I primarily use it for Netflix and Media Center Extender. I really miss Windows Live Messenger's app that gave us video chatting. Since Messengers epic death, a Skype application never came to the XBox 360 :-(
  • I dont use a desktop version but my Windows 8 app seems like calling all the time even if i removed it from running in background, I use the phone for skyping usually and it bothers me beyond belive when a tablet starts calling before the phone, sometimes even the phone won't even start calling. And when I pick it up the tablet keeps on buzzing till i manually turn it down.
  • At least seems faster? lol...
  • Safari seems snappier... ;P
  • I have a question. Are the issues and complaints about Skype due to the windows 8 version or did these exist pre windows 8. I don't have any issues doing voice calls on Skype with multiple people.
  • The issues with Windows 8 Skype are generally the same as you see for all Windows 8 apps - they're extremely cut-down versions of their original desktop versions. Metro is beautiful, but it shouldn't come at the expense of features. Being kicked out into an internet browser just to change your basic profile information is lazy programming on the most amateur level. =/
  • This exactly. I'm constantly frustrated that I have to use the desktop OneNote app just to print out the notes I take in Metro... GAH!!! Also annoying how, "Open File Location" in Metro IE kicks you to File Explorer for the file, rather than opening up the location in the SkyDrive app... Really jarring to go from nice and touch friendly to suddenly being in the desktop... I say it all the time: Microsoft has a great foundation, but now it's time to build atop it.
  • They'll wait until a competitor comes up with something better, has it on the market for two years then start talking about how they need to do something.
  • This a very basic feature comparison on the Skype Desktop app vs the Windows 8 Store app. I completely agree with Zeem's point. These Windows 8 apps should come with a sexy UI at the cost of features. It sets a terrible precedent.
  • sometimes Skype just does'nt find my internal mic. Can't say if it is fixed because it's not live right now over here in Germany, but I definitely hope so!
  • The Desktop version is so much better, but its good to see them trying to improve it. How about a WP8 Skype update!
  • The Interface on the desktop is purely horrible if you are not using skype version 3.x
  • When is messaging text going to be synced for the service?
  • +a lot
  • On my Surface RT I can only use this app. No desktop. I use it everyday and find it quite buggy. (picking up call from lock screen almost never works) Hopefully stuff has improved with this update.  
  • I use Skype daily for several hours. Both desktop and windows 8 version freeze during most calls. I can't have a decent call anymore. I had to partition my hard drive and install windows 7 again to be able to use Skype. Will try again now after this update.
  • Who's Brian McDonald?
  • Just an awesome person.
  • Skype for windows 8 is very limited. I will wait till it is on par with the desktop version to use it again
  • Can someone point me to how to use this better in conjunction with me people/contacts? It just is way to hard. I click to edit a contact and there is no option for Skype. I can link a Skype contact to it, but you have to search for them in the Skype app. Ever done a search for John Miller? Ten million returns. This whole Skype thing should work exactly like iMessage and Facetime. Instead it just another mess that can be thrown in the pike with Xbox Music and Xbox Video. Instead of making the whole ecosystem better, I feel like they are just breaking crap that already worked great or just leaving the things crying for attention the most, to sit there for years on end.
  • I agree; we need Skype to be more integrated.  iMessage and Facetime are excellent examples of how to do it right.  I still have hope that they will fix these as time progresses; but how long do we wait?  
  • Google plus works....u.less privacy is important to you.
  • I've always had problems with Skype.  Whenever I (on my Surface Pro) want to do a video conf with my wife (on her Lumia 1020), it never seems to work.  She has to be in the app for me to see her and establish the call.  Also I couldn't get audio to work the other day with her. I really wish Microsoft could get this working better and even make it an option like the way Apple does with facetime when calling someone.  I have a company provided iPhone 5 and I practically never have issues using facetime with other apple devices.  This is what I want the Skype client to do; work all or most of the time.
  • Its slow to many things are on the Surface
  • "Skype still doesn’t serve as the best option for multi-person conferencing". This is a major problem. You shouldn't have to have Skype Premium to do group video chat. Other video chat services let you do group video chat with multiple parties at a time, for free. Microsoft needs to follow suit. Also, yes: the Store app version of Skype is way too nerfed. I'm also getting sick of explaining to people I've converted to Windows 8 why they have two apps for Skype, two apps for SkyDrive, two apps for IE, etc.
  • I'm obviously living in a weird parallel universe in which the Skype apps for Windows 8 and WP8 work fine and do everything I want them to do. Maybe I have simple requirements.
  • Skype on Windows 8 is not bad but could be A LOT better. Skype on windows phone is useless and had (has?) the potential to be one of the biggest selling points of WP. Pure lack of a plan and the ability to put it together.
  • I use it on my phone all the time, and I rarely have any problems with it. The W8 version's only problem (as far as I could notice) is that it sometimes takes a long time to pick up a call after I click on the phone icon. Other than that, it has been flawless on my Surface 2.
  • For Skype on Windows 8/8.1 to be this poor and feature lacking is extremely bad for Microsoft. As a surface 2 owner who has free video conference for a year, i cannot use it. Call drops and video freezing is commonplace. Surely this may make Microsoft users switch to a different service or make them buy a non Microsoft device. Either way the Skype team needs a smack!
  • I hate the fact that you cannot sign out.
  • Is it just me, or is ability to sign out new? I installed the latest Windows 8.1 Skype app, and I can sign out now.
  • I've had issues with the emojis, but that was all.
  • How do you get the update? I see no updates in the w8 store. Same thing if I browse to the app.
  • Has the severe battery drain on Windows Phone been resolved?
  • I hate the App on my Surface 2. Something is always not worrking. Mic does not work, camera does not work or it crashes when answering a call. I always need a second start to get it working. Get yourself together, M$!
  • I hate it, too. Sometimes it keeps ringing, sometimes it gets stuck, missed call notification sometimes are displayed, sometimes not. And on my surface 2 the volume is too low, cant often hear other party properly.  
  • I was hoping someone knew what the bug fixes entailed. I rarely use Skype, and I've never used it for a group chat so far. I only used it once for a call. Most of the time when I do use it, it's for IM like its predecessor MSN Messenger.
  • I recently downloaded Skype for wp8 on Lumia 520 and I dont get any notification when someone is calling me....only if I am running Skype at that very moment then only I get the call it just me or its with everyone??
  • i wonder why they don't integrate the share-option for windows 8... so that for example i would be able to share a photo from any win8 app via the share-charm to skype... or the url of a website out of internet explorer... also looking forward to seeing multi video chat for everyone coming to skype... :) (i still hope that will happen some time in the future...^^)
  • Need ability to move your on-screen image from the default location to elsewhere on the screen. Resizing option too as i find it covers too much of who you are skyping with.
  • I'm still not seeing this update, says last updated on 11/22/13. I can't manually update apps, so I don't know what to do...
  • Has the ability to manage notifications for individual chats been there forever? I just noticed that but I rarely press the right mouse button while in chat with someone. On the far left in the bottom of the screen? 
  • I Use Skype Desktop but sometimes still has issues like you can't see other people from other site on the video, Service is Unaivailable, Skype keeps freezing and keeps minimizing. I don't know what Microsoft did to Skype since they bought it but they destroy it..They need to fix this urgently..