Skype 7.0 for Windows Desktop gets Lync video calling, compact view and more

Skype was on a tear this week after updating their Windows Phone app yesterday, appearing Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and now finishing it off with a Windows desktop refresh.

Version 7.0 of Skype for Desktop is now live to download and with it comes a bevy of new features and improvements, including further Lync integration for video calls, building off earlier assimilation of the enterprise service.

Skype 7.0 for Desktop

  • Lync video calling support
  • Users can now scroll, call, and browse using touch! Whether flipping through your chat history or tapping to start a call, it's easier than ever to use Skype with a touch PC.
  • We've listened to your feedback on the redesign we unveiled in October, and as a result, we're now enabling a compact view for those wanting to pack in more contacts and chats on a screen (You can find this update under both "View" as well as Tools>Options>IM Settings). On top of that, we've added a toggle to show unread messages and a more balanced color scheme.

Although Lync compatibility is an enterprise-level feature, we are more excited about that third bullet point, as the current UI design needed some fine tweaking. In addition, we have had some connection and performance issues that, hopefully, get addressed in this update as well.

To download, you can either use the Windows update experience or just re-use the Skype downloader, which will update your current version. To get that latter app, just head here (opens in new tab).

Source: Skype Blog (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • any news on high dpi support?
  • Need ability to merge contacted from messenger. Too many duplicate contacted and can't do anything about them since a year!
  • Did you try going to ➡ contacts and merge them there?
  • Yep. Its what I did.  AND I disconnected Facebook from  Too much shizzle in my calendar.  
  • Do it online, manage, clean up contacts.
  • Important update indeed, and I hope the Modern Windows app will be next.
    BTW, LOL for your mood: "Meh". :)
    Nice background too!
  • Nice! Skype is strange with update numbers, 6.2x seemed bigger than this update. yet this update it's 7. and not 7.1 or something. but anyway, as long as it works, it's nice. I can't wait to see what they do with Win10 and skype, what new features it brings and such to mobile users. since one app should run across devices. so development should be faster and better.
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  • Yep, this is why I ventured into the comments section. Hoping for a link.
  • Here's the link for that wallpaper:
  • So good news today:))
  • Appreciate the quick fix on compact view, but I still think they need to rework that. 1/4 of the top of the screen is wasted space, same as before, it is visually unappealing. Skype under the hood is getting much better, but stuff like this seems ridiculous.
  • UGH why did they add that hideous cloud background?  The October update looked so much cleaner with the solid blue.
  • just what we needed... more white crap.. and no msg plus themes to fix it damn it
  • Nice, now time for the "metro" app so at work I can use one app for both docked to the edge of my screen.
  • Look at dem Zune colors
  • that litle picture looked so bright and new i thought it was a completely new app
  • This sounds amazing.  I can't wait to see how this one matures.
  • It crashes every time, right after signing in.  Event viewer shows Event ID 1000 and the following: Faulting application name: Skype.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x547eec41 Faulting module name:, version:, time stamp: 0x527052c5 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00003171 Faulting process id: 0x1438 Faulting application start time: 0x01d010ca1517e5fa Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\FFsplit\Filters\ Report Id: 621d2f99-7cbd-11e4-bed3-2016d8d29177 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: The previous version works fine.  #Fail
  • found that if there is less than 10 people in the call but more in the group then you cant put your webcam on
  • That wallpaper should be the default of Windows 10 Posted via Windows Central App
  • Meh....
  • Nice
  • and..I can't get it to work vith video from Skype to Lynk and Lync to Skype.  Nice try. come back when you get it right.  Thanks for playing.